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How many seasons are there in Shameless?

Shameless has just been approved for a 7th season which will be premiered in 2017. The show is being aired on Showtime.


Where does Fiona work?

Patsy's Pies, which is the diner Fiona works at throughout the series actually exists in Chicago. The real place, which is located on Lincoln Avenue is called Patsy's Pub and Grill.


Which two of them are dating in real life?

Mandy Malkovich and Lip Gallagher are boyfriend and girlfriend on the show and in real life as well! They started dating in 2011 after Greenwell joined the show as Jane Levy's replacement.


Why doesn't the family live in a trailer park?

They chose for the Gallagher's to live in a regular house in Chicago because they were not trying to re-create "My Name is Earl." They wanted the family to be familiar to the audience. The goal was for the viewer to imagine the Gallagher's could have been their next-door neighbors.


What episode do Fiona and Steve go skinny-dipping in the 1st season?

The swimming pool that Fiona and Steve go skinny dipping in, is the same one used in the film Cruel Intentions. It is featured in episode 7 of the show.


A unique quality to this show?

Most actors on shows and in films are allowed to rehearse their scripts before and during takes where they aren't on screen. The director on Shameless does not allow this however, the actors have to have their lines completely memorized before filming.


What two songs have been featured by The Diner on the show?

The Diner is still a fairly unknown Indie band. They are most definitely not one of the most well known bands featured on the show. They have a strange and ethereal sound which made them perfect for the first season of the show.


What was Fiona supposed to look like?

On the first few pilot episode drafts, Fiona was supposed to look like an average-looking and overweight blonde girl. That is obviously not what they ended up with however. Emmy Possum is the opposite of that with her dark hair and slender figure.


How many children does Frank have?

Frank Gallagher's family consists of six children. He spends most of his time drunk, and we watch as his kids learn how to take care of themselves, all within varying stages of growing.


What year did Shameless premier?

Shameless premiered on January 9, 2011 in the US. This show has actually become Showtime's highest-rated series on record across this network's target demographic


Which Hollywood Reporter had great things to say about Shameless?

Tim Goodman who writes for the Hollywood Reporter said, “Shameless is excellent, compelling television from the first moment. As long as it stays true to the roots of the original, it is going to be essential viewing."


Who asked to be written off the season for a few episodes?

Ethan Cutkosky (Carl) asked the writers to write him off of the last few episodes of season five because he was just starting high school and he wanted to experience it as normally as possible.


Musically what is a main genre in the series?

Even though Shameless started with music from much more popular artists like Ke$ha, Spoon, and LMFAO, they opted for a more indie-rock sound. Now we hear a lot more music from artists like The Diner, The High Planes Drifters, and Alien Crime Syndicate.


What is Franks disease?

Each child, with the exception of Liam is a product of the behavioral roles of children with alcoholic parents. There is the perfect child or the hero (Fiona), the rebel (Carl), the clown (Lip), the lost child (Ian), and the caretaker (Debs).


Which actor/actress has both written and directed for the series?

William H. Macy is the only series regular to have ever written (in season 2) and also direct (season 5) an episode of the series.


Where does the show film?

The show goes to Chicago twice for a week at a time to shoot all of their exterior scenes. Then after this they film the rest of the six episodes on Warner Brothers sound stages (in studio).


What artist does the theme song for Shameless?

The theme song for Shameless is "The Luck You Got" by indie rock group The High Strung. These guys are originally from Detroit, Michigan. Their song being used as the theme song for Shameless is their only claim to fame so far.


After what popular series finale aired did the pilot for Shameless air?

A preview of the pilot aired on December 12, 2010. after the Season 5 finale of Dexter. However, the first season officially began airing on Showtime on Sunday, January 9, 2011.


What was Steve Howey (Kev) recovering from all of season 3?

Steve Howey says that the Achilles' tendon tear that he was healing from all of season three did not happen on set for the show. He says he tore it in a basketball game. There is speculation however that he actually tore it after he slipped in the shower/bathtub after the basketball game in question.


What TV network originally was developing Shameless?

HBO began developing an American version of Shameless after striking a deal with john Wells in January of 2009. By October 2009 however, Shameless had moved over to Showtime. Reason for the move? One can only speculate.


What song did the cast of Shameless sing in promotion?

In promotion for their second season premiere the cast of Shameless sang their own unique Christmas Carol. It was titled Shameless: Christmas Carol. This version dings grandma's holiday turkey and suggests the best route home in case you partake in "too much holiday cheer". It can be found in the special features section on the second season discs.


Who has directed Shameless in both the UK and US?

Mark Mylod directed the first episode of both the UK and the US versions. He returned later to direct a few extra episodes on both productions. It is fairly common for there to be multiple directors on one single series.


Which two actors love pranking one another?

Both Chatwin and Rossum love pranking each other on set. One of the most consistent practical jokes Chatwin plays on Rossum is eating disgustingly smelly foods (tuna fish for example) before their intimate scenes together.


Which part of Chicago do they shoot in?

Although the show takes place in Canaryville, a small town in Chicago, none of the scenes are shot there. The house the Gallaghers live in is actually in North Lawndale, which is also in Chicago. The production team visits Chicago a couple times a year for exterior shots for the show.


Who was originally going to be on the show?

Woody Harrelson was originally going to be on the show. He signed up with the series creator to star in the show. The airing date kept getting pushed back however and he dropped out of the project after Zombieland was released.


Who had something real-life happen in real time as it was happening on the show?

Emmy Rossum's grandmother died the same week they were shooting the episode where Fiona's mother passes away. The actress said she was particularly affected while they were filming that episode.


Who originally played Sheila in the pilot?

Allison Janney played the role of Sheila in the pilot. She was replaced by Joan Cusack. Apparently Janney had to bail because of a commitment to ABC's Mr. Sunshine. The role of Sheila ended up being more prominent than originally planned.


What is the Gallagher family referred to as?

The original's creator has said about the Gallagher family that they are not blue collar. Rather than calling them that he wants them to fit into this mold that is no collar.


Who produced the show?

John Wells has been producing since the 1980's and has done shows like China Beach, The West Wing, and Southland. He adapted this story from the UK version of Shameless under the same name.


Which two locations did the producer ban the show taking place in?

Producer John Wells did not want the show to take place in a trailer park or in the south. He felt that would have been way to cliché. Instead, he wanted something that felt closer to home. He wanted the Gallagher's to feel like your neighbors.


Interesting fact about Shanola Hampton?

Shanola Hampton, who plays Veronica in the show, is the daughter of a pastor in South Carolina. Supposedly she grew up in her fathers church singing gospel music.


What TV show has Justin Chatwin also been in?

Justin Chatwin, who plays Steve in the show had a role in the pilot of Smallville, a show about superman before he was actually superman.


Interesting fact about Emmy Rossum?

At the ripe age of 7, Emmy Rossum joined the Metropolitan Opera Children's Chorus. She had the opportunity to perform in productions of "La boheme," "Turandot," and "A Midsummer Night's Dream" as a child.


What character has a minimal role in the UK version?

Fiona's British counterpart in the original UK production is only in 19 out of 138 episodes! In fact, her character gets sent to prison. Emmy Rossum (Fiona) definitely takes most of the lines and screen time in the US version however.


Who loves their on-set look?

Emmy Rossum loves her characters careless look. Not only does she relate to taking care of everyone on the show because she is the same way in real life, she mentioned that she loves not having to be "all glam" on the show, needless to say that saves the team a lot of time on hair and makeup.


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