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This 70s-inspired movie has one of the best car chases ever made -- but how well do you remember the rest of this Tarantino gem? Test your knowledge of this companion feature to "Planet Terror" with our quiz!

In what city does "Death Proof" begin?

Tarantino name-checked several local restaurants and bars in the script.


What "original title" for "Death Proof" is briefly seen in the opening credits?

Grindhouse movies sometimes changed titles after release, if ticket sales and word-of-mouth were poor.


Who plays "Jungle" Julia Lucai?

The role is a sharp deviation from the sweet journalism teacher she played on "Veronica Mars."


Who plays Jungle Julia's friend, Shanna?

Ladd is the daughter of Cheryl Ladd and the granddaughter of actor Alan Ladd.


What is Arlene's (Vanessa Ferlito's) nickname?

Jungle Julia requires men address her as this as part of a prank she sets up.


In addition to buying Arlene a drink and calling her Butterfly, what must the men do?

The repetition of the final line, "miles to go before you sleep," is a bit of disturbing foreshadowing.


If the men do this correctly, what does Arlene have to do?

Julia says if Arlene doesn't like the guy, she can claim to have already done the dance for someone else.


Who plays the bartender, Warren?

Tarantino's friend, Eli Roth, has a small role as well.


What is the name of Kurt Russell's character?

The fact that he's a stuntman explains his "death proof" car.


Where are the girls going after their night on the town?

The house belongs to Shanna's family.


What does Dov (Eli Roth) do that annoys Shanna?

She reminds him it's "Shanna Banana, not Shauna Banauna."


How does Stuntman Mike persuade Pam to accept a ride?

Pam is asking Warren the bartender if he can find her a ride -- Stuntman Mike just overhears.


What was missing from the theatrical version due to the "missing reel"?

The dance was restored to the DVD/streaming version.


In the parking lot, Mike mentions "Vanishing Point," "Dirty Mary Crazy Larry" and what other movie?

"White Line Fever" grew out of the odd 1970s idea that being trucker was the coolest job ever.


What does Stuntman Mike tell Pam is the problem with his death-proof car?

He then slams on the brakes, giving Pam a fatal or near-fatal head injury.


What is the hood ornament on Stuntman Mike's car?

It doesn't appear, though, in the car on the movie poster.


Which band does Julia want to hear on the radio?

Julia explains that Pete Townshend almost left The Who to join this band.


What happens just before Stuntman Mike head-ons the car?

This anchors us in time, because the film backs up and shows us the crash three more times, showing what happened to each woman.


Why does Stuntman Mike get away with causing the head-on crash?

Sheriff Earl McGraw is suspicious, but he can't do anything about his suspicions.


Where does the second half of "Death Proof" take place?

Buellton stood in for the Tennessee countryside.


Why are Kim, Lee and Abernathy (Abby) in Tennessee?

Abby later says the film is about cheerleaders, and Lee does wear a uniform (on her day off!)


What is the name of Zoe Bell's character?

Bell impressed Tarantino so much with her stunt work that he wrote the role for her.


What does Lee ask Abernathy to get from the convenience store?

Lee is profiled in that issue.


What does Kim's vanity license plate read?

"Brand X Action Specialists" is the stunt company Tarantino works with.


When the clerk says he has a "special" magazine in the back, what does he mean?

Abby wants to get it, splitting the cost three ways.


Where do the three women pick up Zoe?

Stuntman Mike follows them there and takes pictures with a telephoto lens.


In the diner, Kim also mentions "Dirty Mary Crazy Larry" and "Vanishing Point." But what is her third car movie?

"Gone in 60 Seconds" was about car theft, and remade in the early 2000s.


What movie does Kim cite in the diner as an example of a "girl" movie?

Kim later admits she watched "Pretty in Pink," too, between classic road movies.


What does Zoe say she wants to do while in America?

Since this is a rare car, Zoe's already got one scoped out in the area.


What does Zoe *really* want to do, when test-driving the car?

"Ship's Mast" is a game where the passenger wraps belts around each doorframe to hang onto and rides on the hood at high speed.


Who stays behind with the seller, Jasper?

Why WOULDN'T you leave a young woman in a cheerleading uniform alone with a backwoods stranger?


Which of the women carries a gun?

She explains that "in my world, a b____ need a gun."


Which horror movie is advertised on the drive-in marquee Stuntman Mike crashes through?

Tarantino likes the film, and nearly asked its star, John Jarratt, to play Stuntman Mike.


Why does Zoe survive being thrown from the hood of the challenger?

An anecdote sets this up -- Abby talks about how Zoe was unhurt after a fall that would have probably paralyzed Abby.


What are Lee and Jasper doing while all this takes place?

The women are really going to have some explaining to do when they get back with Jasper's trashed car.


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