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OK, let's be serious: How many of the acronyms from the opening above did you recognize? You've probably seen "FWIW" — For What It's Worth — but what about "AWHFY" — Are We Having Fun Yet?  What about "DW2H" — Don't Work Too Hard? Or, "YGLT" — You're Gonna Love This? 

There's a whole unique language that has developed alongside changes in technology. Pagers or beepers started it. We used to type "911" in a message if it was an emergency or "07734" to say "hello." (Trust us, turn your computer upside-down. It sort of resembles the word "hello.") When we graduated to smartphones and text messaging programs, we also found ourselves learning a whole new "language" of OMGs, LOLs and WTHs! Sometimes they're easy to figure out — think IDK or JK, but others can be a bit trickier (looking at you GFI — Go For It). 

So, if you've ever found yourself Googling, "What does LMBO mean?" then this is the quiz for you! We've compiled some common and lesser-known text abbreviations you might send or receive in a conversation. Can you get a majority correct? If so, MHOTY (My Hat's Off To You)! Get going — we'll TTYL!

LMK if you can guess the answer to this one. What does "LMK" mean?

A shorter way of asking someone to keep you in the loop or advise you about something you need an answer to, you might say "LMK" when asking a co-worker if they fancy a coffee on the way to work.


I wanted to tell him it wasn't an issue to pick up the files from his office. How could I abbreviate that in a text?

It's easy to tell someone that something's "no problem," by quickly typing out "NP" in a text message. It's pretty handy when you're pressed for time, say when you're sitting at a red light (although we would never do that).


If you've got to run for an appointment, you might text TTYL. What does "TTYL" mean?

TTYL! That's generally an acronym used to let the other person know that you're stepping away from the conversation or your phone to take care of matters at hand, such as getting back to work.


She texts me, "FWIW, I think you're right about the yellow." What does "FWIW" mean?

You might use "FWIW" in a conversation to deliver information that may or may not be useful to the recipient regarding a particular topic. We think the quizzes on this site are awesome, FWIW.


That joke was so funny, I was "ROFL." What was I doing?

OK, so you're probably not really "Rolling on the Floor Laughing," but sometimes a simple "LOL" just won't do. "ROFL" can convey to the recipient just how funny you thought what they said was.


You might text someone this if you think they missed out on something interesting. Which acronym is it?

Have you ever missed out on the good gossip or important details? Someone may have texted you "ICYMI," or In Case You Missed It, to be sure that you're in the loop on the latest info.


I really love my new foundation, but I told her YMMV. What does "YMMV" mean?

Telling someone "YMMV," or Your Mileage May Vary, is one way of letting them know that something that worked for you might generate different results for them. Another example, "I love my new tablet for working from home, but YMMV."


You might tell your significant other ILY when you're signing off on a text. What does "ILY" mean?

What better way to convey your true emotion than telling someone significant "ILY" over text? It might be quicker to abbreviate it, but we think anyone worth telling "ILY" deserves for it to be spelled out!


She texted me and said she'd be NLT midnight. What does "NLT" mean?

If you have a curfew or you're expected to be somewhere at a particular time, you might text and say you'll be NLT (or no later than) 11 p.m. This lets the other person know when to expect you.


BTW, you're a quarter of the way through this quiz. What does "BTW" mean?

You might add "BTW" to a text to call someone's attention to something particular, such as: "I'm headed to the store. BTW, do you want me to pick anything up for you?" "BTW" is a nice way to add an extra thought.


She signed her last text to him 143. What does "143" mean?

This one requires a little bit of math, with each number corresponding to the number of letters in the word: one letter = I, four letters = Love and three letters = You. Therefore, 143 means "I love you." Or you could, you know, just say the real thing.


She decided to go skydiving; after all, YOLO. What does "YOLO" mean?

A lot of people toss the acronym "YOLO" around to justify actions or behaviors they might not otherwise engage in. If "You Only Live Once," that means you need to take advantage of the opportunities you have.


If you wanted to have a private chat with someone online, which of these would you send?

A "DM," or Direct Message, is a way to communicate privately with someone on various social media channels. This type of conversation is only between two people and isn't seen by everyone on a newsfeed.


Explaining the reason behind why you did something might be simplified with which of these acronyms?

Why would you use B/C in a text? "Because" it's faster than typing out the entire word, perhaps? B/C can take the place of the word "because" to explain why you did what you did or said what you said ... not that we think you owe anyone an explanation.


She said they were still together, but I was able to RBTL. What does "RBTL" mean?

Reading between the lines means that you "hear" what someone is saying even though they haven't actually said it. You might tell a friend you were "RBTL" when a mutual friend made a vague post on social media.


She wanted to show she agreed with his opinion that the movie was terrible. What should she text him?

"FR" is so frequently used in conversations, you might even find yourself using it twice, as in "FRFR." "FR" stands for "For Real," used as an affirmation for something the other person has said. "Those tacos were bangin'." "FR!"


If you don't know the answer, which of these shortcuts will let the other person know?

"IDK," short for "I Don't Know," is a fast way to clarify for the person you're talking to whether you know the answer to their question or not. "What time is her flight supposed to land? "IDK, she didn't tell me."


OMG! Can you believe she did that? What does "OMG" mean in text talk?

A declaration like "OMG!" is typically used to convey shock or surprise, as in, "OMG! I can't believe you shaved your head!" For some, they prefer for the "G" to stand for "Gosh" instead of "God," which is perfectly OK by us.


She texted me to say the coffee shop forgot to put her whip on top. Which of these replies should I send?

