Do Men Find You a Challenge?

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You're a nice girl, or at least you think you are. Why can't the opposite sex see what you know is there? Have you ever thought maybe it's your personality? Time to find out!

Would you date a man whose name was Herbert?

Does a man's bank account matter to you?

What are you wearing to the pool party?

How many dates before you're willing to have sex with the guy?

What do you think of watching sports?

When should a guy take you home to meet his parents?

How long does it take you to get ready to leave for a night out from start to finish?

The guy picks the movie you're going to go see, but you don't like it. What do you do?

Who controls the radio in the car?

A guy says he's separated, but not divorced. Will you date him?

You find out your long-term, serious boyfriend has cheated on you. What do you do?

What's your fancy drink of choice?

After you first date, a guy says he'll call but doesn't. What do you think to yourself?

You find yourselves at the foot of the beach. To the left is a clothing optional side. What is the first thing you tell the guy you're with?

Your somewhat serious boyfriend takes a job across the country. He hasn't asked you to come with him, but you know he's thinking it. How do you handle the situation?

Which one of the Golden Girls was your favorite?

How many dates must you go on with a guy before he can ask you to be his date at his cousin's wedding?

Do you tell a guy you don't like his style?

Which Spice Girl did you identify with the most?

Do you give people the silent treatment?

What were you like as a little girl?

You find out the guy you've dated three times has the 100% opposite political views as you. What do you do?

What color of car do you drive?

What do you say if he buys you a Christmas gift you don't like?

You've dated a guy for only two months and he wants to take you to Jamaica. Do you go?

What term do you use for throwing up?

When you tell your date you have to go to the bathroom, what do you say?

When is the right time to tell him about your felony?

What do you think about camping?

He wants kids. You don't. What happens?

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