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Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart together in one romantic comedy -- what could be better than that? The 1940 classic film "The Philadelphia Story" features three iconic actors and a fun plot with a few twists and turns. Do you remember the details?

When Tracy Lord tosses her husband, Dexter Haven, out of their house, which of his possessions does she damage?

The film's opening scene shows wealthy socialite Tracy Lord kicking her husband to the curb after a short, volatile marriage. As he leaves, she takes a club from his golf bag and breaks it over her knee. That's harsh.


What is the current relationship between Tracy's parents, Seth and Margaret Lord?

Seth and Margaret are currently living apart, mostly because he has been having an affair with a dancer. Tracy is angry with her father and has not invited him to her impending wedding.


How does Tracy's younger sister, Dinah, amuse herself?

As she inserts herself into the conversations of the adults around her, Dinah plays with a yoyo. It gives her something to do while she listens to the family drama surrounding Tracy's wedding.


What is the name of the magazine Mike Connor and Liz Imbrie work for?

Mike and Liz are employed by Spy magazine, edited by Sidney Kidd. Neither is especially happy with their jobs, but it's a living.


How does Tracy feel about publicity about herself and her wealthy, prominent family?

Tracy is used to being in the spotlight because of her family's wealth and social position. That doesn't mean she likes it though, especially when it involves her upcoming wedding.


How good are George Kittredge's horseback riding skills?

Although the Lord family's estate includes a large stable area, George has not yet mastered the art of horsemanship. When he and Tracy go riding, he can barely get onto the horse's back, much less direct the animal.


What is Liz's job at the magazine?

Liz is a photographer, although it isn't her first choice of a profession. She is assigned to team with Mike, a writer, on the story of Tracy's wedding.


From where has Dexter just returned?

Tracy's ex-husband has recently returned from Buenos Aires, where he has been working for the magazine and spending time with Tracy's brother, Junius, who is a diplomat there.


Where did Tracy and Dexter spend their honeymoon?

Tracy and Dexter's marriage started out well enough. They honeymooned on a sailboat he designed. The name, appropriately enough, was True Love.


What is Mike Connor's actual first name?

Mike is not crazy about his given name, Macauley. He prefers to go by Mike, so of course Tracy taunts him by calling him Macauley.


What is Dexter's nickname for Tracy?

Despite having been divorced for two years, Dexter still calls his ex by a pet name -- Red, in tribute to her red hair.


What is the primary reason Tracy divorced Dexter?

Tracy was not a fan of Dexter's heavy drinking and he makes no pretense of denying that it was a problem. He even says that as their relationship deteriorated, he drank even more, thus causing a vicious cycle.


When he brings them to the Lords' home, how does Dexter introduce Mike and Liz?

Not wanting to let anyone know they are here to cover the wedding for Spy, Dexter introduces the pair as friends of Junius. Since the Lords' son is safely tucked away in Argentina, there seems to be little chance their cover will be blown.


How does Dexter convince Tracy to let the magazine cover her wedding?

Dexter knows that Tracy wants to protect her family's reputation even though she is furious with her father. By threatening to print a story about her father's affair with a dancer, he forces her to accept the publicity she does not want.


What is George's job?

George is not from a wealthy family like Tracy is. He started as a miner and now manages a coal company, which makes Tracy proud of his accomplishments.


What does Dinah do in an attempt to shock Mike and Liz shortly after their arrival?

After Tracy and Dinah learn who Mike and Liz really are, they decide to tease them a bit. Dinah entertains them by playing the piano and singing a rather suggestive song that seems inappropriate for her age.


As they are talking with Tracy, what is Mike surprised to discover about Liz?

Mike and Liz are dating, but apparently they don't know each other very well. When Tracy asks if she has been married before, he is surprised when she reveals that, in fact, she is divorced.


Why is Uncle Willie so surprised when he arrives at the Lords' house?

