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Are you a fan of the FX original series, American Horror Story? If you tune in every season to watch the new stories unfold, test your season 1 knowledge of AHS with this quiz!

What is the subtitle for the first season of "American Horror Story"?

Although the first season was originally titled "American Horror Story," they decided that they would subtitle it "Murder House" after the idea came about to change the location and premise every season.


What's the last name of the family who lives in the "Murder House"?

The first season of AHS follows the Harmon family as they move to Los Angeles to start a new life.


What city was the Harmon family moving from?

After Vivien has a miscarriage and Ben has an affair with one of his students, the family moves from Boston to Los Angeles.


What's the name of Ben and Vivien's daughter?

Ben and Vivien's daughter is Violet, who is played by actress Taissa Farmiga.


Ben Harmon has what job when they reach Los Angeles?

Although he was a professor back in Boston, Ben Harmon worked out of his LA home as a psychiatrist.


Which actor plays Tate, a friend of Violet's?

Evan Peters, one of the only actors to make an appearance in all season of AHS, makes his first appearance in the series as Tate Langdon.


Who is the Harmon's next door neighbor?

Constance Langdon lives next door to the Harmon's along with her daughter, Addie.


Whose child is Vivien pregnant with?

In the first episode of the series, we see Vivien have sex with a man dressed in a bondage suit after having sex with Ben. It is later revealed that she is pregnant with twins, one child being Ben's and the other belonging to the man in the bondage suit - Tate.


Who were Maria and Gladys?

In Episode 2, one of Ben's patients comes to re-enact the murder of Maria and Gladys, two nursing students who were murdered in the house when it use to be a dormitory.


Who kills Hayden, the student Ben had an affair with?

When Hayden appears at the Harmon house demanding to know why Ben has been ignoring her, Larry kills her with a shovel.


When Larry digs a hole in the backyard to bury Hayden's body, whose remains does he find?

When digging the hole to bury Hayden's body, Larry discovers the remains of Moira.


Who killed Moira and buried her body in the backyard?

Constance, who actually lived in the Murder House prior to the Harmons and Larry, shot Moira in the eye and buried her body in the backyard when she caught her husband attempting to rape her.


How many children did Constance have?

Although one of them remains unnamed throughout the whole season, Constance had 4 children, all of whom by the end of the season have died.


On what day does Constance's last child, Addie, die?

When Addie goes trick or treating on Halloween, she is fatally hit by a car. Constance tries to bring her body onto the Harmon's property in order to allow her to return as a ghost, but she doesn't make it in time.


How did Tate's character die in the show?

After Tate killed 15 students in a school shooting, he was killed by a SWAT team in the Murder House when he reached for his gun.


What's the name of the urban legend in Season 1 that will kill anyone who says a specific mantra in the mirror?

When Ben returns to the Murder House to see new patients, he gets a patient named Derek, who is afraid of urban legends, but more specifically the story of Piggy Man.


Which of the members of the Harmon family attempts suicide?

After Violet becomes overwhelmed with the truth of Tate being a ghost and the mysteries behind the Murder House, she attempts to overdose on pills but Tate 'seemingly' saves her.


When Vivien asks Constance about work, what does Constance tell her she does?

Although we don't see Constance actually running a doggie day care, her dogs have helped her hide some of her secret - like eating her late husbands remains after she murdered him.


What is the mascot of Westfield High, Tate's old high school?

In the Halloween episodes where Tate and Violet are haunted by the students he's killed, we learn that their school mascot was the Wolverines.


When Tate gives Violet a flower, what kind of flower is it?

When Tate becomes the first boy to ever give Violet a flower, he gives her a rose he painted black.


What organ does Moira tell Vivien is best eaten raw?

When Vivien is having symptoms of nausea from her pregnancy, Moira gives her raw pancreas to eat.


What did Addie want to dress up as for Halloween?

When it came time to go trick or treating, Addie told Constance that she wanted to be 'a pretty girl' for Halloween. Constance then put her in a nice dress and did her hair and makeup.


Who kills Ben Harmon?

Although Ben initially planned on taking his own life after the death of Vivien and Violet, they convince him to take the baby and leave. As he was trying to leave the house, Hayden and a group of ghosts hang him from a chandelier.


Who gave birth to the Anti-Christ?

Violet, who was pregnant with both Ben and ghost Tate's children, died in childbirth by giving birth to one stillborn child and the Anti-Christ, Tate's child.


Who does Tate tell Ben he fantasizes about killing?

After Constance schedules meetings for Tate with Ben, Tate reveals to him that he fantasizes about killing people he likes.


After she moved out initially, who does Constance move back into the Murder House with?

After Constance could see that Larry was enamored with her, she used this to her advantage so he could move her into the house with him.


Who said this memorable quote: "You're gonna die in there."

The first time we see Addie, she's warning some boys who enter the Murder House that they will die in there.


What is Constance stealing from the Murder House in the pilot episode?

When we are first introduced to Constance (played by Jessica Lange), she is stealing silverware from the Harmon's home.


Who killed Constance's son, Beauregard?

When Constance learned that her son Beau was going to be taken away, she asked Larry to kill him so that his ghost would remain in the house.


Who set Larry on fire?

When Tate finds out that Larry smothered Beau with a pillow, Tate takes revenge by setting him on fire.


What part of the house is Beau's ghost stuck in?

Since Constance use to neglect Beau and chain him in the attic, his ghost now haunts the room permanently.


Who's murder was framed to look like a murder suicide but actually wasn't?

Chad and Patrick, who lived in the house before the Harmons, were actually killed by Tate's ghost in 'the rubber man' suit.


Whose death was actually a murder suicide?

When the Montgomery's son was murdered and dismembered, Dr. Montgomery tried to put their son back together with animal parts. After seeing the monster he resurrected, Nora killed him before she shot herself.


Who gives Violet the sleeping pills that she ultimately overdoses on?

After Leah is attacked by the Infantata in the Harmon's basement, Violet and Leah, who are both frightened, later bond and become friends. Leah later gives the sleeping pills to Violet.


Which of these characters are still alive at the end of the first season?

Very few people are alive at the end of Season 1. Travis was killed by Hayden's ghost, Jeffrey Harmon was stillborn, and Dallas was killed by Maria and Gladys' ghosts after he tries to reenact their murders on the Harmons. Out of the main and supporting cast, Marcy alongside Larry and Constance in addition to a few smaller roles are the few to survive the season.


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