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Weddings have been around for centuries, and styles have changed and evolved throughout the years. Do you think you know the history of wedding dresses? Take the quiz to find out!

After the Middle Ages, what did wedding dresses represent?

After the Middle Ages, wedding dresses represented a family's social status and wealth. The more extravagant the dress, the higher the social status of the bride and her family.


Which Queen popularized white wedding gowns?

Queen Victoria popularized the white wedding gown when she was married in one. White gowns were commonly found among royalty and rich families to show their wealth.


Along with the color, what else represented the wealth of the bride and her family?

The amount of material also represented the wealth of the bride and her family. The more material there was, the wealthier the bride and her family were.


What did brides during the Great Depression typically wear on their wedding day?

Brides during the Great Depression typically wore their best dress on their wedding day. The color mattered less ​since times were hard and money was an issue


Why do Native American brides wear colors other than white?

Since white symbolizes death in Native American culture, brides wear brighter colors and patterns on their wedding day. Dresses are often passed down in families as well.


Which color was associated with the Virgin Mary?

Blue was associated with the Virgin Mary, making it a popular color back in the day. Brides wore darker colors to hide any stains on the dress.


In the 1900s, what feature of the wedding dress changed?

In the 1900's. accentuating the bride's figure became more of a trend. Previously, a bride's dress didn't hug her body and was a little less fitted.


In medieval royal weddings, what was often found sewn into the dresses?

Jewels were commonly found sewn into royal wedding gowns in medieval times. Dresses in this time period were made of the most material possible to show the family and their country's wealth.


What trend from royal brides from the past is still commonly seen today?

Long trains were common in the past and were another feature that demonstrated the wealth of the bride and her family.


What fabric is commonly used in the gowns of Indian brides?

Sari is a common fabric used in the gowns of Indian brides. Sari is a silk-like fabric, and although today brides can wear any color, they most commonly wear red.


During World War II, what did many women wear on their wedding day instead of a wedding dress?

During World War II, many women wore their service uniform on their wedding day. Times were tough during this period, and many women even made their own dresses.


What color gown was once considered an unlucky color in which to be married?

Green was once considered an unlucky color in which to be married in. Some people still abide by this superstition.


In modern times, what does a white dress typically symbolize?

A white dress typically symbolizes purity and virginity. Color matters less today than in previous years, and most brides can wear whatever color they choose.


Who was the first documented princess to wear white on her wedding day?

The first documented princess to wear white on her wedding day was Philippa of England. She married Eric of Pomerania and became the Queen of Norway, Sweden, ​and Denmark.


What bride wore a calf-length wedding dress in the 1950's?

Audrey Hepburn wore a calf-length wedding dress to her wedding. This was a popular trend in the 1950's as wedding dresses evolved.


Which bride designed her own wedding dress?

Priscilla Presley designed her own wedding dress. She was 21 when she married Elvis Presley and her dress was white with beads around the neckline and sleeves.


In what country do brides traditionally wear a kimono?

In Japan, brides traditionally wear kimonos on their wedding day. And the kimonos are usually rented, not bought.


Whose dress had over 10,000 pearls sewn into it?

Queen Elizabeth II wore this dress when she married Prince Phillip at Buckingham Palace. In addition to the pearls, the dress also featured a 15-foot long train.


Which magazine pegged white as the perfect color for a wedding dress?

Godey's Lady Book stated that white was the perfect color for a wedding dress. This was another factor in the popularization of white wedding dresses.


A poem published in the Farmer's Almanac in the 1800's had this to say about being married in blue.

In the 1800's, The Farmer's Almanac published a poem that claimed, "Married in Blue, you will always be true." The poem went through the different colors, and what the outcome of being married in each of these colors would bring.


Who wore a green dress to her fourth wedding?

Elizabeth Taylor wore a green dress when she married Eddie Foster, even though green is considered an unlucky color.


When Queen Victoria was married, what color dress symbolized purity?

When Queen Victoria was married, blue was the color of purity rather than white. During that time, blue was a popular color for many brides.


What color are most Egyptian wedding dresses?

Most Egyptian wedding dresses are gold. It is also common for the dress to have decorative elements, many of which can be found around the neckline.


Which poem talked about a woman who grew out of her wedding dress?

"The Fifteen Joys of Marriage" was written in medieval times and spoke about a woman's struggles with not fitting into her wedding dress anymore. Women in this time period typically only had one good dress to wear to events.


Which country had clothing laws during the Renaissance period?

The laws in Italy allowed women only one chance to wear pearls in their lifetime, which was on their wedding day.


Brides of which country traditionally wear red on their wedding day?

Brides in China traditionally wear red on their wedding day. Red symbolizes luck. Black and white traditionally symbolize death in China.


What wedding dress trend was popular in the 1920s?

In the 1920s, short gowns that went to about knee length were very popular. The gowns were also very loose fitting, and quite simple.


What color gown was popular in the 1700s?

Wearing a yellow gown was popular in the 1700s. Surprisingly, before it became trendy, it was a color that was frowned upon when worn in a church setting.


Whose dress had a horseshoe on the back?

The horseshoe was sewn into the back of Princess Diana's dress to bring her good luck.


What did wedding guests in the Middle Ages do to a bride's gown after the wedding?

In the Middle Ages, guests would try to take something from the bride's gown after the wedding. Whatever they took became a keepsake.


Which of the following was a popular wedding dress style in the 1980s?

Oversized sleeves were very poplar in the 1980's. Princess Diana's wedding dress had a huge impact on the popularization of this trend.


Which decade was known for ballerina-length dresses?

The 50s were known for ballerina-length dresses. A few more trends were common in this decade, such as wearing gloves and lots of lace.


In the Elizabethan Era, what material was common for the royal bride's dresses to be made out of?

It was very common for royal brides to have wedding dresses made out of satin during the Elizabethan Era. Women who were not of royal descent typically could not afford to wear dresses made of the same material.


In the Middle Ages, which of the following colors was popular to use in the embroidery of a dress?

Gold was a popular color to use in the embroidery of the dress. Silver was also common. In this time period, many of the dresses were made of silk.


Which bride wore an unconventional outfit to her wedding?

When Yoko married John Lennon, she wore a white hat, shirt, skirt, socks, and shoes. John matched with a white coat and shirt.


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