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Crystals are solids made of organized groups of molecules and atoms which most often constitute of carbon, silicon and oxygen. These atoms form a uniform and repeating pattern giving crystals their unique and sparkly appearance. Naturally occurring crystals, such as gemstones, have been in existence below the earth’s surface for millions of years. They are believed to have been formed by the cooling of magma and pressure from overlying layers of rocks. Due to their rarity, many crystals are produced artificially in laboratories today.

First used by many ancient civilizations, such as the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians for their numerous healing purposes, crystals have now been given new purpose in today’s developing world. Not only are they currently used for the creation of fine jewelry, but crystals are also used scientifically.

Quartz stones are commonly used in technology. Due to its ability to conduct electricity and its stable structure, quartz is used in telephones, radios, and microchips. Diamonds, considered to be the most precious stone, are used for jewelry, especially for engagement rings. However, beauty is not their only amazing quality. Diamonds are the toughest stones in existence. As a result, they are used in cutting tools for engraving granite and cutting other gems and strong materials.

But enough about quartz and diamonds. Do you know what these crystals are used for? Can you tell us whether they help heal, calm or both? Let's find out now!

Use this crystal if you want warmth and light to come upon you.

Amber brings the bearer some good solar energies, since it’s connected to the sun’s warmth and powers. They’re also the same color, so that’s cool for the solar plexus chakra to take on.


Use the blue-hued type of this crystal if you want help in accessing good knowledge and enhance your thinking.

Blue apatite activates one’s creative passions and pursuits, which helps in enhancing one’s intelligence if needed. So it might help when you’re cramming for an exam of some sort or studying something for personal enhancement.


Use this crystal if you want to enhance and align your emotional and mental capacities with your physical capacities.

Carnelian crystals stoke a person’s vitality, energy, warmth and joyfulness, in general. It encourages courage as well, which is good for the solar plexus and root chakras.


You use this one crystal to “recharge” and energize all the other crystals, as well as your spirits.

Have a clear quartz crystal around and gather other crystals with it to recharge them. Wearing one also brings about a great deal of clarity and cleansing, which works for all of the chakras.


This green crystal brings about compassion and healing, and is also featured in The Wizard of Oz.

Emeralds affect the heart chakra a lot. That’s why it brings compassion, healing, and even love to take up space in the heart and being.


The fire type of this crystal is like an anti-burnout crystal for anyone whose creativity and will are greatly affected by negativity.

Fire agate crystals affect both the sacral and root chakras. That’s why it’s good to keep nearby when you’re suffering from creative burnout.


Use this dark-colored crystal if you want some self-healing of any kind, be it physical or mental.

Garnet is good to boost up one’s self-worth, especially when one’s spirits are running low. It also gives a sense of security together with much-needed emotional healing.


Use this stone to enhance your blood flow, which affects your oxygen supply in your physical body.

Hematite aids in the general circulation of your blood, which helps in the physical re-energizing process that also affects the spiritual and mental states. It’s like an “I can do everything” gemstone which enhances courage, determination, and boosts one’s self-esteem in the process.


If you want to get in touch with your past lives, use this crystal to call on your past personas.

Howlite gemstones is said to help one gain patience and have access to instances of one’s past. All chakras are affected by this one, making it a bit more expensive to buy than most gemstones.


The Chinese cultures have known for centuries how this green-colored crystal enhances businesses and wealth.

The green jade is said to bring in good luck and abundance as well as prosperity. That’s why businesses use this stone to attract commerce as well, since it’s generally the color of money.


One of the most regarded crystals around is this blue-colored stone that has symbolized royalty for ages.

Lapis lazuli has been a precious gemstone since the ancient civilizations. Early artists ground it to convert it into a blue hue pigment for paints, while some convert it into material that can become part of some precious fabrics.


Use this crystal for general psychic and energy protection, since it serves as the powerful gemstone that protects all gemstones.

Labradorite is said to enhance one’s psychic abilities since it enhances all of the chakras. It can thus provide overall protection in a magical sense of things.


Since it’s allied to the moon, this crystal is said to promote feminine energy and enhance intuition.

Moonstones pay reverence to the feminine energies of the moon, which enhances insight and is also nourishing. It’s also sensual, since it has a clear association with the moon’s energies.


Use this crystal if you want to focus on having more discipline and willpower in your life.

Onyx, particularly the black onyx, is said to enhance one’s willpower and self-mastery. Since it enhances one’s focus, it is also a great stress-buster “device” when worn as a bracelet or a pendant.


Libra people are encouraged to wear this October birthstones to enhance their emotional healing powers.

Pink tourmaline enhances the feelings of love in one’s heart. And since this is the Libra stone, it also enhances emotional balancing, which helps in emotional healing.


Since the red variety of this crystal promotes grounding and stability, it’s another good stone to combat stress.

Red jasper is a good stone to use when feeling a lot of stress. It’s a grounding stone which promotes balance, and also brings about calmness and combats worries.


