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CHILLAX! This quiz is nothing to worry about, or is it? As you grew up, there were hundreds of vocabulary words you were taught in school, from "mischievous" to "kaleidoscope." These words have been in the dictionary for years and years, but as times change, so do the words you'll find in the dictionary. Between Oxford English Dictionary and Merriam-Webster, you can expect hundreds of words to be added to the dictionary each year. Since 2000, how many of these 21st-century words do you know?

Although it might seem as if words have to have extreme significance and meaning to join the dictionary, this isn't completely true! There are tons of words that have joined the dictionary simply because they play a major role in pop culture. Words like "chillax" have joined the dictionary because of their repetition in the younger generation. J. K. Rowling's "muggle" has since been added to the dictionary because of the significance of her "Harry Potter" book series. When it comes to all these 21st-century words, do you think you know their meaning? 

You might know outer space, but what is "meatspace"? We're all aware of what a romance is, but what about when it becomes "bromance"? There's tons of words, from "screenager" to "conlang." Do you know them? Let's find out!

Some people live in the virtual world, but if you live in the physical world, you live in the __________.

"Meatspace" was added to the dictionary around 2009. It is a noun with the definition "the physical world, as opposed to virtual."


Which of the following words means "a close but non-sexual relationship between two men"?

"Bromance" is a word that's been around for a quite a few years, but was only added to the dictionary around 2012.


If you are "binge-watching" something, this usually refers to what?

When someone is binge-watching something, this means that they are watching the episodes of a TV series back to back, sort of like a TV marathon.


If you're a little ostentatious, someone might call you what?

The term "bougie" comes from the seemingly mispronounced "bourgeois." It tends to mean someone who is fancy and a bit stuck-up.


When a performer uses vocal effects to imitate the sounds and rhythms of hip-hop music, they are called a beat_______.

A beatboxer is a popular performer in hip hop music. They are able to make "beats" using sound effects from their mouth and even their throat.


What is the word for enjoying the outdoors without getting dirty?

If you enjoy being glamorous more than you enjoy getting down and dirty, consider glamping. Basically, it's glamorous camping!


If you're ego-surfing, what are you searching for?

Ego-surfing is searching for information about yourself. Its official definition is "searching the internet for instances of one's own name or links to one's own website."


If you have a "muffin top," where on the body would this appear?

A muffin top refers to the area of fat that is sometimes emphasized over a pair of low-rise pants.


The TV series "Game of Thrones" features tons of created languages. What is the official word for this?

A conlang is an invented language. You'll find these in many TV shows and films.


If you're a bit eccentric, one might call you which of the following words?

Wackadoodle is an adjective reserved for someone who is considered "crazy and eccentric."


The opposite of your enemy would be your ________.

After people felt the need to shorten the word "best friend," it became "bestie." It was added to the dictionary in 2014.


What is the term reserved for winners of an Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Tony award?

In 2015, EGOT was added to the dictionary for the elite group of people who have won all four of these awards.


If you try to defend yourself from an accusation before you're accused, what is this?

The definition of "prebuttal" is "a rebuttal for an accusation before it is made." It was added to the dictionary in 2009.


Which of the following words means "a person who is not conversant with a particular activity or skill"?

The term "muggle" was actually created by J. K. Rowling in her book series, "Harry Potter." Since the term then applied to non-magical people, it came to be known as a person who is unfamiliar with a particular thing.


If you're embarrassed, you might connect your palm with which part of your body?

"Face-palm" is a verb that means "to cover one's face with the hand as an expression of embarrassment." It can also be used as a noun.


If you're a "bookaholic," what are you constantly buying?

A variation of the word "alcoholic," bookaholic is reserved for those who are obsessed with book. They might be a constant reader or potentially buying tons of books.


If you're upset that Starbucks stopped their holiday cups, this might be considered what kind of problem?

First World problem was added to the dictionary in 2014. This is used to refer to a trivial problem that has no real significance.


Which of the following words means "flawlessly styled, groomed"?

"Fleek" is a slang word that was added to the dictionary in 2015. Initially, it was used to describe the condition of one's eyebrows, but now it refers to anything that is well-groomed.


"Bouncebackability" is a synonym for which of the following words?

"Bouncebackability" is defined as "the capacity to recover quickly from a setback." Embrace this word if you're getting some answers wrong in this quiz.


What is "a U.S. state where the Democratic and Republican parties have similar levels of support among voters"?

Since red symbolizes Republican states and blue is for Democratic, combining the two colors would give you "purple states" for the ones evenly divided.


To "ghost" someone means to what?

"Ghost" was added to the dictionary in 2017. It means "to abruptly cut off all contact."


This is a designated time during a meeting for its attendees to go to the restroom.

Bathroom break was added to the dictionary after years and years of usage. It simply means "a break in a meeting to allow those in attendance to use the bathroom."


Which of the following words means "a word or phrase used to identify messages relating to a specific topic."

"Hashtag" was added to the dictionary in 2014. It is a word or phrase used to categorize a particular topic.


If something is not happening in the communication, interaction or fictional world, it is said to be what?

IRL was added to the dictionary in 2015. It is reserved to show meaning to things that are actually happening in the real world, in real life.


If a "edible" item has genetically modified ingredients, what might it be called?

"Franken" has been adopted into the dictionary to refer to anything that is strange. "Frankenfood" was added to the dictionary around 2009, to describe anything that might contain genetically modified ingredients.


"Screenagers" are adept at what?

Screenager was added to the dictionary in 2012 and means "a person in their teens or twenties who has an aptitude for computers and the Internet."


Which of the following words means "to move into the frame of a photograph as it is being taken, as a joke or prank?"

"Photobomb" was added to the dictionary in 2017. It is when someone purposely enters your photo without your knowledge.


Which of the following is the definition of demonizing?

Demonizing is often seen when someone talks about how unpleasant someone is. They list a ton of bad qualities as a form of character assassination.


Which of the following is reserved for "a person who eats fish but avoids eating meat"?

A pescetarian is similar to a vegetarian. People with this diet only eat fish but avoid eating meat. "Pescetarian" was added to the dictionary in 2014.


If someone sends a message while they are intoxicated, it is called what?

With the creation of texting and the affinity for alcohol, it seems drunk texting became too common. It was added to the dictionary in 2015.


Which of the following means "a person closely resembling a smaller or younger version of another"?

Mini-me was first a character that appeared in the "Austin Powers" films. The word was added to the dictionary in 2009.


If you plan to "reuse discarded objects or material," you do what?

Upcycling isn't the same as recycling. If you recycle, you're actually discarding those materials, but if you upcycle, that means you are finding another way to use them.


If someone gives you a "side-eye," what kind of look are they giving you?

If someone gives you a side-eye, this means that they're looking at you negatively! It is defined as "a sidelong glance or gaze, especially when expressing scorn, suspicion, disapproval or veiled curiosity." It was added to the dictionary in 2017.


Which of the following words means "to sweat"?

"Schvitz" is just another way to say "sweat" or to sweat profusely.


If someone TP's your house, what do they cover it in?

"TP" was added to the dictionary in 2014. It means "to cover with toilet paper, typically as a prank."


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