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Do you know what your pets do when no one is home? Take the quiz to find out!

What city does the movie take place in?

The movie takes place in New York City. The movie opens with the song "Welcome to New York" by Taylor Swift.


What breed of dog is Max?

Max is a Jack Russell Terrier. He is also one of the stars of the movie.


Who moved into the apartment with Katie and Max?

Duke moved into the apartment with Katie and Max. Katie hoped that the two dogs would get along, but they quickly started to fight soon after Duke arrived.


What happens to Max and Duke after they run into a gang of alley cats?

Max and Duke get caught by animal control after they run into the alley cats. The cats had cut the collars off of both of the dogs and they appeared to be stray, so Animal Control tried to take them to the shelter.


What type of animal is Snowball?

Snowball is a rabbit. He is the leader of The Flushed Pets and becomes an enemy to Max and Duke throughout the movie.


Who frees Max and Duke from the animal control van the first time they are caught?

Snowball, Tattoo and a lizard from The Flushed Pets free Max and Duke. The only reason that they freed them was because the two lied that they had killed their owner.


Who did Tiberius try to lure into his cage to eat?

Tiberius tried to lure Gidget into his cage so that he could eat her. When she realized what he was trying to do she told him that she would free him if he promised to help her find Max.


What do The Flushed Pets hate?

The Flushed Pets hate humans because of their bad experiences with them. They only accept other members if they hate humans as well.


Where did Tattoo live before joining The Flushed Pets?

Tattoo lived in a tattoo parlor before joining The Flushed Pets. He was there for the trainees to practice on but once there was no more space for them to practice, he was abandoned.


What do Max and Duke have to do to be accepted into The Flushed Pets?

Max and Duke have to be bitten by a viper to be accepted into The Flushed Pets. They manage to avoid this by killing the viper. The Flushed Pets then made it a necessity to find and kill Max and Duke.


Who is the leader of the gang of cats?

Ozone is a hairless cat who is the leader of the alley cats. He was the one who took Max's collar.


What comedian/actor voices Snowball?

Kevin Hart voices Snowball. Some other well known voices in the film are Louis C. K. and Eric Stonestreet.


What type of impairment does Pops have?

Pops is paralyzed. He gets around on a set of wheels that resemble a wheelchair for humans and he is quite unbothered by his condition.


Who does Max hate at the beginning of the movie?

Max hates Duke at the beginning of the movie. He feels as though his relationship with Katie has been minimized with the arrival of a new dog.


Who has a crush on Max?

Gidget has a crush on Max. Her love for Max made her the first to realize that he was missing and so she went out to find him.


What animal from The Flushed Pets was killed?

A duck named Ricky died while defending The Flushed Pets. Snowball mourns him a few times throughout the movie and talks about how he was the best soldier they had.


What kind of factory do Duke and Max go to when trying to find their way home?

Duke and Max go to a sausage factory on their way home. They eat all the sausages they can and bond afterwards. This is where Max found out about Duke's past.


How did Duke get separated from his previous owner?

Duke was chasing a butterfly and ran away from his owner. Animal Control captured him and then he was adopted by Katie.


Where do The Flushed Pets live?

The Flushed Pets live in the sewers. The sewers give them a good place to hide from the humans that they hate.


What happens when Max and Duke go back to Duke's old home?

When Max and Duke go back to Max's old home, they meet a cat who tells them that Duke's old owner has passed away. Shortly after, Duke was captured by Animal Control once again.


How does Max break Duke out of the Animal Control van?

Max has Snowball help him to break Duke out of the animal control van. While the van was hanging off of the bridge, Snowball got the keys for Max so that he could get Duke out of the van before it fell.


How did the Viper die?

The Viper died in a fight with Duke and Max. He was killed by bricks that collapsed on top of him. After his death, Snowball ordered The Flushed Pets to find and kill Max and Duke.


What does Snowball call Max?

Snowball calls Max "Tiny Dog". He calls him this because of his size.


Why do Max and Duke get captured by Animal Control?

Max and Duke weren't wearing collars and looked like stray dogs. Their collars were cut off by the alley cats, so Animal Control wasn't aware that they were actually pets.


How does Pops get around?

Pops uses a set of wheels to get around. It straps to his back legs so that he is able to move.


Who does Gidget and Tiberius confront to tell them where Max is?

Gidget and Tiberius confront Ozone to ask where Max is. Ozone coughs up his collar and refuses to give them any information on Max, but he eventually gives in.


What did Snowball do before he became part of The Flushed Pets?

Snowball was a magician's rabbit. He said his owner made him disappear from his life after rabbit tricks lost their popularity.


What happens to Snowball at the end of the movie?

Snowball gets adopted by a little girl who sees him in the street. He was abandoned by Tattoo, an alligator and a lizard who jumped into a sewer before she could adopt them as well.


Who picks everyone up in a taxi after Duke is saved?

Tattoo picks everyone up in a taxi after saving Duke. He drives them all back home causing accidents in the city.


What did Max and Duke say that they killed a human with?

Max and Duke told The Flushed Pets that they killed a human with a blender. Snowball thought this was great and he was happy to have "soldiers" on his side.


What song do the sausages sing?

The sausages sang "We Go Together" which was from the movie Grease. The sausages dance around in a fantasy world with Max and Duke eating them.


What does Max do to get rid of Duke?

Max became the alpha dog because Chloe told him that it was the only way to get his home back. Max became the dominant dog in the house and bossed Duke around.


What does Duke overhear Max trying to tell Katie?

Duke overhears Max trying to tell Katie that she needs to get rid of him. She thought that Max wanted to play since she can't understand him like the other animals.


What does Duke do to Max in the park?

Duke dragged Max by the leash across the park and into an alley. This is where they encountered the alley cats and got into all of the trouble they went through in the day.


What would happen to Duke if he went back to the pound?

Duke would be put down if he went to the pound again. He tells Max that he was adopted from the pound by Katie in the animal control van the first time that they were captured.


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