This crystal is said to enhance one’s personal power, in connection with bringing clarity and judgment useful in decision-making.

The tiger eye or tiger’s eye is said to help the sacral chakra and the solar plexus, so it’s great if you want to enhance your personal power. This could affect one’s confidence, courage, and practicality as well. It’s also a protection from evil spirits.


This crystal enhances communication since it helps the throat chakra.

Turquoise stones have been precious to many indigenous tribes since they believe it enhances one’s spiritual essence. It’s also great for enhancing one’s communication prowess and openheartedness.


This colored quartz is said to enhance love all around, so it’s good to have when you’re lucking out on this department.

Rose quartz crystals enhance feelings of love and emotional harmony, so it’s good to have to keep a relationship open and strong. It also helps to attract love for those who don’t have partners, as well as enhancing self-love in the process.


This crystal enhances clarity of the mind, thereby promoting clear thinking and focus.

Fluoride stones are said to enhance one’s focus and understanding. Since it also protects the third eye chakra, it’s also a great protection stone from evil spirits and negativity lurking around and about.


This crystal enhances purity and clarity, which might explain its fluid name and hue.

Aquamarine stones are said to purify one’s body, in the process calming the body and the mind, since it also aids in enhancing clarity. It’s a great stone to align all chakras, with particular emphasis on throat chakra cleansing.


It’s known as the crystal for meditation and spirituality enhancement.

Amethyst is also known as a serenity stone since it enhances contentment and spirituality in one’s being. It brings about calmness and enhances peaceful energies, so it’s good to have when you need calming down.


Use this crystal if you need another calming stone which also helps in being altruistic.

Rhodonite stones calm whatever turmoil your body and mind might be feeling and experiencing. When it grounds you to bring in love, calmness and light, it also aids you in channeling those feelings into humanitarian actions that move you to help others.


This crystal amps up the throat and heart chakras, which aids you when you have heart-love woes.

Malachite minerals are useful as a transformation stone to provide you with some much-needed deep energy cleansing. This prompts healing which also prompts grounding and clarity when it comes to relationship woes or heavy matters of the heart.


This green August birthstone has long been regarded as a metaphysical gem of sorts.

Peridot is given to people born in August. It also channels the sun’s energies which will melt away negative emotions like resentment or jealousy.


While it’s traditionally regarded as a crystal protector to enhance masculine energy, this brown-colored stone is useful for any gender needing the utmost protection.

Bronzite is an overall protector of your well being since it amps up the positivity of all chakras. Think of it as an armor that protects you from all kinds of negative energy, so wear it if you need a great energy boost in mind, body, and spirit.


Use this crystal to feel radiant like the sun, which mimics its color as well.

Citrine enhances the navel chakra and the solar plexus, so it’s great when you need to focus on having great energy in your mind and body. You can ask for the “lemon quartz” when looking for it, as it is also known by that term due to its color and elements.


Use this crystal if you want to get rid of anxiety and to bounce back from being engulfed in negativity.

Apophyllite stones are much-needed to cleanse the third eye chakra as well as to enhance the third eye. In this process, negativity that may have stuck in your being will be eradicated, from simple anxiety to heavy emotional negativity.


Use this crystal if you need a trauma healer, just like what Wonder Woman’s tribe provides her.

Amazonite stones are used to combat the highest forms of negativity. Much like the fierce Amazon warriors, it can protect you from being engulfed in super stressful situations as it pulls you to more soothing types of energies and clarity.


This crystal is said to enhance one’s feelings of love and affection, recognized as a December birthstone as well.

Topaz stones are believed to enhance positivity in a person because they promote sweetness, mind enhancement, and clarity in communication. That’s not a surprise since Topaz aids the throat chakra and the third eye.


The black version of this crystal is said to promote honesty in a person, as well as being useful to cleanse overall psychic negativity.

Black obsidian stones enhance the great psychic protection for a being, since they cleanse the mind and spirit of negativity. When one’s aura is so cleansed, honesty and grounding will soon follow its user.


The green version of this crystal is great for ridding clogs in the sinuses, the lungs and the liver, too.

Green aventurine stones is said to clear the sinuses, which is also connected to healing the lungs and the liver. Since it releases negativity from the physical and psychic body, it’s an overall great help to the heart chakra that it protects.


This royal blue-hued crystal is associated with wisdom and royalty.

Sapphires are great for wisdom enhancement. This stone has been regarded in many cultures and religions throughout history.


This interesting crystal is said to promote logical thinking, since it clears the blues away — even if it’s colored that way.

Sodalite helps one in achieving inner peace. That stems from having logical thinking first, which this stone enhances much.


Use this stone if you need clear guidance during huge transitions and transformations in life.

Chaotic feelings and emotions will be subdued and eradicated with the assistance of the lepidolite stones. It affects and protects all chakras, so major life transitions, anxieties, and stressful situations that contribute to your inner and outer chaos would be eased out.


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