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How much do you remember about this iconic movie? Strut your disco stuff, revisit the 1970s, and take this quiz to find out how much you know about Saturday Night Fever.

What is the name of John Travolta's character in Saturday Night Fever?

John Travolta played Tony Manero in the disco dance flick, Saturday Night Fever. In 2008, a movie titled Tony Manero was released; the film followed a middle-aged man in his journey to become a real-life Tony Manero. Every weekend, the main character, Raul Peralta, goes to a bar to dance to the hits from Saturday Night Fever. When he hears about a contest for the best imitation of Tony Manero, he begins to transform his life to meet this goal.


What is the color of the iconic suit that John Travolta wears in the dance competition?

John Travolta’s white suit from Saturday Night Fever has become an iconic look. The suit can be seen on the Saturday Night Fever movie poster, as well as in the famous dance competition scene in the movie. Every year for Halloween, many costume stores continue to sell a look-alike suit or portray the disco era with this memorable look.


Why was Tony upset after winning the dance competition?

Although Tony and his partner performed well in the competition and even shared a kiss, they were clearly not as good as one of the other couples. Both Tony and his partner acknowledged that the other couples were also very good. When the awards were announced, with Tony taking first place, he became upset because he knew he was unfairly granted the first place trophy and prize money because he was dancing in his “home court.” Everyone there, including the judges, knew him very well because he was a regular at that particular club. Tony wanted to win fair and square, so he ended up giving his trophy and prize money to the couple he felt should have won.


What was Tony's job?

Tony works at a paint shop during the day and is seen carrying a paint can in the opening sequence of the movie. The audience gathers that the paint shop he works at doesn’t have the particular type of paint the customer has asked for, since Tony had to go get it from another store. The following scene features a cameo by one of John Travolta’s relatives.


How did Bobby commit suicide?

During one of their regular jaunts to the bridge to goof off, Bobby jumped off the bridge and committed suicide. Though he was a bit hysterical and lost his balance, the audience is led to believe he meant to jump. Typically, Bobby would stay in the vehicle while the others performed dangerous feats. This time, however, was tragically different.


Which real-life family member of John Travolta was in a paint store scene in the film?

John Travolta’s real mother was featured early in the film, in the paint shop where Tony Manero works. She plays a disgruntled customer who had to wait a long time for her paint, so Tony gives her a special discount, much to the boss’s chagrin. John also had several other relatives in the movie for a family affair.


What was the name of the gang that Tony fought against?

One of Tony’s friends was attacked and blamed it on the Barracudas. He ended up in the hospital, and Tony and his friends decided to attack the Barracuda hangout. They crashed through a garage door and got into a brawl with the Barracudas, resulting in a cut and bruised Tony when it came time for the dance competition.


What occupation was Tony's brother leaving?

Tony's brother was a priest and a source of pride and joy for his family. When Tony's brother comes home to visit, his family is overjoyed. However, things soon take a turn as he announces that he is leaving the priesthood. Suddenly, he is right back on Tony's level in his family's eyes.


What body part gets hit at the dinner table earlier in the film?

"Would ya just watch the hair. Ya know, I work on my hair a long time and you hit it. He hits my hair." This quote was improvised by John Travolta, but it's one of the most memorable quotes from Saturday Night Fever. His volatile family was smacking each other around the dinner table, and Tony's hair got hit in the process.


Which character does Tony discard as a dance partner in favor of Stephanie?

Annette spends most of the film pining away after Tony, and she is especially hurt when he drops her as a dance partner, rather discourteously, in favor of Stephanie. She even tries showing Tony that she has taken precautions and obtained protection to try to get him to sleep with her, but he still remains enamored with Stephanie. Annette eventually becomes more and more desperate.


What area of New York does Tony live in?

Tony Manero and his family live in Brooklyn. Before going out to Manhattan for the evening with his friends, Tony's father insists that he have dinner with his family. Often, Tony would be at the dinner table with a large napkin serving as a bib, to prevent any scrumptious Italian food from getting on his perfect disco-ready outfit. Brooklyn is one of New York City's five boroughs, on the western end of Long Island. Many of the filming locations were also in Brooklyn.


