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In 1986, John Hughes created one of the most quoted films of all time! Take this quiz to see how well you remember these great lines from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

This is the most famous quote from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." Ferris Bueller was portrayed by actor Matthew Broderick.


"Bueller?... Bueller?... Bueller?"

Ferris' economics teacher was portrayed by actor Ben Stein. This phrase is used colloquially, as if to gain someone's attention.


"The question isn't 'What are we going to do.' The question is '_____________?'"

This line was made famous by Ferris Bueller. He says it when trying to convince Cameron to join him on a skip day from school.


"Ferris Bueller, you're my hero."

Cameron's last name in the film is Frye. He is portrayed by actor Alan Ruck.


"Ferris Bueller's on line 2."

Grace is Ed Rooney's assistant. She is portrayed by actress Edie McClurg.


"You're ____________? The Sausage King of Chicago?"

The Maitre D' at Chez Quis says this to Ferris, who tries to gain a lunch reservation at this fine dining establishment.


"When Cameron was in Egypt's land... let my Cameron go!"

Cameron sang this line while laying in bed sick. Ferris managed to get him out of bed for a fun day.


"Where's your brain?"

Ferris asks Cameron this question repeatedly. When Cameron responds with another question, Ferris says, "I asked you first."


"Why'd you kick me?"

Ferris and Cameron were fighting over Cameron's phone conversation with Ed Rooney. Cameron was pretending to be Sloane's dad and said a few things of which Ferris didn't approve.


Picking up Sloane outside of school and disguised in a trench coat and hat, Ferris says to her, "Do you have a kiss for ________?"

Ferris, pretending to be Sloane's father picking her up from school, gives Sloan a passionate kiss - making family relations look a bit peculiar to Ed Rooney who is watching from afar!


"I wanna see this dead grandmother firsthand."

Ed says this to Cameron, who is on the phone pretending to be Sloan's father. Ed thinks he's talking to Ferris Bueller, until Grace says that he's on line 2!


"You wear too much eye makeup."

The 'bad boy' in the police station is flirting with Jeannie who is intrigued. He is portrayed by actor Charlie Sheen.


"You fellas have nothing to worry about. I'm a professional."

One of the two garage attendants is portrayed by actor Richard Edson.


Jeannie, thinking to herself, "Maybe Ferris isn't such a bad guy. After all, I got a car, he got a _________. But still, why should he get to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants?"

Jeannie Bueller is portrayed by actress Jennifer Grey. She is fed up with her brother's antics.


"He'll keep calling me, he'll keep calling me till I come over, he'll make me feel guilty, this uh, this is ridiculous, OK I'll go, I'll go, I'll go, I'll go with, I'll go."

Cameron is sitting in his car deciding if he should go out with Ferris. He wants to, but he doesn't feel well. He follows this line with a few punches to the steering wheel, followed by a loud yell.


"If you say Ferris Bueller, you lose a testicle."

Jennifer Grey was born on March 26, 1960 in New York City. She is well known for her role opposite Patrick Swayze in "Dirty Dancing."


"So THAT's how it is in their family..."

Ed Rooney says this line as he watches Sloane kiss 'her father' when she gets picked up from school. It was really Ferris!


"Gummy bear? It's been in my pocket; they're real warm and soft."

As Ed rides the bus back to school, he is offered a warm gummy bear straight out of a girl's pocket. This girl was portrayed by actress Polly Noonan.


Worried about leaving his Dad's car at the garage, Cameron says, "It could get wrecked, ________, scratched, breathed on wrong..."

Cameron is beyond scared about taking his Dad's car out for the day. Ferris and his worry-free attitude deeply concern Cameron!


"Pucker up, buttercup!"

Ed believes he is on the phone with Ferris, pretending to be Sloane's father. Prior to saying this line, he says, "If you don't like my policies, you can come on down here and smooch my big ole' white butt."


Does anyone know what Vice President Bush called this in 1980? Anyone? Something-d-o-o economics. "__________" economics.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off was directed by John Hughes. It made more than $70 million at the box office.


"What country do you think this is?"

Ferris says to the garage attendant, "Hi. Do you speak English?" and this line was his response.


Guilting Cameron into coming over, Ferris says, "If you're not over here in __________ minutes, you can find a new best friend."

"Ferris Bueller's Day Off" premiered on June 11, 1986. It was made on a $5.8 million budget.


"Ferris, my father loves this car more than ______."

Cameron tries to convince Ferris not to take his dad's car out. Despite his best efforts, Cameron fails.


"You make me get out of bed, you make me come over here. You make me make a phony phone call to Edward Rooney?"

Cameron yells at Ferris for everything that has gone wrong. All he wanted to do was stay in bed because he was actually sick, unlike Ferris!


When asked by the guy at the police station what her name is, Jeanie replies, "It's Jean, but most guys call me ________."

Jeannie and the 'bad boy' at the police station are flirting back and forth with each other. By the time her mom comes to pick her up, they are kissing in the waiting area.


"You realize if we played by the rules, right now we'd be in gym?"

The story of Ferris Bueller was written by John Hughes. Hughes was also a producer, alongside Tom Jacobson.


"I don't remember him being sick ______ times."

Ed Rooney calls Ferris' mother alerting her to his absence. He informs her that he is at risk of not completing school, given the number of absences he's had!


"Well, I believe that it's personal and it's none of your business, young lady."

Jeannie goes to the principal's office to seek out Mr. Rooney. When Grace replies that he is not there, Jeannie pushes further, asking where he is.


"Sooner or later, everybody goes to the _______."

This line belongs to Sloane Peterson. She is portrayed by actress Mia Sara.


"Hey batta batta batta hey batta batta batta SWING batta!"

One of the many activities of the day for Cameron, Ferris and Sloane was attending a major league baseball game.


"The city looks so peaceful from up here."

Sloane, Ferris and Cameron make their way to the top of the Sears Tower, where she recites this line.


"I heard that you were feeling ill. Headache, fever, and a chill..."

This nurse was sent to Ferris' house. She was portrayed by actress Stephanie Blake.


"Four thousand restaurants in the downtown area, I pick the one my ________ goes to."

Ferris uses the menu to hide his face. Mr. Bueller is portrayed by actor Lyman Ward.


"You're still here? It's over!"

This is the famous last line from the film. After the credits roll, Ferris comes back on the screen and recites this line.


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