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Whether you grew up as a competitive athlete or simply love watching sports on TV, you likely experienced or have seen a sports injury. Of course, different sports are prone to different injuries? Some injuries are actually so popular in certain sports that the names have become synonymous - tennis elbow anyone? 

How well do you know your bruises, bumps, tears, strains and breaks and the sports which cause them? Could you figure out one of the most common injuries in soccer or football? Do you know which injury lands the flying feat of skateboarders in the hospital most often? Do you know the difference between an ACL and an MCL, or how either will land you on a stretcher or which sport you are most likely to experience either? Do you know which sport will commonly dole out muscle contusions, broken teeth and concussions? From concussions to broken bones and groin pulls, these are the injuries that will make you cringe, squirm and feel rather nauseous

This is a quiz for those who can't get enough of rewinding your DVR to see that big punch tackle or fall. So, take this quiz to see if you can figure out which injury relates to which sport!

Also known as a hamstring strain, this can happen when going from zero to top speed in a short time with not enough stretching. Make sure to stretch well and warm-up before doing strenuous exercise to prevent a pulled hammy!

Broken arms are not only painful, but also can be very inconvenient since we use our arms and hands to do most daily tasks. On the positive side, you can get your cast signed by all your friends!

Suffering from a concussion is possibly one of the most traumatic injuries, because it has potential to cause mild to severe brain damage. If someone falls or gets a blow to the head, check for symptoms of a concussion immediately. Symptoms include: dilated pupils, dizziness, unconsciousness, trouble speaking and/or confusion.

Tennis elbow is common to, of course, tennis players. A symptom of tennis elbow is a pain on the outside of the elbow, because the tissue is irritated. This injury is also called lateral epicondylitis.

Did you know there are four bones in the leg? When you break one, it fractures into multiple pieces. Ouch!

What's a hip flexor? They are the muscles toward the front of the hip. Who suffers from this injury? Soccer players, from kicking balls.

What does ACL stand for? Anterior cruciate ligament; it is one of the ligaments in the knee. This injury can ail runners, soccer players, football players and other athletes.

If you experience a quick, sharp pain in the groin, you probably have a pulled groin. Hockey players, skiers and jumpers are likely to get a pulled groin.

Golf elbow is similar to tennis elbow, except that it affects the inside of the elbow rather than the outside. Medial epicondylitis is the medical term for this injury common in golf.

Most runners experience shin splints at some point in their running career (hopefully not for all of it). Shin splints are a pain that spreads over the entire shin, and usually comes from overuse, or running on hard surfaces such as concrete too much.

What is Patellofemoral syndrome? It is a pain that some athletes get that affects the anterior of the knee, specifically the cartilage under the kneecap. It's also known as runner's knee, making it a common injury in any running sport.

How does one get rid of the pesky and painful tendinitis? First of all, stop using whichever body part it is affecting. Then, ice and use anti-inflammatories. Remember to be patient, as this can take four to six weeks to heal.

This is a common reason for shoulder pain, and is common in swimming. Swimmers who compete in a lot of fly stroke are very prone to this injury.

The ulnar collateral ligament, or the UCL, is in the elbow. This injury pains athletes who repeatedly throw things, like baseball pitchers. It is an injury that develops over time, rather than from a traumatic one-time event.

This nasty injury affects basketball players, and football players, as it is a knee injury. It comes when they knee undergoes a lot of quick stop and go movements, or is put under intense force, such as with ice skating.

Even if you hate the cold, always ice this injury! Applying heat will not help the swelling. Sprained ankles are common even outside sports, and can happen when slipping on a wet surface or from losing balance while running.

The medial collateral ligament, or MCL, is the in the inner part of the knee. This ligament can be sprained, or worse, it can be torn. If it is a higher level tear, crutches and lack of using the affected leg may be necessary.

Not another knee injury! Knee cartilage tear can be treated by not using the affected leg, icing, compressing, and doing light stretches or physical therapy.

This can be a potentially nasty looking injury, as it sometimes is marked by swelling and discoloration of the skin. Contusions happen when a body part makes extremely intense contact with a hard surface. This is common in basketball and hockey, if a player falls on the hard floor or against a wall.

This injury is common to hockey and football players especially, as it comes from hard contact. X-rays will most likely be needed to find exactly what bone was separated. Be ready to pay that doctor's bill!

Just when you thought the shoulder injury list couldn't get any longer ... there's shoulder tendinitis! The tissues, or tendons, swell in the shoulder when an athlete has this injury. This is hurtful because the tendons connect the muscles and bones. They work best at one size, not swollen!

No, this injury was not named after the Greek hero of the Trojan War. It is named for the foot, and is common in running sports.

If falling on a hard surface, it is optimal to have your arms out and hit your hands rather than your head. However, this still can cause injuries such as wrist sprains, if the hand is twisted the wrong way, or if the impact is high. Still, save your head!

