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On his quest to help Cole Sear, a 9-year-old boy, Dr. Malcolm Crowe learns what it means to love, to accept, and to let go. Understanding the world sometimes means looking at it from a different perspective.

What is Malcolm Crowe's (played by Bruce Willis) profession?

He observes and analyzes Cole Sear, a 9-year-old who has trouble fitting in socially.


What do Malcolm and his wife discover in their bathroom?

A mentally unstable former patient sought out Malcolm to tell him, "You failed me."


What trauma did Vincent Gray, played by Donnie Wahlberg, have a tough time handling as a child?

Vincent tells Malcolm, "I want what you promised me." Crowe admits this was a case where he failed the patient.


What does Cole ask Malcolm when they are in the church?

Malcolm tells him, "I used to be."


Malcolm looks up the Latin phrase Cole said to him. What does it mean?

While in the church, Cole tells Dr. Crowe that one of his toy soldiers speaks Latin.


Which is NOT true of Cole?

Cole seems terrorized, but he doesn't reveal his secrets right away to Dr. Crowe.


What is one of Cole's pet peeves?

Cole is self-conscious and feels people are judging him and think he is a freak.


What magic trick does Malcolm teach Cole?

Cole tries this trick later at a party, while trying to make friends and fit in.


What video does Anna watch frequently?

Several times when Malcolm comes home, the video has been left on.


When the teacher asks what the school was once used for, what does Cole say?

Cole knows the history better than the teacher. The teacher disputes this.


What game do kids at a party want to play with Cole?

Cole is pushed into a small closet and locked in. His mother rescues him after hearing his screams.


What storytelling advice does Cole give Malcolm?

Malcolm tells Cole stories about himself, trying to put his life in terms a 9-year-old can understand.


What story does Cole ask Malcolm to tell?

Malcolm tells the story of his communication issues with his wife.


What is the secret Cole reveals to Malcolm?

Cole sees the ghosts of the deceased and they scare him. He says he sees them all the time.


What lines the inside of Cole's red tent in his bedroom?

Cole sees the ghosts and feels they have an evil presence that scares him.


What does Cole ask Malcolm about the school play?

Malcolm stands in the back to watch the play and offer his support.


What was the childhood nickname of Cole's teacher who calls him a freak?

The teacher draws attention to Cole and won't stop looking at him. Cole gets angry and shouts out the nickname, which humiliates the teacher.


Why does Cole go to the hospital?

Bullies at a party lock him in a small closet where he seems to have been attacked, based on the marks on his body.


What is one thing that occurs when the ghosts show up?

Cole comments on this a few times. Even Malcolm makes the comment when in his basement.


What missing item is Cole's mother upset about?

It belonged to Cole's grandmother. Cole insists that he did not take it.


What does Anna give a colleague for a birthday present?

Malcolm witnesses this and is angry. He throws a rock through the shop window where Anna works.


What does Dr. Crowe do over and over that helps him realize he can help Cole?

He realizes the ghosts are asking for help, not terrorizing Cole.


What does Malcolm suggest Cole do to make the ghosts go away?

Righting wrongs and clarifying messages for the living are ways Cole can help. He helps one girl's family understand how she died.


What does Cole give to the father of the dead girl after the funeral?

The tape shows the mother putting poison in the girl's food. It saves the younger daughter's life.


What role does Cole play in the school play?

He pulls the sword from the stone and is cheered by everyone and lifted on their shoulders as a hero.


Malcolm leans on Cole for therapy sometimes. How does Cole suggest Malcolm should talk to his wife?

This seems to work because Anna responds to him with her eyes shut. He tells her he loves her.


Malcolm tells Cole, "We can pretend______________________________."

Both seem to know that their time together is ending.


While stuck in traffic, Cole tells his mother,"__________________________________________."

He is ready to tell her he sees dead people. He tells her the accident victim who is tying up traffic died.


Malcolm tells his mom that her mother wanted her to know she _____________________________________________.

Cole's mother never knew her mother saw her dance. She starts to believe Cole's ability.


What question does Cole's mother ask at her mother's grave?

Cole tells her the answer, "Every day." Mother and son embrace in this moment.


When Malcolm returns home to find his wife asleep, what does he say to her?

He regrets his job consumed him. She had been watching the wedding video.


What question does Anna whisper in her sleep?

Anna misses Malcolm. Watching the wedding video brings her comfort.


What moment signals to Malcolm the truth about his situation?

He holds his hand up and sees his ringless finger. He knows he's dead.


According to Malcolm's wife, Anna, who or what does he sound like when he's drunk?

While they are celebrating an award he won, Malcolm comments, "I would not like it in a mug, I would not like it in a jug.


In what state does the story take place?

There are several references in the scenes from school. They are in Philadelphia.


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