Do You Control Your Life, or Does Your Life Control You?

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Life can be confusing sometimes. Things happen and you just have to roll with it. Or do you? Are you actually in control of your life, or is your life running the show?

Were you really motivated academically in high school?

Do you have a lot of debt?

Would you freak out if you had a lot of debt?

Do you ever stay in a relationship after it gets boring?

What is your housing situation?

How often do you take time just for yourself?

How often do you feel people have done you wrong?

Do you often stay in personal or work situations that you aren't happy with?

Do you have a good plan for retirement?

How many relationships have you been in over the past few years?

How important to you is family?

Are we all one?

What is your most realistic vacation?

Do you feel comfortable alone?

How important is it for you to appear successful?

Do you feel that you only have one true love?

Would you do a job you hated for a lot of money?

If your car broke down, you had no money to fix it, and you worked two miles away, how would you get to work?

Do you have enough money to pay your bills with ease?

Do you worry about being able to buy expensive things?

How many times have you been engaged or married?

Do you have a dog?

How many times have you borrowed money in your life from a family member or a friend?

If you ever have borrowed money from a friend or family, how soon do you pay it back?

How often do you go out and party?

How often do you get promotions at work?

Are you in good shape?

How often do you eat fast food?

If you were to work for yourself, what would you do?

When you are in a relationship, do you ever worry about getting dumped?

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