A dislocated anything is simply painful and feels gross to the poor victim. What to do for this injury? Put the arm in a sling, and do not use the arm. Rest, rest, rest!

Neck sprains are common in contact sports, such as football. Although usually not as traumatic as a concussion, neck sprains are very uncomfortable and can turn a great tackle into a nasty rest of the game.

Black eyes are named for the color the skin around the eye turns when it is hit. Don't worry though, there will most likely also be a pretty shade of purple! Black eyes are common in boxing and hockey; ice immediately if you get one of these!

Hockey players, boxers and wrestlers are known for getting broken teeth. All that physical contact and blows to the head, how could their teeth stay straight for long?

It is somewhat common for basketball players to get a sprained finger when catching a ball with a finger bent the wrong way, or when fighting for the ball and coming into contact with other players hands.

Have you ever wondered what the difference was between a strain and sprain? A strain is when the muscle or tendon stretches, and a sprain happens when a ligament tears or stretches.

Want to sound knowledgable in the medical field? Call this injury by its medical name, Spondylolysis. This is an overuse injury, meaning it occurs after long and repeated stress. It is common in growing kids; just tell them they are having a growth spurt!

Slipped disks happen when one takes a hard fall to the back or neck, or can happen over time if that part of the body is weak. This injury is also known as a herniated disk and prolapsed disk.

Patellar tendinitis is the medical name for this injury. It affects track and field athletes who compete in jumping events, and is caused by repetitive pressure put on the knee over a period of time.

Like other types of tendinitis, the injury occurs when tendons swell. Specifically, the swelling happens in the tendons that connect the bone and muscle in the wrist.

Carpal tunnel is a painful, disheartening injury that causes numbness and weakness in the hands. Why does this happen? The median nerve in the wrist gets too much pressure; be easy on those hands!

Turf burn in a common injury in soccer, and happens when a player slides or rubs their skin on the turf. This is not like a chemical burn, but rather more like skin grafts. Wearing protective clothing will help prevent this.

Non-athletes can get neck spasms, too, from stress! This injury involves muscles that get hard in the neck, which causes a lot of pain. So be nice to your neck: stand up straight, stretch regularly, or even get a massage!

Ouch! This injury truly burns. How do bikers ease the pain? They apply a triple antibiotic ointment to the wound, and protect it with gauze, tape or a large bandaid. This injury is almost inevitable for road cyclists.

Unfortunately, a pinched nerve can occur anywhere in the body. Sometimes a slipped disk will pinch the nerve, making pain shoot down the body to the legs, or making the legs go numb.

Do you remember the rotator cuff tear? Shoulder bursitis often teams up with rotator cuff tear to cause the victim extra misery. To put an end to this misery, stop using the affected shoulder, wear a sling, and eventually lightly exercise the shoulder to regain strength.

This injury is common in dancing, since the art involves much time on feet that do not get substantial support from shoes. It is determined by a pain in the heel; one treatment is to simply put your feet up!

This is the same injury as a broken wrist. It is common in gymnastics and skiing, since so much pressure and weight is put on the wrists, sometimes for prolonged periods or suddenly.

For being so flexible and fibrous, cartilage can get damaged fairly easily! This injury is marked by joint pain, swelling around the joints and joint stiffness.

A spinal fracture is a nasty injury to have that can take a lot of recovery time. It can even produce long-term damage that can not be fully recovered. It is common in football because of the hard contact, and outside of sports, occurs frequently in car accidents.

If this injury is caught and dealt with right away, it can take just four to six weeks to heal. If it persists or is not treated, it can be a perpetual pain in the foot! This injury is noted by a pain and inflammation in the heel.

Hip pain is often experienced by football players, due to the aggressive physical contact and hits they give and take. Hip pain may be an injury that comes and goes in waves; its severity depending on how much the hip is being used.

If you guessed that skiing is where this injury is most common; you're right! Skiers thumb makes up almost 10% of all skiing injuries. It can happen from falling on the thumb, or from other skiing accidents.

This injury affects swimmers, especially those who do the fly stroke. Its medical name is impingement syndrome, and happens when the tendon rubs on the shoulder blade on a consistent basis over a period of time.

Despite its name, this injury is not at all appetizing. Cauliflower ear affects wrestlers, and causes a deformity in the ear that incurred trauma. Don't worry, this is only an outer deformity and won't change the ability to hear.

Bumps and bruises are common for anyone and usually will be fine untreated. But what about a scrape? If the scrape draws blood, it needs to be cleaned immediately to prevent infection.

Ouch! We've all bit our tongue, but have you ever bit it hard enough to cut it? This is a common wrestling injury. If the bite draws blood, rinse with salt water and suck on some ice cubes.

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