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"Enter the Dragon" is one of the martial arts films that defined the generation and has been an influence for other martial arts films. With martial arts now a part of entertainment culture, a quiz on the Game of Death is a great way to find out more about this martial arts classic. Take the quiz, and be part of the fans of the Dragon!

Which legendary martial artist starred in "Enter The Dragon"?

Bruce Lee played the lead in "Enter The Dragon." He died before its release.


The film’s story largely takes place in which Southeast Asian territory?

Bruce Lee was born in Hong Kong. He made films there that made him a household name.


You're invited to a top-secret martial arts tournament in an island fortress mansion, the filthy rich head honcho is always smiling, and you don’t know what his business really is. What was the reason for the tournament?

Han uses the martial arts tournament to recruit new members to his criminal syndicate. From the looks of it, he runs recruitment drives every three years — a sign of how fast people go through the organization, or are killed.


In what decade was "Enter The Dragon" filmed?

"Enter The Dragon" debuted in 1973. During that decade, many martial arts-themed films were already playing around Asia, thanks to Hong Kong’s vibrant martial arts cinema.


Bruce Lee portrayed a character closely named after him. Can you guess the hero’s name?

Bruce Lee played a character named Lee.


The more you think, the more you can lose. What did Lee answer when he was asked, “What is the highest technique you hope to achieve?"

This piece of dialogue brings out a martial arts belief that can actually apply to all skills. If you act as if you have no technique, it means that you already know the skill, and you can act naturally.


In the beginning scene, Sammo Hung, famous comedy and martial arts actor and director, was Bruce Lee's opponent. What was surprising about their fight?

Big guys can fight!


Han is the main enemy of the movie, and authorities are after him. What do the authorities think Han does in the crime world?

The intelligence group out to capture Han suspects he is involved in prostitution and drugs but they're not sure how. They have no solid proof, so they need help.


Intelligence groups like the one in "Enter the Dragon" need physical proof. In this case, their proof floated in with the tide. What was it?

The discovery of a woman's body floating in the bay triggered the operation. The woman had last been seen aboard Han's boat.


When you're thrown overboard at sea you won’t survive more than a few hours at most, due to the cold water. But why didn’t this matter to the woman they found in the bay?

This is where the intelligence group figured out the drug angle. She had died of a heroin overdose.


The intelligence group going after Han sought out Lee to help them. What nationality is this intelligence group?

British intelligence asked Lee for help to get Han. Hong Kong was a former British colony.


Han is a rich crime lord who bought himself one of these because he’s that rich.

Han is secured in his own island. Imagine being that rich! And also smart.


Why is Han's Island such a problem for the intelligence group to explore?

The Island sits at the edge of territorial jurisdiction, so intelligence groups are not even sure they can just go in unless they have solid proof of illegal activities. That’s where Lee comes in.


Lee was a walking one-man army. But even one-man armies know when they might need something to make the fight a sure win. What was the one thing that the authorities would not provide Lee with for the operation?

When Lee asked for a gun, the intelligence group's agent refused. But it was because Han did not allow guns on his island.


Some intelligence agencies have multiple treaties with various groups, so they can exchange information and rely on other groups' support systems when they are operating abroad. What is the basic function of the intelligence group that hired Lee?

As the agent said, they aren't allowed to act on the ​proof they obtain. However, they can certainly call on law enforcement agencies to act on their information.


With Lee's background as a top-notch martial artist, the intelligence group that contacted hm thinks he may have a chance to get onto Han’s Island. How can Lee get close to Han?

The strategy proposed in the movie is for Lee to join the martial arts tournament. The intelligence organization that is going after Han seems to think that the contest is the best time to get one of their assets close to Han.


Why did Lee's Sensei talk to him about honor?

Apparently, there is a rogue member of the Temple, and the master has given Lee the job of setting that member "right."


What is a Sensei in the Shaolin world?

Lee has a Sensei he listens to, since the Sensei is his master. The Sensei is the teacher in their martial arts school.


When Lee teaches a student how to kick, what is he looking for?

When Lee talks about the force of will behind the kick, he's talking about the commitment. You won't know the real strength of your attack, unless you do it for real all the time.


What fighting lesson does Lee teach his student?

This is a classic martial arts lesson from Lee, as he teaches the younger student that a martial artist should always keep his eyes on the enemy. Because you never know when an enemy will make his move.


When the movie starts, we see wide shots of Hong Kong. Who is arriving in Hong Kong in these opening scenes?

As the contestants arrive in Hong Kong, they reminisce on various things that drove them to enter the martial arts tournament.


He's big, tall, and he can make mincemeat out of boards and blocks. What are the obvious specialties of O'Hara, Han's bodyguard?

O'Hara is an almost perfect opponent for Lee. He's strong and tough and relies on his strength and training to ignore pain.


In what kind of building structure will the martial tournament be held?

In a set-up that many video games have copied, the martial arts tournament will be held in a fortress mansion on an island. It's so remote that it will take time for forces to enter once they are called.


Intelligence specialists tried to infiltrate Han’s Island previously, but unsuccessfully. What did they send there?

Lee was told that there could be someone to help him on the island. But they're​ not sure if the spy is still alive.


What secret did one of the other men tell Lee?

Lee's Sister, Su Lin, had been in the city when Han's men took a liking to her. Rather than allowing herself to be taken advantage of, she put up an epic fight but killed herself when she saw there was no escape.


A scar means you're marked for life, be it good or bad. What is the origin of O'Hara's scar?

The other member of the Shaolin Temple told Lee his sister committed suicide defending herself and her honor against Han's men. It also sets up Lee's hatred for O'Hara.


What does Lee do when he visits his mother's grave?

Lee asked for his dead mother's and sister's forgiveness, as he knew that he was driven, in part, by revenge in what he was about to do on Han's island.


Why does Roper need the money from the tournament?

Roper is shown to already have large gambling debts, but he can’t stop. He's hoping the money from the martial arts tournament will wipe at least some of his debts clean.


Why does it seem like Williams, the black martial artist, has no choice but to go to the tournament?

The movie shows that Williams has great respect for his dojo. However, his tangle with the cops also shows that he doesn’t mind fighting at all, and probably feels the need to get some respect. It's this stubbornness with authority that gets him in trouble later on.


How do Roper and Williams know each other?

Roper and Williams were war veterans. They served in the Vietnam War together.


Bolo Yeung is a legend in martial arts movies and is known for his hulking frame when he was younger. In "Enter the Dragon," he also plays a big guy. Who is he working for?

Even though O'Hara is portrayed as the Dragon for Han, later on, we see that Bolo is the Other Dragon, and probably just as good. Given the history of the tournament, O'Hara and Bolo may have been former contestants.


What was the real reason Lee received an apple with a dart from one of the girls?

The girl who threw the dart into the apple tossed to Lee was none other than Mei Ling, the spy sent by the intelligence, but who had lost contact with them.


Aside from defeating him and most likely killing him, what did Lee do to O'Hara that was really embarrassing?

Lee delivered justice for his sister. He toyed around with O'Hara, even beating him after he cheated. After that, he delivered a no-nonsense finish.


Han is ruthless, intelligent, and probably knows some philosophy and combat skills as a former member of a Shaolin temple. But what was his unique and deadly physical ability?

Han is shown as having lost a hand. In earlier scenes, he used a steel hand. However, with Lee, he upgraded to a steel "tiger claw" device.


It's not the '70's or early '80's if there isn't something with mirrors in it, like a mirrorball. What killed Han in the mirror room?

It's karmic, in a way. Han tried to kill Lee by running him through with a spear, and he missed. Later on, he is impaled on the same spear.


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