Is lack of whip a real issue? (Don't answer that.) You might poke fun at someone who would complain about no whipped cream on their drink by responding "FWP," or First World Problems, which as it turns out, aren't really problems at all.


I stepped out of the office and texted the receptionist, BRB. What does "BRB" mean?

You might tell someone "BRB" if you're planning to return or if you've stepped away from your phone momentarily. It's just a courteous way to let people know you haven't disappeared off the face of the earth!


I wanted to know what time she would be at the office. Which of these acronyms could I use to determine that?

You can easily figure out when someone is due to arrive at a location by asking them, "What's your ETA?" "ETA" is short for "Estimated Time of Arrival," which you can use to approximate how much time you have to get it together.


She sent me a photo I could use and I told her TYVM. What does "TYVM" mean?

You might tell someone "TYVM" as an expression of appreciation for a job well done or in gratitude for something they did for you. It saves you a few extra clicks from having to type out, "Thank You Very Much."


Which of these acronyms would you use to send "hugs and kisses" to someone?

You don't have to be a prolific texter to know that "XO" or the more intense "XOXO" means that you're sending hugs and kisses to your recipient. People have been writing "XOXO" on greeting cards and letters passed in elementary school for years.


He asked me to bring him lunch but then said NVM. What does "NVM" mean?

A quick way to convey to someone that you've changed your mind on something is to text "NVM," short for Never Mind. Hopefully, they get the message and know what it means. (If not, you should point them to this quiz!)


I could only respond with "SMH" when he told me he'd broken up with yet another girlfriend. What does "SMH" mean?

"SMH" is typically reserved for conversations where you're taken aback by something someone has said or done. It's a text-oriented way of voicing your displeasure, even if you're doing it in jest.


If something strikes you as funny, you might use this acronym to let the sender know. What is it?

Are you really laughing out loud when you type "LOL"? Maybe you are, maybe you aren't — we'll never tell. But it is a commonly used text expression to convey to someone that you think something is pretty funny.


Which of these acronyms could you use to let someone know you're on the hunt for something?

"ISO" or "In Search Of," is an acronym to let others know that you're on the hunt for something in particular. "ISO" is used frequently on social media channels by online shoppers seeking out a particular product.


Are you enjoying this quiz as much as we are? OFC. What does "OFC" mean?

OFC you're enjoying this quiz, why wouldn't you be? Texting someone "OFC" takes the place of "Of course," when you're talking about something and need to deliver your confirmation or stamp of approval.


Were you enlightened by a text you received? You might respond with which of these acronyms?

Imagine that someone just told you a sure-fire way to win the lottery. You might respond, "OIC," short for "Oh, I see!" Or, you might respond "LOL" and go on about your business.


He asked me to consider his POV. What does "POV" mean?

Let's face it: We all have different points of view on a variety of topics from politics to fashion. When you text someone about your POV, you're sharing how you feel on a particular topic and asking them to consider an alternative line of thinking.


You've gone on vacation, but you're missing your friend. Which of these would you send to me?

"WYWH" — "Wish You Were Here!" That's a nice text-abbreviated way of telling someone you miss them, and you wish they were where you are. Or, maybe you're just rubbing it in? It's anybody's guess.


Everyone tried making plans, but nothing got confirmed. Which of these could you use to tell someone to text you later?

Want someone to text you later? It might be as simple as telling them, "HMU," or "Hit Me Up." It's a little less refined way of saying, "You could text me later and let me know." Hey, just HMU.


You've probably had a BFF since childhood. You may even text them to tell them they're your BFF. What does "BFF" mean?

Your BFF — Best Friend Forever — may be someone you've known a long time or a relatively new friend that you feel a particular affinity for. Either way, the person getting a BFF text is sure to feel the love!


"How are you?" "I'm fine ..." What's the next thing you might say in this conversation?

Along the lines of "HMU," "HBU" stands for, roughly, "How About You?" It's an acronym you'd use in response to someone asking how you are or what your plans are for the weekend. "I'm going to the beach ... HBU?"


She was telling me about the blister on her toe and I told her TMI. What does "TMI" mean?

Body matters, personal details, relationship issues ... sometimes it's just TMI! When someone tells you more than you really wanted to know about a situation, you might respond with "TMI!" to get them to back off.


I knew she agreed with me when she texted me these three letters. Which acronym is it?

Can you believe this quiz is almost over? IKR?! "IKR" is short for "I Know, Right?" This is typically said in response to something you wholeheartedly agree with or in an obvious confirmation of something that was said.


A friend and I were discussing vacation plans when she sent me OT and mentioned a book she'd been reading. What does "OT" mean?

Need a segue to change a conversation from one topic to another? Send your fellow texter the acronym "OT" to let them know you're taking the current line of discussion off-topic in another direction.


A healthy amount of skepticism might prompt you to text someone which of these acronyms?

Have you ever had someone tell you, "Don't believe everything you read?" That means to take everything with a grain of salt. You might need to text DBEYR to some of your social media-addicted friends.


IMO, you should take another quiz when you finish this one. What does "IMO" mean?

When you text someone, "IMO," you're prefacing your next statement with, "In My Opinion." The person you're talking to may not have even asked for your opinion, but hey, at least you're telling them it's your opinion upfront.


He told me he was quitting his job and then responded JK. What does "JK" mean?

Whether you were really joking or not, the easiest way to convey a joking-type comment using text is to let the recipient know you were JK — or just kidding. You might use this after a real joke or to soften the blow of something that isn't.


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