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Test your knowledge on the HBO comedy series!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus stars as Vice President Selina Meyer in Veep, but she is probably best known for her role in what sitcom?

In the infamous "show about nothing," Dreyfus played Elaine, a character who was added only after the pilot episode.


What former New York Times and current New York Magazine writer serves as co-executive producer of the show?

Rich started his career as a theater critic, but started a regular op-ed column at Times in 1994.


Which character is the much hated liaison to the White House?

Jonah is portrayed by Timothy Simons, who -- unlike most of the cast -- has acted primarily in dramatic roles prior to Veep.


Tony Hale -- well-known for his portrayal of Buster on the cult-hit Arrested Development -- plays what character in Veep?

Hale has also acted in films such as Stranger Than Fiction, The Kings of Summer, and American Ultra.


What is Gary Walsh's job in the veep's office?

Despite the fact that the veep frequently demeans him, Gary is unfailingly loyal, almost to the point of subservience.


In the episode "Frozen Yoghurt," there is an argument over which type of yogurt Selina should order. What does she ultimately get?

By the time she arrives, all flavors besides vanilla are gone, and Selina has come down with the flu.


One of Selina's chief political rivals is this Governor of Minnesota, who frequently exploits his military record?

Every time Governor Chung appears on television, he always finds a way to mention his military service, no matter how unrelated it is to the topic.


What kind of program does the Veep's office promote and ultimately back away from in season one?

They abandon the program because it becomes a political lodestone for Selina.


Ohio Congressman Rob Furlong is portrayed by what former Daily Show correspondent?

Bakkedahl has also appeared in comedy shows such as Flight of the Conchords, The Office, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.


What item does Mike spend most of the second season trying to sell?

In the first episode of the second season, we learn that Mike has gone substantially into debt and must sell the boat to cut his losses.


Selina's daughter Catherine writes a college essay that strains relations with what country?

The essay was a review of a Palestinian film and refers to "brutal, illegal Israeli aggression."


In the second season, the administration must deal with a hostage situation in what foreign country?

Selina plays a major role in resolving the crisis, but doesn't get credit because she was photographed looking at her phone when the rescue occurs.


Former Secretary of Defense George Maddux is portrayed by Isiah Whitlock, Jr. who formerly played Senator Clay Davis on what acclaimed HBO crime drama?

The character of Senator Davis is notoriously corrupt and famous for his catchphrase of "Sheeeeeeeit!"


What Scandinavian country does Selina visit on a trade mission?

Selina's visit to Helsinki is marked by controversy because of a satirical song about foreign countries that she sang at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.


White House political strategist Kent Davison is played by Gary Cole, who is famous for playing what soul-killing boss in Office Space?

The film introduced the world to flare, the importance of red Swingline staplers, and the joy of destroying a copy machine. Yeah, that'd be great...


At what inopportune location does Selina conduct a budget negotiation with the House Majority Leader?

Selina's need for quiet during the negotiation kills the mood and ends the party early.


What is the name of Selina's ex-husband?

Andrew is portrayed by David Pasquesi, who has acted in other comedy series such as Undeclared and Curb Your Enthusiasm.


White House Chief of Staff Ben Cafferty is obsessed with what personal possession?

Ben often seems willing to accept losing his job -- but not losing that thermos.


As rumors swirl about Selina running for president, with which of these people does Dan attempt to get a job?

While meeting with Chung, Dan runs into Amy, making them both privy to the other's betrayal.


What kind of business does Gary want to go into with his girlfriend when he quits his job with the Veep?

Selina successfully compels Gary to return to work as her bag man, precipitating a breakup between Gary and his girlfriend Dana.


What is the name of Jonah's secret blog that causes him to be fired from his job in the administration?

Jonah posted information to the blog that only a White House staffer could know, so he was fired immediately once they discovered his identity.


What is the name of the website Jonah launches after being fired?

Jonah uses the site to blast anyone he feels wronged him during his time in the White House, which is basically everyone.


In what crucial primary season state does Selina visit on her book tour at the beginning of the third season?

The Iowa caucuses have kicked off the presidential primary season since 1972.


What hot button political issue does the POTUS change his stance on, forcing Selina to craft a public response?

As the VEEP teams determines how they should respond, they met with leaders on both sides of the issue, leading to a run in between a pro-choice activist and a Catholic bishop.


What Law and Order: Special Victims Unit star plays Selina's personal trainer (and sexual interest) Ray?

Meloni has also appeared in comedies such as Wet Hot American Summer and Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.


What is the name of the Veep's no-nonsense secretary?

Actress Sufe Bradshaw says that she bases the character of Sue on a employee at the DMV.


What former Major League Baseball coach runs against Selina in the primaries?

Thornhill seems to only be capable of speaking about politics through sports analogies.


Who manages Thornhill's campaign?

Ericsson is portrayed by Diedrich Bader, well known for his roles in The Drew Carey Show and Office Space.


Veep was developed from a BBC show first broadcast in 2005. What was the name of that show?

The Thick of It followed a fictional department within the British government and used the same cinema-verite style as Veep.


When Selina visits Britain, what British drinking phrase does she misinterpret, much to the amusement of the press?

Selina believes they are saying "Daniwah" and continues to repeat it. This causes Amy to remark that the press was laughing at Selina, "like a toddler that they taught to swear."


Which Selina staffer's bizarre beliefs are exposed by Jonah?

Jonah finds Ray's old blog, which contains such tidbits as "Obesity is a punishment for sins committed in a previous life."


After POTUS resigns and Selina assumes the office, she must retake the oath because which character fell into a lamp, causing her to miss the word "preserve"?

Matt Walsh, who plays Mike, has received a Primetime Emmy nomination for the role.


What comedian plays Teddy Sykes, the Chief of Staff to Vice President Doyle, in season four?

Oswalt has also played small roles in comedy series like Parks and Recreation, The Simpsons, and Bob's Burgers.


Who wins the New Hampshire primary?

In real life, the winner of the New Hampshire primary has gone on to win their party's nomination nearly 70 percent of the time since 1976.


To what country does Selina travel to free journalist Leon West?

Leon is known as the "Beltway Butcher" for his tough questions, and he is particularly hard on Mike.


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