Do You Know the Major Differences Between the Five Military Branches?

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The military is extremely important to not only the United States but also the rest of the world. They are the protectors of the nation and the people you call on in times of need. When disaster strikes, they're always there. Can you name each branch of the military?

Do you know which branches use planes to accomplish their missions? What about the branch that works closest to home? Maybe you can even name the branch that works on the water? Make sure you know the functions, the equipment and the missions that each branch deals with to ace this quiz!

Do you know how each of the branches work together? Can you name the people who are guarded by the Marines? Do you know what the Army and the Air Force have that the other branches don't? Make sure that you know the ins and outs of the five military branches!

The military branches have changed over the years, but they will always be very important to the United States. They have their differences but they all have one thing in common – they are made up of many courageous and brave individuals. So, if you think you can name all of the differences between the military branches, take the quiz to see your score!

Which branch of the military handles aircraft carriers?

The Navy handles aircraft carriers that can quickly get a certain number of planes to an area of conflict. This is enough at first, but later the Air Force must step in to hold down the area.

Which branch is part of the Department of Homeland Security?

The Coast Guard branch is part of the Department of Homeland Security. This branch is mostly found guarding the borders of the United States, but they will also help out the other branches in a crisis.

Which of the following activities does the Air Force participate in?

The Air Force deals with any space-related matters. It has a special section called the "Air Force Space Command" that conducts missions and launches satellites.

What is the largest branch of the military?

The Army is by far the largest branch in the military with over 400,000 active duty officers in the army. The Navy is the second largest branch.

Which branch deals with submarine ballistics?

The Navy deals with submarine ballistics. The submarines in use by the Navy have the capability to launch these missiles long distances, even to other continents.

Is it true or false that the Army works with equipment such as tanks?

This is true. The Army works with all kinds of equipment from tanks and helicopters to complete its missions. The military also uses guns and many different types of tech to get their jobs done.

Aside from the Navy's main water activities, where else does it have a presence?

Aside from its regular water-based operations, the Navy has a presence in the air as well. However, its presence is different than that of the Air Force. The Navy can deploy aircraft quickly, but the Air Force is needed to support this.

Which of the following do the Marines not have?

The Marines don't have a medical corps, so they rely on the Navy for this. This section of the Navy includes many specialized physicians to best treat the needs of those in the military.

The Navy and Coast Guard branches have the shortest what?

The Navy and Coast Guard branches have the shortest training periods. These branches only have 8-week training compared to the other branches, which have longer training periods.

Which branch of the military is the smallest?

The Coast Guard branch is the smallest of all of the branches. There are less than 50,000 people employed under this branch, which is far from even the next largest branch, the Air Force.

Is it true or false that the Coast Guard deals with search and rescue missions?

This is true. The Coast Guard would be the first branch to be called into a search and rescue. Sometimes, they would also be assisted by the Navy, if needed.

Which branch deals with military activities on land?

The Army deals with military activities on land. This is mainly where its operations take place, although a few other branches do take on limited operations on land as well.

The Navy would be the best choice for someone who wants to what?

The Navy is the best branch to join for anyone who wants to see the world and travel. The other branches don't travel as heavily as the Navy does. But be prepared to travel by sea!

Is it true or false that the Marines pay more than the Navy?

This is false. Every branch in the military goes by pay grades that depend on the level of responsibility you have. This makes the pay equal across each of the branches.

The toughest branch in the military is?

The Marines are known to be the toughest in the military. They go through the longest and most intense training out of all of the military branches.

Illegal immigration would be dealt with by whom?

The Coast Guard deals with illegal immigration. Other parts of its job include drug-related matters and environmental matters and it's also available to escort the Navy when needed.

The Air Force is the best branch to join if you have skills in what?

The Air Force is the best branch to join if you have skills in technology. It controls the computers and programs used to fight wars and complete missions.

Is it true or false that the Coast Guard branch deals with nuclear missiles?

This is false. The Coast Guard branch is not equipped for this, so it would be the job of the Air Force and the Navy, which have the equipment and means to launch these weapons.

How does the Air Force support the Army?

The Air Force supports the Army through its activities above. Did you know? Before the creation of the Air Force, the Army supported itself by air; only instead of planes, it used balloons.

Where would you find the Navy?

The Navy deals with operations on oceans and other bodies of water. Did you know? The Navy has its own body of water – only it's indoors!

The Army has the most what?

The Army has the most female officers out of all of the military branches. There are over 70,000 women out of the hundreds of thousands of people enlisted in this branch.

The Marines are a division of which branch?

The Marines are under the Department of the Navy. The two branches are always working together and helping one another out when needed.

Is it true or false that the Army will engage in humanitarian work when needed?

This is true. The Army plays a big role in humanitarian work and will often be deployed to help out when disaster strikes. It provides whatever it can to help out the masses who have been affected by a disaster.

Which branch typically stays close to home?

The Coast Guard branch is found along the borders of the country, only leaving when needed somewhere else. It patrols and keeps watch over the borders to defend them.

The Marines have the longest what?

The Marines have the longest training period of all of the branches. Recruits go through a 12-week training known to be the toughest in all of the military.

A section of the Marines has the job of guarding who?

A section of the Marines has the job of protecting the president of the United States. These Marines will also guard other important figures in government or their workplaces.

Which branch is responsible for the transportation of Marines?

Since Marines are a department of the Navy, the Navy takes some responsibility for them. Marines are transported by the ships owned by the Navy.

Which branch moves quickest when faced with conflict?

The Marines move quickest when faced with conflict. They are trained to be ready for anything and they are usually the first people to hit the ground running.

Is it true or false that the Navy would fly an F-22 Raptor?

This is false. The Navy has a small supply of planes compared to the Air Force, which would be the branch to fly this vehicle. The Navy uses planes such as the E-2C Hawkeye.

Which branch does a little of everything?

You'll find the Marines in combat, in flight and even helping out the Navy. This branch is tough as nails and its members are always able to help in a pinch.

The Army and Air Force are the only branches to have what?

The Army and the Air Force are the only two branches that have National Guard positions. The people in these positions don't work solely in the military and hold regular jobs, but they can be called on in times of need.

Marine training focuses most on what?

Marine training puts its focus on marksmanship. It's important for Marines to be excellent shots and good in combat because this is their primary job.

Is it true or false that the Coast Guard works with computer-based matters?

This is false. This is the job of the Air Force, which deals with anything cyber-related. The Air Force has specialists who play an important role in times of war and during any type of mission through their work in computers.

The Air Force provides what when disaster strikes?

When disaster strikes, the Air Force is the branch that provides medical care for anyone affected. It quickly flies in doctors and surgeons who are part of the force to the affected area.

The Navy is often assisted by who?

The Coast Guard will support the Navy and vice versa. As the Coast Guard branch often works with drugs or search and rescue, it will assist the Navy when it encounters these issues.

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