What was the Bee Gees song that Tony and Stephanie danced to in the competition?

Tony and Stephanie dance to "More Than a Woman" by the Bee Gees during the dance competition. This song was written for the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack and was a staple in the group's concerts. The song did well, both nationally and internationally on the music charts, and many bands have covered it over the years.


What Bee Gees hit is playing in the opening sequence of the film?

One of the Bee Gees' most memorable hits is Stayin' Alive, and it plays in the opening strut sequence of Tony walking down the street in New York. The name of the song is also the title of the sequel to Saturday Night Fever, in which Tony moves to Manhattan and becomes a professional dancer. The song has now become synonymous with the idea of strutting and looking "cool."


What is the name of Tony's brother?

Frank is the name of Tony's brother in Saturday Night Fever. Unlike Tony, he is not necessarily the greatest dancer; rather, he joined the priesthood. He returns home to inform his family that he is leaving the priesthood, crushing the hopes of his family. Bobby tries to appeal to Father Frank, regarding the situation involving his pregnant girlfriend, but he is not able to get the answer he is looking for.


What famous '70s actress did Tony have a poster of on his wall?

In 1976, Farrah Fawcett wore a red swimsuit for a photo shoot that resulted in a poster on the walls of millions, as she was catapulted to sex symbol status. Manero has a poster of Fawcett on his bedroom wall, and it can be seen in shots where he is doing his hair and getting dressed. Fawcett died in 2009, at the age of 62.


Which Italian staple is featured as the meal in the first dinner scene in the movie?

Tony's father asks Tony to come have dinner with the family before going out for the night. He tells Tony that, "your mother's spaghetti sauce don't drip. It don't taste and it don't drip." Tony lives with his parents, grandma, and sister in a typical Italian household with extended family.


Why did Bobby commit suicide?

Bobby gets his girlfriend pregnant and doesn't know what to do. He tries to talk to all his friends about it, and he even asks Father Frank if he could get a dispensation from the pope for an abortion. Father Frank doesn't think that would be possible, and Bobby continues to become more and more distressed.


Stephanie was living with another man. What did she say he did to her?

Stephanie is living with a guy, and this bothers Tony. He confronts her about it, and she says that this guy helped her get through some things. The movie never quite defines exactly what he helped her with, but it appears that Stephanie views him as more of a father figure.


In what year did Saturday Night Fever debut?

Saturday Night Fever debuted in 1977 to huge commercial success and helped disco music to become even more popular. Other things that happened in 1977 include Elvis Presley's death, the launch of NASA's Voyager 1, and the 25-hour New York City blackout.


What singing group was heavily featured on the movie's soundtrack?

The Bee Gees were a highly successful group of singing brothers, comprised of Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb. Their brother, Andy, was also a musician outside of the group. The group has sold over 200 million records across the globe and has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Some of their most memorable hits include "Stayin' Alive," "Jive Talkin'," and "More Than a Woman." As of 2016, Barry Gibb is the only surviving Gibb sibling.


What was Tony's primary nationality?

Tony Manero is an Italian-American man who lives with his family in Brooklyn, New York. Tony's family is typical of many Italian families in the area and is a fictional portrayal of the many Italian immigrants in America. Tony's family is shown bickering and arguing with each other, but it's clear a lot of love is there as well.


What was special about the dance floor at the nightclub?

The flashing colors of a dance floor are just one of the many iconic images from the disco era. Other iconic items include platform shoes, bell bottoms, and polyester clothing! Saturday Night Fever played a significant role in the popularization of these multi-colored lit dance floors, but they were in existence as early as the 1950s.


What Bee Gees song does Tony do a solo to at the nightclub?

One of John Travolta's most memorable scenes in Saturday Night Fever is his dance solo at the club. He was dancing with Annette, but when You Should Be Dancing comes on, Tony breaks away and begins to slay the dance floor. He strikes some classic disco poses and does some impressive work, jumping from his knees to his feet and back again, which is even more difficult to do in platform shoes!


What movie rating did the film originally receive?

