Do you follow your mind, heart, instincts or fate?

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Whether we know it consciously or not, all of us decide how to live our lives because of one main core principle. What do you follow when you need to make a decision?

What do you do if someone cuts you off in traffic?

Do you believe in soulmates?

What do you do if a homeless person asks you for change?

How do you make a decision?

What do you if you are dumped by someone you love?

Why did you do so well in the basketball game?

Do you believe in aliens?

Where would you take a date?

Do you worry about death?

Do you ever feel guilty for things you have done?

What would make you visit a part of town you have never seen?

Which TV show speaks to you?

Who would you be in "No Country for Old Men"?

What would make you take a new job?

Would you leave someone that cheated on you?

Do you believe in energy work?

What type of book would you read?

What job would you be best at?

How much do you control your own destiny?

Do you like to gamble?

What do you do when a presidential candidate is elected that you don't like?

What word is a compliment to you?

Do you believe in Karma?

Does what we do affect future generations?

Are humans more important than other species?

Where would you be found on a Friday night?

Would you make a decision based on a dream?

Can other people make you feel a certain way?

You just got fired. What is the first thing that you do?

You are in Thailand for vacation. What would you most like to do?

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