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There have been numerous scientific discoveries that have increased our understanding of our world and history! Think you remember some of these discoveries? Take the quiz to find out!

What discovery can be used to replace or support bone growth?

The discovery is 3D printed implanted bones. These prints have only been tested on animals, with exceptional results bringing hope for humans.


What was the name of the new cloud-type discovered in 2009?

The name of the new cloud type discovered in 2009 was the Jacques Cousteau Cloud. The clouds resemble the rolling waves of the sea and can be hard to come across.


What discovery is able to destroy cancer cells?

DNA nanobots can search for cancer cells and actually eliminate them. This is a revolutionary discovery and, so far, it has been tested on cockroaches.


What was discovered on Jupiter's moon?

There was water found on Jupiter's moon. The large water source was spotted close to the equator on the moon which is called "Europa."


What was discovered to combat malaria?

A vaccine was discovered to combat malaria. The vaccine can help to prevent the infection and is a huge step in providing care for those who might be affected by the disease.


What type of invisible matter was proven to exist because of the Bullet Cluster?

The discovery is dark matter. The Bullet Cluster solidified the existence of Dark Matter.


What is "Toumai"?

Toumai is the oldest living human ancestor. The skull was found in the Djurab Desert in Chad. It was determined to be a human ancestor because of the characteristics of its skull and teeth.


What was the name of the planet that, upon discovery, dethroned Pluto?

The newly-discovered planet was named Eris. It was found to be the second-largest dwarf planet, and was part of the reason why Pluto was eliminated as an official planet in our solar system.


What is HD 85512 b?

HD 85512 b is a planet that is very similar to Earth. It is in the constellation called Vela, and there is a possibility it could have water on its surface.


What does an antiretroviral drug stop?

Antiretroviral drugs stop the spread of HIV to other partners. This is a revolutionary drug that can not only be used for HIV, but other diseases as well.


What did scientists discover that provides evidence of the Big Bang?

They have discovered gravitational waves. Albert Einstein had predicted these waves, and scientists believe that they are evidence of space expanding and shrinking.


Fill in the blank: "Every single ___________ has been mapped as of 2003."

Every single chromosome has been mapped as of 2003. This discovery is important because it helps us to understand and identify different genes.


What type of cell was discovered in our brains in 2005?

Grid cells help us to determine our position. Experiments have been conducted to find out more about these cells.


What was found to be capable of growing organs?

Stem cells were found to be capable of growing organs. The progression of this discovery will surely become more advanced and capable of growing organs that can be implanted in humans.


What animal was cloned and able to produce organs that can be transplanted in humans?

Pigs were cloned and they were found to be able to produce organs that can be transplanted in humans. The organs were not rejected by the human immune system, making this a huge breakthrough in the medical sector.


What device, developed in the 21st Century, can be controlled by using your mind?

The biomechanical arm can be controlled by just using your mind. The device is hooked up to the nerves in your arm and can be controlled solely through thoughts.


Where was the oldest art in the world discovered?

The oldest art in the world was discovered in Indonesia. The art was created 40,000 years ago in a cave in Sulawesi, Indonesia, proving to be older than paintings found in caves in Europe.


What was discovered to be in dinosaurs that links them to birds?

The discovery of amino acid in dinosaurs is linked to the birds we know today. The amino acids were found in dinosaur bones and link to chickens.


What was discovered in 2015 that was the first of its kind to be discovered in 30 years?

The discovery was of the antibiotic called, Teixobactin. Teixobactin can treat infections such as tuberculosis, and was discovered after 30 years without the discovery of new antibiotics.


What is WISE J224607.57-052635.0 that was discovered in space in 2015?

WISE J224607.57-052635.0 is the brightest galaxy in the universe. Scientists discovered it in 2015. The galaxy is believed to be so bright because of a black hole.


What was found on Saturn's moon in 2010?

Ice volcanoes were discovered on Saturn's moon in 2010. The moon is called Titan, and instead of spewing lava, the volcanoes spew ice.


What was discovered in Ireland, and is the oldest of its kind?

The oldest living animal was discovered in Ireland. It was a clam that was killed by scientists. They had to kill it to determine its age. It turned out to be 405 years old.


From where were some of the X chromosomes in humans found to have originated?

Some of the X chromosomes that are found in humans were found to have originated from Neanderthals. This happened during the time when humans and Neanderthals interbred.


Whose remains were discovered in a parking lot and were identified by tracking living descendants?

The remains were those of Richard III. The King's body was found buried under a parking lot, and after tracking his living descendants, it was considered the oldest DNA identification in history.


What particle that is very important in our universe was discovered to possibly be able to end our universe?

The discovery is called the Higgs Boson, or the God Particle! Stephen Hawking predicts that this particle could be the end of the world and our universe.


With what is a mutation of the CHD8 gene discovered to be linked?

The mutation of the CHD8 gene has been discovered to be linked with Autism. People who have this gene have a higher chance of having Autism.


Which dinosaur was discovered to be the largest in history?

The Titanosuar was discovered to be the largest dinosaur. The Titanosaur was discovered in Argentina and weighed about 77 tonnes (Approximately 169,800 pounds).


What was discovered in the constellation of Hydrus?

A nine-planet solar system was discovered in the constellation of Hydrus. Nine planets are thought to be orbiting around a star similar to our Sun.


What vaccine was found to cure blood cancer in people?

The measles vaccine was found to cure blood cancer in humans. A large dose was injected into a woman with blood cancer, and she became completely cancer-free.


What was discovered in the teeth of ancient Mayans?

Gems were discovered in the teeth of ancient Mayans. The early dentists of this time knew a lot about teeth and would embed gems in them as decoration, rather than to represent social class.


What did scientists discover that baby mice inherited from their mothers and other family members?

Scientists discovered that baby mice can inherit their mother's, or another family member's memories. When coming in contact with something that their mother or other family member associated with fear, the mice reacted the same way.


What was found to exist around a star floating in space?

Scientists discovered that molecules of carbohydrates were floating around a star in space. It is important because it supports the possibility of other life in the universe!


Fossils of which animal were found in Colombia, making it the largest of its kind?

The fossils of a snake were found in Colombia, indicating that it is the largest snake ever to have lived. It was 42 feet long and lived in the rainforest about 60 million years ago.


What did scientists discover aboard an old shipwreck in 2009?

In 2009, scientists discovered Blackbeard's sword aboard an old shipwreck. The sword was found in pieces. Gold was also found near it.


What was discovered in Ethiopia that scientists named "Ardi"?

The oldest skeleton of a human ancestor was discovered in Ethiopia. Ardi is thought to have lived around 4.4 million years ago, which outdates the skeleton of Lucy.


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