The affable Uncle Willie arrives at the Lords' house to find some confusion. Because Tracy does not want Mike and Liz to learn that her father has not been invited to the wedding, she tells them Uncle Willie is her father, Seth, much to his shock.


Why does Tracy turn over a table of drinks?

Although she has agreed to accept the publicity, Tracy still is not happy about it, especially now that she has created confusion about who is who in her family. When she knocks over a table of drinks and glassware, Liz's camera pops open and her film is ruined. Oops!


Why does Tracy go to the public library?

As she becomes more interested in Mike, Tracy learns that he has written a book of short stories. She quietly sneaks off to the library, where she finds a copy and is impressed with his work.


What career would Liz prefer to have?

Both Mike and Liz have other ambitions beyond their current jobs, but they work at Spy because they need to earn a living. Mike reveals to Tracy that Liz would love to be a painter and is quite talented.


What does Tracy offer Mike in order to further his career as a fiction writer?

Tracy knows that Mike can't quit his job to write full time because he needs the money, so she makes him an offer. She owns a small house and he can live there free of charge. He refuses, however, because he says the days of writers and artists having patrons who support them is over.


Why is Dexter surprised that Mike doesn't drink much?

Dexter, who is no stranger to alcohol, assumes that all writers fall under the category of heavy drinkers bordering on alcoholics. He's surprised when Mike reveals that he drinks very little.


What happened the first time Tracy got drunk on champagne?

Dexter reminds Tracy that during their marriage, she got drunk for the first time and climbed onto the roof naked to see the moon. She has no recollection of the event.


What is the reason Tracy gives for wanting to marry George?

Tracy is tough on everyone, but she is particularly hard on her first husband. She admits that she is attracted to George because he seems to be the opposite of Dexter.


What is Dexter's main criticism of Tracy?

Tracy is a strong personality and Dexter has no problem with that. However, he tells Tracy that she can't accept faults or failings in anyone, making it very difficult to be in a relationship with her because no one is perfect.


What is Dexter's wedding gift for Tracy?

Dexter is a sailboat designer and among his creations is the True Love, the boat on which he and Tracy spent their honeymoon. As a reminder, he gives her a model of the boat.


What does Tracy tell George she wants most in the world?

Tracy pushes people away with her expectations of perfection, and perhaps she realizes this to some extent. In a moment of self-reflection, she tells George that all she really wants is for someone to truly love her.


Why does Tracy's father say that men have affairs?

Tracy is angry with her father because of his affair, but he explains it quite matter-of-factly. He tells her that men cheat because it helps them feel young, and Tracy's mother seems perfectly OK with that.


What does Mike take from Uncle Willie's party?

Although he has already had plenty of alcohol, enough is never quite enough. Mike leaves the party with a bottle of champagne and a glass, and he heads straight to Dexter's house.


Arriving at his house in the middle of the night, what does Mike tell Dexter?

Mike reveals to Dexter that Sidney Kidd, Spy's editor, has a few skeletons in his closet. Together they plot to force Kidd to drop his blackmail threat against Tracy's family.


Where do Mike and Tracy share their first kiss?

After drinking far too much champagne, Mike and Tracy confess their attraction for each other while talking next to her swimming pool. After kissing, they go for a middle-of-the-night swim, leading to further complications.


Why did Tracy and Dexter not have a proper wedding?

Tracy and Dexter had planned an elaborate wedding, but the event never occurred. Instead, they eloped to Maryland, leaving the guests wondering.


What does George's letter to Tracy say?

After falsely believing that Tracy slept with Mike, George sends her a letter on the day of the wedding. He tells her that unless she can offer him a satisfactory explanation about the previous night's events, he is calling off the wedding.


What does Mike offer to do to help Tracy save face?

As Tracy, Mike, Dexter and Liz stand outside the venue, Tracy wonders what to do now that George has called off the wedding at the last minute. Mike offers to save the day by marrying her himself, but she turns him down and marries Dexter instead.


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