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You might know how many legs humans have, or how many dogs have, or maybe even how many eels have. But do you know how many legs crabs have? Or jackals? Test your knowledge here!

How many legs does a butterfly have?

Butterflies have six legs. They also have four wings, with scales on each wing.

How many legs does a kangaroo have?

Officially, kangaroos have two legs and a tail. However, new research suggests that the tail functions as a third leg. But since this has not been thoroughly confirmed, the count remains at two.

How many legs does an octopus have?

Most people think that octopi have eight legs since they have eight tentacles, but this is not true. Six of the tentacles function as arms, and two function as legs. Therefore, an octopus has six arms, two legs, and most bizarre, three hearts.

How many legs does a cat have?

Cats typically have four legs. They also typically have 18 toes, five on each front paw and four on each back paw.

How many legs does a snake have?

Snakes have no legs. However, basal snakes such as boas and pythons, have evolutionary remnants of the legs their ancestors once had. This is similar to how humans have tailbones but no tail.

How many legs does an eel have?

Eels have no legs or limbs of any kind. Essentially, their dorsal and anal fins fused together with the caudal fin, which turns into the long fin that runs along the length of the eel's body.

How many legs does an ostrich have?

Ostriches have two long legs, which are excellent for both running and kicking (when threatened). Their legs can only kick in a forward direction.

How many legs does an ibex have?

An ibex is a type of goat. There are five distinct types of ibex, namely Siberian, Spanish, Walia, Alpine, and Nubian.

How many legs does a mouse have?

Mice typically have four legs. They can rear up onto their two hind legs, but they need all four to walk.

How many legs does a crocodile have?

Crocodiles have four legs. They hold their legs in different positions to achieve different walking speeds.

How many legs does a jackal have?

Jackals, a cousin of wolves and dogs, have four legs. Their leg bones are fused together in order to increase their speed when running long distances.

How many legs does a wallaby have?

Wallabies are a cousin of the kangaroo. They have two legs, which are used for jumping and kicking attackers.

How many legs does a lion have?

Lions have four legs. They are a sister species to both the jaguar and the leopard, but not the tiger.

How many legs does a crab have?

Crabs have 10 legs. Some species of crab use their furthest back pair of legs as paddles to help them swim.

How many legs does a green basilisk have?

Most people first learned the word "basilisk" from Harry Potter, where it described a giant snake with no legs. However, the green basilisk, also called the plumed basilisk, is not a snake, it is a lizard with four legs.

How many legs does a rabbit have?

Technically, rabbits have four legs, two rear and two fore. They typically move using their rear legs, but the front limbs are still considered legs.

How many legs does a human have?

Obviously, there are some exceptions to this, but typically humans have two legs. This is called bipedalism.

How many legs does a peafowl have?

Peafowl (the gender-neutral term for peahens and peacocks) have two legs. Peacocks have spurs on their legs, known as thorns, which are used as weapons when fighting for dominance and territory.

How many legs does an antelope have?

Antelope have four legs, but they can move on two, if necessary. Two-legged movement is typically used to rear up to reach high leaves for food.

How many legs does a gecko have?

Despite a certain British spokesgecko's apparent ability to walk around upright on two legs, geckos have four legs and need all of them to walk. Turns out, they also can't legally sell car insurance either.

How many legs does a seal have?

It may appear that some types of seals (specifically fur seals) have two legs, but this isn't entirely true. Scientifically, all members of the pinniped group have only fins, (pinna meaning fin and pedi meaning foot). They may appear to use their fins as legs when on land, but science still declares them to be fins, not legs.

How many legs does an owl have?

Owls, like all birds, have two legs. While all owls have talons on their feet, the characteristics of those talons vary by species of owl.

How many legs does a warthog have?

As anyone who has seen "The Lion King" can fondly recall, warthogs like Pumbaa have four legs. The film does not specify whether Pumbaa is a desert or common warthog.

How many legs does a lobster have?

Lobsters have ten legs, all of which are necessary to move around. The front three pairs of legs all have claws, and the very front pair is significantly larger than the other four pairs.

How many legs does a bear have?

Bears have four legs. While they do occasionally walk around on two legs, this is fairly rare and four legs is the most typical position for them.

How many legs does a mongoose have?

Mongooses have four legs. They belong to the suborder Feliformia, meaning their bodies are very cat-like.

How many legs does a penguin have?

Penguins have two legs. They are one of the few types of birds who are unable to fly, but they are very good at swimming.

How many legs does a fox have?

Foxes have four legs, the characteristics of which vary by species or subspecies. Currently, there are twelve species considered to be "true foxes" and another 25 species that are similar enough to be considered fox-like. To this day, no one knows what any members of these fox species say.

How many legs does a frog have?

Frogs have four legs, all of which are incredibly strong. The muscles of all four legs combined account for approximately 17 percent of a frog's entire mass.

How many legs does a dog have?

While there are obviously exceptions, most dogs have four legs. Certain breeds are known to be predisposed to luxating patella, more commonly called trick knee, where their kneecaps (yes, dogs have kneecaps) frequently dislocate.

How many legs does an armadillo have?

Armadillos have four legs, which are quite short. Despite their tiny limbs, armadillos move quite quickly, both on land and in water.

How many legs does a scorpion have?

Scorpions have eight legs, similar to spiders. This is because they are both arachnids. It's important to note that the pincers near a scorpion's head are not legs.

How many legs does a chimpanzee have?

Chimps technically only have two legs. They are often seen moving on four limbs, using the knuckles of their arms to help them move, but it is not necessary for movement.

How many legs does a giraffe have?

Giraffes have four legs. Unlike most four-legged animals that can move with various gaits, giraffes can only move by walking or galloping.

How many legs does a starfish have?

For most of history, people thought starfish had 5 legs. However, it was eventually discovered that all the limbs of starfish function as arms and they have no legs.

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