The movie was originally released with an R rating, but then it was rereleased a year later with a PG rating. The PG-rated version was sold on VHS, but typically it is the R-rated version that you will see for sale in stores. Some scenes that were more sexual in nature, as well as scenes with strong language, were edited for the PG version.


Where did they practice for the competition?

To prepare for the competition, Tony and Stephanie practiced at a local dance studio. Phillips School of Dancing is the name of the real business where this movie was filmed, and the studio is actually still open after all these years. Several of the other filming locations in the movie are businesses that are also still operating.


Who is the actress that plays Stephanie?

Saturday Night Fever is Karen Lynn Gorney's biggest role to date, but she has continued to work beyond that film. Early in filming, some cast members felt that Gorney's dancing skills were not up to par with Travolta's. In time and with rehearsal, though, she contributed to some of the iconic dance scenes in this memorable movie.


What movie poster does Tony have on his bedroom wall?

Tony has a poster of Sylvester Stallone's boxing movie, Rocky, on his bedroom wall. Stallone actually directed the 1983 sequel to Saturday Night Fever, Staying Alive, and he was an icon himself, playing Rocky Balboa in his own popular movie franchise. Sylvester's brother, Frank, had music featured in a main scene of Staying Alive as well.


Why was John Travolta unhappy with how the studio planned to shoot his dancing solo?

John Travolta worked hard on his dance solo in Saturday Night Fever, and he was upset when he discovered the studio's plans to shoot the scene in close-up mode. The final product does still show some close-ups of John's face and torso, but most of it is a full-body view. It's a good thing they changed their minds because John's smooth moves became iconic, and that costume has been seen in Halloween stores ever since.


What is the name of Bobby's girlfriend?

Bobby's girlfriend's name is Pauline. We don't see her in the film, but Bobby talks about her to several of his friends and Father Frank. He is much bothered by the fact that she is pregnant, and he doesn't know what he should do about it. Unfortunately, none of his friends really listen to his concerns.


How many scenes involved a body double for John?

John Travolta had only one body double scene in Saturday Night Fever. Near the beginning of the film, Tony is seen walking down the street in New York. At one point, he checks out some shoes in a store window and lifts his foot while bouncing in a bit of a strut to compare his shoe with that in the window. This is the shot in which there was a body double, and rumor has it that Travolta was unhappy with the double's performance. It is said that he thought he would have been more sure-footed if he had done it.


Tony gets distracted by what when walking down the street?

Tony gets distracted while walking down the street by a pretty woman in a coral-colored dress. She doesn't pay any attention to him, but he makes the effort of running back to catch up with her as she passes him on the street. His boss probably doesn't appreciate his girl-watching antics, as they made him tardy for some customers at the paint shop.


Tony grabs what type of food in the beginning of the movie?

As Tony walks down the street, he grabs two slices of pizza from a grab 'n go business. The woman who hands him the pizza is actually John Travolta's real-life sister, Ann. The name of the pizza place is Lenny's Pizza, and fans have gone there for years to recreate the Saturday Night Fever experience. Ann Travolta doesn't have many film credits to her name, but she was also in Urban Cowboy, another of Travolta's films.


What is Tony carrying when he walks down the street, at the beginning of the movie?

Tony worked in a hardware-type store that sold paint, and he was sent to get some paint for a customer in the beginning of the movie. It's clear that Tony has no passion for his job, and he views the position as simply a paycheck and a way to get to the fun of dancing on the weekend at the club. However, he does desire a raise from his boss, despite his lack of speed in the opening scene.


What style of dance is featured in Saturday Night Fever?

Popularized in the 1970s, disco music was both fiercely loved and hated by different groups of people. Saturday Night Fever made disco music and the disco scene iconic, and it also showcased some of the popular fashions of the time. Notable disco artists included the Bee Gees, Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, and ABBA.


What is the name of the heavily-featured bridge in the movie?

Tony and his friends often engage in dangerous antics on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. In one scene where a character appears to fall off the bridge, Annette's apparent scream of horror is genuine. Donna Pescow, the actress who played Annette, didn't realize that there was a cushioned mat beneath the jump site. When the actor fell, she thought it was real. Her reaction after she realized he was okay is also part of the film.


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