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How much do you know about the leading candidate for the GOP nomination? Take this quiz and find out.

How old is Ted Cruz?

Ted Cruz turned 45 on December 22, 1970.


What is Mr. Cruz' first name?

Ted Cruz's full name is Rafael Edward Cruz.


How many children does Mr. Cruz have?

He has two daughters Carloine (7) and Catherine (4) with his wife Heidi Nelson, whom he married in 2001.


Why does Mr. Trump say that Mr. Cruz is not eligible to be the President of the US.

Mr. Cruz was born in Alberta, Canada, to a Canadian father and US mother. His mother was born in Delaware and his father became a naturalized US citizen in 2005. Since the President of the US must be a natural born US citizen, Mr. Trump and others have claimed that he is not eligible to be the president of the US.


When did Mr. Cruz renounce his Canadian citizenship?

Mr. Cruz claimed that he had assumed he did not hold Canadian citizenship since he did not file for it. However, after the 'Dallas Morning News' pointed out that he had dual Canadian-American citizenship, he formally applied to renounce his Canadian citizenship and ceased to be a citizen of Canada on May 14, 2014.


What is Mr. Cruz's ethnicity?

Mr. Cruz's mother, Eleanor Elizabeth Wilson, is 3/4 Irish and 1/4 Italian. His father Rafael Bienvenido Cruz emigrated from Cuba. He came to the US on a student visa in 1957 and obtained political asylum when his Visa expired. His father became a Canadian citizen in 1973 and a naturalized US citizen in 2005.


What colleges did Mr. Cruz graduate from?

Cruz graduated cum laude from Princeton University with a BA in public policy in 1992 and magna cum laude from Harvard Law School with a JD in 1995.


Which of these are Mr. Cruz' noteworthy accomplishments as a student?

Even though Mr. Cruz was involved in theater in high school, he chose not to pursue an acting career as he felt he did not have the talent to succeed. He is not noted for participating in sports or protests, but he was recognized for many academic accomplishments, especially as a debater. He was named the US National Speaker of the Year in 1992 and reached the semi-finals of the World Debating Championship in 1995. Princeton's debate team named their annual novice championship after Cruz.


What is Mr. Cruz's association with 'Clipping of the Wings of Angels'?

It is the title of this senior thesis at Princeton addressing separation of powers in government. In this thesis, Cruz argued that the drafters of the Constitution intended to protect the rights of their constituents from an all-powerful state.


What was Mr. Cruz's role in the Harvard Latino Law Review?

Mr. Cruz was the primary editor of Harvard Law Review, the executive editor of the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, and the founding editor of Harvard Latino Law Review while attending Harvard law school.


Which chief justice did Mr. Cruz serve as a law clerk?

As the law clerk for Justice William Rehnquist in 1995, Cruz was the first Hispanic to clerk for a Chief Justice.


What was Mr. Cruz's role in the impeachment proceedings of President Clinton?

As a member of the law firm Cooper, Carvin, and Rosenthal, Cruz helped prepare the testimony for the impeachment proceedings against President Clinton.


At which school did Mr. Cruz teach US Supreme Court litigation?

Mr. Cruz taught as an adjunct professor of law at the University of Texas school of Law in Austin from 2004 to 2009.


When was Cruz elected to the US senate?

Cruz won the seat vacated by Kay Bailey Hutchinson in the November 2012 general election.


Which one of these GOP contestants for the 2016 republican nomination endorsed Mr. Cruz during his 2012 bid for the US senate?

Rick Santorum and Rand Paul were among the many conservative, tea party, and libertarian leaders who endorsed Cruz's senatorial bid in 2012.


Which one of these tea party leaders who endorsed Cruz in his 2012 senatorial bid has endorsed his opponent for the 2016 GOP nomination?

Sarah Palin's endorsement of Trump came as a surprise to many conservatives. Michele, Tom, and Herman have not publicly endorsed any of the candidates yet.


Why does the republican governor Terry Branstad of Iowa endorse Mr. Trump over Mr Cruz?

Mr. Cruz has always opposed ethanol subsidies and is vocal in his opposition to federal ethanol mandates. In contrast, Mr. Trump called for higher ethanol mandate. Governor Terry of Iowa, a 'corn company' is obviously not very happy with Cruz.


Which former presidential candidate said he would rather vote for Mr. Trump than Mr. Cruz?

Bob Dole, a former Republican nominee for the US Presidency, said that he would rather vote for Mr. Trump than Mr. Cruz.


Why does Bob Dole not like Mr. Cruz as a GOP nominee?

Bob Dole believes that Cruz is not a traditional republican and dislikes his positions and actions so much as to prefer Hillary Clinton over Cruz.


Which one of these statements was made by Senator Cruz?

Despite his credentials as a great debater, he is well known for his incendiary statements that have alienated many within his own party.


Which one of these former presidential candidates called Cruz a "wacko bird whose beliefs are not reflective of the views of the majority of the Republicans"?

John McCain is reported to especially dislike Cruz for his incendiary rhetoric and extreme positions.


What was the title of the book authored by Cruz that was deliberately omitted from NY Times bestseller list?

'A Time for Truth' was on Amazon and Harper's bestseller lists but was omitted by NYT because of 'bulk sales'.


What did Cruz say on the thawing of the relations between Cuba and US?

Cruz is a staunch critic of the the Obama administration's foreign policy.


Recently, a video of teen Cruz went viral. What was the video about?

Although his detractors would like to point to this video as a sign of Cruz' ambitions, Cruz was clearly jesting with the videographer.


What is Cruz' tax plan?

Cruz is a strong believer in a flat tax. However, as with all other candidates, his tax plan lacks details on how the budget shortfalls will be addressed.


What is Cruz's opinion of global warming?

Cruz reacts strongly to being dubbed the "denier". According to him that is not the language of science. He has cited satellite temperature measurements to back his position that there has been no significant rise in global temperatures in the last 18 years.


What does Cruz want to replace Obamacare with?

Cruz has no alternative to Obamacare other than to repeal "every word of Obamacare" and the slogan "make health care personal, portable, and affordable."


Which other presidential contestant besides Cruz is against ethanol mandates?

Rand Paul and Cruz are the first candidates to openly oppose ethanol subsidies. Although Hillary Clinton voted against ethanol mandates 17 times, saying "it is impossible to understand why any pro-consumer, pro-health, pro-environment, anti-government could vote for ethanol mandates," she reversed her position after announcing her candidacy for the white house in 2007.


What is Cruz' Five for Freedom plan?

It is his proposal to eliminate five federal departments: IRS, Department of Education, Department of Energy, Department of Commerce, and HUD (the Department of Housing and Urban Development).


What is Cruz' rules based monetary system?

It is Cruz' solution to stabilize the dollar. However, nobody knows what he means by this slogan or how he will accomplish his objective, since the strength of the dollar relative to the other currencies is driven as much by the actions and policies of the other governments and their economic strength.


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