Do You Know Which Animals Represent Different Countries of the World?

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Some animals embody the spirit of a country while others represent the people. Most animals are found in the country that they represent.

Many of the animals that represent countries around the world are well-known. You can probably name the national animal of the United States, and likely the representative of Kenya. These animals act as symbols to represent certain aspects of the country. Which national animal is the most unusual in your opinion?

Do you know which country the Komodo dragon represents? What about the poised flamingo? Can name the country that the majestic polar bear represents?  Think about the places that you might find these animals. The answers might trick you!

Do you know which country the elk represents? What about the gallic rooster? Maybe, you can name the country that the mythical Unicorn is a symbol of? If you found that to be challenging, which country is represented by the Welsh dragon? Some countries may have animals that shock you. A unicorn may not be your first guess!

The animals that represent countries of the world are important to recognize and celebrate. If you know your stuff when it comes to animals and countries, then test your knowledge and see how high you can score on this quiz!

The snow leopard represents which country?

The snow leopard represents the country of Afghanistan. The snow leopard has become an endangered species and the country has been working to preserve their majestic national animal.

The llama represents which country?

The llama represents the country of Bolivia. The llama is the country's national animal and they represent the resources that the country has to offer.

The Russian bear represents which country?

The Russian bear represents the country of Russia. The bear is the representation of citizens of Russia and it is a bittersweet symbol for Russians.

The marten represents which country?

The marten represents the country of Croatia. The currency in Croatia is named after the marten and the animal can be found on the country's shield.

The lion represents which country?

The lion represents a few different countries, one of which is Armenia. A lion can be found on the country's shield, and on its first coat of arms.

The flamingo represents which country?

The flamingo represents the Bahamas. The flamingo is the country's national animal and it is found on the country's shield alongside a marlin.

The humpback whale represents which country?

The humpback whale represents the country of Bermuda. The humpback can be found in the waters surrounding Bermuda among many other types of whales.

The jaguar represents which country?

The jaguar represents the country of Brazil. The jaguar is the national animal of the country and it is considered an endangered species.

The beaver represents which country?

The beaver represents the country of Canada. The beaver's representation of Canada stems from the 1600s when The Hudson's Bay Company used it on their coat of arms.

The giant panda represents which country?

The giant panda represents the country of China. The panda is native to China and often comes to mind when thinking of the country.

The eagle represents which country?

The eagle represents the United States. It is the country's national animal and can be found on the country's emblem and represents the powerful image of the United States.

The mute swan represents which country?

The mute swan represents the country of Denmark. The swan is Denmark's national bird and there is a significant population of the birds in the country.

The Gallic rooster represents which country?

The Gallic rooster represents the country of France. The Gallic rooster was the symbol used on France's flags and also used to represents their football team.

The Bengal tiger represents which country?

The Bengal tiger represents the country of India. The Bengal tiger is the national animal of the country because of its many powerful qualities.

The raccoon dog represents which country?

The raccoon dog represents the country of Japan. The raccoon dog is known as the "tanuki" in Japan. They have been a staple in Japanese folklore for many years.

The polar bear represents which country?

The polar bear represents the country of Greenland. The polar bear is the country's national animal and it is found on the country's coat of arms.

The turul represents which country?

The turul represents the country of Hungary. The turul is a mythical creature that is found on the Hungarian coat of arms. The creature is a large bird.

The giraffe represents which country?

The giraffe represents the country of Tanzania. The animal is protected in the country and symbolizes many traits of Tanzanians as a whole.

The Komodo dragon represents which country?

The Komodo dragon represents the country of Indonesia. The dragon is Indonesia's national animal and they are close to being an endangered species.

The red deer represents which country?

The red deer represents the country of Ireland. The red deer is Ireland's national animal and it is native to the country. It is also a preserved species.

The Balkan lynx represents which country?

The Balkan lynx represents the country of Macedonia. The Balkan lynx is extremely endangered and the little of the species there is left is in Macedonia.

The Welsh dragon represents which country?

The Welsh dragon represents the country of Wales. The representation of the dragon comes from hundreds of years ago by the kings of that time.

The Dalecarlian horse represents which country?

The Dalecarlian horse represents Sweden. The horse is actually a wooden horse that has been an important symbol in Sweden for many years.

The dolphin represents which country?

The dolphin represents the country of Greece. The name of the animal comes from a Greek word and they are a popular animal in the country.

The elk represents which country?

The elk represents the country of Norway. The elk is actually the moose, but it is known as an elk in Norway. It is the country's national animal.

The African leopard represents which country?

The African leopard represents the country of Rwanda. The African leopard also represents the country of Somalia as well.

The ring-tailed lemur represents which country?

The ring-tailed lemur represents the country of Madagascar. The lemur is exclusive to Madagascar and they are an endangered species.

The unicorn represents which country?

The unicorn represents the country of Scotland. The mythical creature has been representing the country for many years and it symbolizes many traits.

The Fennec fox represents which country?

The Fennec fox represents the country of Algeria. It is a small animal that has very large ears. The country even has a football team named after the beautiful animal!

The cow represents which country?

The cow represents the country of Nepal. The cow is Nepal's national animal which also made the animal protected in the country.

The sable antelope represents which country?

The sable antelope represents the country of Zimbabwe. It is an endangered species and it is preserved by being the national animal of the country.

The bull represents which country?

The bull represents the country of Spain. Spain is well-known for its tradition of bullfighting so it's no surprise that the bull is their national animal!

The kiwi represents which country?

The kiwi represents the country of New Zealand. The bird is native to New Zealand and they are an endangered species. They are now being preserved.

The gray wolf represents which country?

The gray wolf represents the country of Turkey. The representation goes back to Turkish mythology and beliefs about the wolf.

The kangaroo represents which country?

The kangaroo represents the country of Australia. The kangaroo is native to Australia and often comes to mind when thinking about the country.

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