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Although the 50 U.S. states are just parts of one larger country, they can be compared with other countries in interesting ways. Take this quiz to check your knowledge of geography, culture and more!

Eastern U.S. states are closest in size to which of these?

Eastern U.S. states are smaller than western U.S. states, Canadian provinces and most Asian countries. They're most comparable in size to European countries.


Ukraine, the second-largest country in Europe, is about the same size as which U.S. state?

Texas is the second-largest U.S. state, and Ukraine is the second-largest European country. Texas is 801 miles at its longest, and Ukraine is 818 miles at its longest.


Uruguay is about the same size as which states?

The Oriental Republic of Uruguay, which borders Argentina and Brazil in South America, has 68,037 square miles. Missouri has 69,704 square miles, and Oklahoma, 69,960.


As of the early 2010s, California's GDP ranks between which two countries?

California's economy ranks between Italy and Brazil. That's pretty impressive, considering that California is only a small part of the U.S.


Which of these countries is smaller than Rhode Island?

Although Rhode Island is the smallest U.S. state, at a mere 4,002 square miles, all three of these countries are smaller. So are many more, including Andorra, Singapore, Bermuda, Luxembourg, Kiribati, Macau, Palau, Bahrain and Grenada.


South Africa is about the same size as which U.S. state?

Alaska is about the same size as South Africa. Other countries in the same size range include Mexico, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia and Greenland.


What do Hawaii and Indonesia have in common?

Indonesia is the world's largest island nation, both by size and population. It is located in Southeast Asia.


Kyrgyzstan and Senegal are about the same size as which state, that contains Mount Rushmore?

South Dakota boasts the coyote as its state animal and the honey bee as its state insect. Top crops include sunflowers, soybeans and corn.


What do Washington State and Ethiopia have in common?

Washington State has a number of volcanoes, including Mount St. Helens, Mount Baker and Mount Rainier. Ethiopia has dozens of volcanoes, including Erta Ale, which features a boiling lava lake.


Connecticut is about the same size as which country?

Connecticut is about the same size as the island nation of Jamaica. Of course, their climates are not quite the same.


Which country is about the same size as Louisiana?

Louisiana and Greece are both famous for great food. Try Louisiana for crawfish gumbo and beignets, or Greece for moussaka and baklava.


Which country is about the same size as Massachusetts?

Haiti, which borders the Dominican Republic, is about the same size as Massachusetts. Haiti became the world's first independent Caribbean state in the early 19th century.


Wyoming and Colorado share their rectangular shape with which country?

No countries are rectangular - sorry, geometry fans! Four U.S. states come together at Four Corners: Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.


What do Brazil and Rhode Island have in common?

Italy has a higher percentage of Catholics than any other country, at 97%. Rhode Island has a higher percentage of Catholics than any other U.S. state, at 54%.


What do Massachusetts and Liechtenstein have in common?

Massachusetts, North Carolina and South Carolina all have thirteen letters. Liechtenstein, Khmer Republic and Virgin Islands all have thirteen letters, as well. Only Massachusetts and Liechtenstein are single words, though.


Louisiana and Romania honor which bird as their official symbol?

Louisiana's state bird is the Eastern Brown Pelican. Romania's official bird is the Great White Pelican. Saint Kitts and Nevis displays the Brown Pelican.


What do Libya and Rhode Island have in common?

Both have incredibly long official names - the longest for a country and the longest for a state! Libya's official name is Al Jumahiriyah al Arabiyah al Libiyah ash Shabiyah al Ishtirakiyah al Uzma. Little Rhode Island is officially known as Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.


Which country is about the same size as New Mexico?

Finland is about as big as New Mexico. Same goes for Republic of the Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, Malaysia, Norway, Oman, Poland and Vietnam.


Which country and U.S. state have cities called Cairo?

Everyone's heard of Cairo, the capital of Egypt, right? But Cairo is also the southernmost city in Illinois. There's also a Cairo, Georgia. Pronunciations vary - follow the locals.


What do Montana and Kazakhstan have in common?

Montana is the largest landlocked U.S. state, bordered by the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan and by the U.S. states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Idaho. Kazakhstan is the largest landlocked country, bordered by Russia, China, Kyrgystan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.


The cities of Milan in New York, Tennessee, Illinois and Washington share their name with a famous fashion capital in what country?

Milan, Italy, is famous for its fashion. It is also home to La Scala, the world-renowned opera house.


Which are the poorest country and U.S. state, per capita?

The Central African Republic is the poorest country, per capita, followed by Congo and Malawi. Mississippi is the poorest U.S. state, per capita, with West Virginia and Arkansas close behind. These are statistics we should all work to change.


New York State and the United Arab Emirates can boast what feature, in the U.S. and world, respectively?

One World Trade Center in New York, completed in 2014, is the tallest building in the U.S., at 1,776 feet. Burj Khalifa in Dubai, U.A.E., completed in 2010, is the tallest in the world, at 2,717 feet.


Germany, Japan and Zimbabwe are about the same size as what "Big Sky Country" state?

Montana, of course, is "Big Sky Country." It's the land of mountain ranges, prairies and badlands.


China is about the same size as which U.S. state?

This was a trick question: China is roughly the same size as the entire United States. Ditto for Australia, Brazil and Canada.


Which is larger: the number of U.S. states or the number of countries?

The number of countries varies, depending on what criteria are used. 192 countries are recognized by the United Nations, but there are additional territories under other countries' jurisdiction, independent areas and uninhabited islands to consider. No matter what, the number of countries is much larger than the number of U.S. states, at 50.


The United Kingdom is about the same size as which U.S. state, famous for its cars?

Michigan is about the same size as the U.K. Michigan has a history with Ford, GM and Chrysler, while the U.K. is known for Aston Martin and Jaguar.


The city of Versailles can be found not only in Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio and Pennsylvania, but also in what country?

Next time you travel to Versailles, France, be sure to visit the Palace of Versailles, including the elaborate Gardens of Versailles and the Hall of Mirrors. In the U.S. cities, check with the local chamber of commerce.


Which U.S. state and country have the tallest waterfalls?

Pu'uka'oku Falls in Hawaii is considered to be the tallest waterfall in the U.S., with a drop of 2,756 feet, but some argue that Hawaii's Olo'upena Falls is taller. Angel Falls in Venezuela is the tallest in the world, with a drop of 3,230 feet.


Regarding countries and states, what do "rain" and "hating snow" have in common?

"Rain" is an anagram for Iran. "Hating snow" is an anagram for Washington. Get it?


Which South American country is about the same size as Idaho?

Guyana is the only South American option here. The others are in Asia, although Cyprus has strong European ties.


Which cheesy state is about the same size as Suriname and Tunisia?

Wisconsin is the cheesy state, of course, famous for its cheddar. Suriname and Tunisia are not known for their cheese, despite their similar size.


What do Alaska and New Zealand have in common?

If you have a true fear of venomous snakes, consider Alaska or New Zealand. Other options include Hawaii and Iceland.


Which country shares the city name of Vienna with Illinois and South Dakota?

Austria is home to the city of Vienna. Don't miss the Hofburg Imperial Palace and the Lipizzaner stallions.


What sporting history do Missouri and Greece share?

Greece is the original home of the Olympics, and the country hosted modern games in 2004. St. Louis, Missouri, hosted both the Olympics and the World's Fair back in 1904.


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