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Sibling rivalry takes its toll in this classic story of stage stars "Baby Jane" Hudson (Bette Davis) and her crippled sister, Blanche (Joan Crawford). When Jane cannot stand being overshadowed and forgotten, she takes drastic measures to put herself back in the limelight.

What song does Baby Jane Hudson sing as a girl and then later tries to reprise as an adult?

This a trademark song for Jane. Her father had an instrumental role in promoting her career.


What item is promoted for sale after Baby Jane Hudson's stage shows?

The dolls are oversized and overpriced. Jane has one she dotes on as an adult.


After her show, over what does Baby Jane Hudson have a tantrum?

She demands ice cream from her father who tries to tell her no. She behaves like a spoiled brat in front of the public until she gets her way.


As a child, what does Blanche's mother tell her?

She also tells her to "be kind to Jane." Blanche plays second fiddle to Jane throughout their childhood.


Two critics​ review a film starring Jane as an adult in 1935. What is their commentary?

"I don't think anyone's going to watch that picture again" is also said. Jane is washed up, but Blanche Hudson has become a big movie star.


What happens at the gate of the Hudson home in 1935?

Jane Hudson appears to have been the driver of the car that struck and crippled Blanche.


Whose house did Blanche Hudson buy?

Blanche made more money than she could spend as a Hollywood star. She and her sister lived in the house.


A female neighbor and her daughter live next door to the Hudsons. How long have they lived there?

The neighbor, Mrs. Bates, is a fan of the Hudsons and is curious about them. She is constantly observing the Hudson house and looking for opportunities to speak with Jane.


What pet does Blanche have?

Jane later serves the bird up on a lunch platter when she becomes angry with Blanche.


What does Mrs. Bates bring over to the Hudson's for Blanche?

Jane takes the flowers and shoos Mrs. Bates away. She throws the flowers in the kitchen sink.


Who is Alvira?

Alvira looks out for Blanche and tries to protect her from her sister, Jane.


How does Blanche attempt to get help from the neighbor?

Blanche throws the note near the neighbor. However, the neighbor is speaking with Jane who just arrived home, and Jane finds it first.


Why does Jane place a personal ad in the paper?

Jane wants to revive her Baby Jane days and become a star again.


What is Blanche planning on doing behind her sister's back that makes Jane angry?

Blanche was hoping she could get some psychological help for Jane. She wanted to move out and offers Alvira a position.


Mr. Flagg sees Jane's ad in the paper. Who makes the call for him?

His mother calls, posing as his secretary. He wants to seem more important than he is.


How does Jane get Alvira out of the house?

Jane even gives her an extra $15. She is plotting against Blanche and wants no witnesses.


Why does Blanche say she didn't eat her dinner?

Blanche didn't trust her sister. Jane took a chicken leg and took a bite from it to show her the meal was safe.


What was odd about Jane when she opened the door to Mr. Flagg?

Mr. Flagg is a little freaked out but plays along with Jane and pretends to be interested in her childhood as "Baby Jane."


What does Mr. Flagg tell Jane about his father?

Mr. Flag brags about how skilled an actor his father was and puts on an air of arrogance toward Jane's career.


How much does Jane agree to pay Mr. Flagg?

Jane tries to get away with $100/month and then offers $100/week. Flag is money hungry and takes the offer.


Who is Dehlia?

Dehlia seems like an overbearing mother to a grown Mr. Flagg. Her son implies he may have been illegitimate.


What does Jane try to order over the phone but has trouble doing so?

Jane's credit is bad so she has to pretend to be Blanche to order six bottles of Scotch and three bottles of gin.


Jane stops feeding Blanche. What does Blanche finally find in a drawer to eat?

Blanche wolfs down the chocolates. So far, Jane had served her dead bird and rat .


Who does Blanche reach on the phone and tells, "I need you here at the house"?

She tells Dr. Shelby her sister is "emotionally disturbed." Unfortunately, Jane overhears, poses as Blanche and cancels the planned visit.


Alvira goes into the Hudson home after Jane leaves. What does she discover?

Alvira tries to pry the door off its hinges to check on Blanche. Jane catches her in the act.


When Edwin Flagg returns to have dinner with Jane, why does she turn him away?

She killed Alvira. When Edwin leaves, she cries and says, "What am I going to do?"


What does Jane do with Alvira's body?

Mrs. Bates sees the lights on in the garage and goes out to confront Jane. Nothing comes of it.


Jane asks for Blanche's help after committing murder. What does Blanche suggest?

Blanche tries to seem like she is on Jane's side until she can get help. Jane buys the "nice act."


Who do the police bring to the Hudson house?

Edwin is drunk and insists on seeing Jane. He wants to be paid.


What surprise does Jane give Edwin?

Edwin puts the doll on his lap and gives it a ride in the wheelchair. Jane sees him and gets upset.


Where does Jane take Blanche when they hide from police?

Jane has fond memories of her father taking their family to the beach when they were children. While there, she even plays ball with some children.


What did Blanche disclose to Jane while they were on the beach?

Jane always thought she was responsible for Blanche's paralysis. Jane comments, "We could've been friends."


Why does Jane leave Blanche alone on the beach?

She orders two strawberry cones from a stand where the police were looking for her.


Blanche is on the sand at the beach. What does she say to Jane?

After being starved, tied up, and drugged, it's amazing she is still alive. No one seems to have noticed her on the beach.


What is the movie's final scene?

A bird's eye view of the beach shows the police confronting Jane and spectators swarming.


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