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Sidney Lumet’s 1975 drama, "Dog Day Afternoon," became a favorite among film critics when it was released, and its cinematic glimmer continued to shine throughout the decades. Think you can dig your way through the "Dog Day Afternoon" details? Then take this film quiz and find out!

This Scarface anti-hero portrayed the anti-hero, Sonny Wortzik, in this film. Who is this Hollywood A-lister?

Al Pacino played Sonny Wortzik, the anti-hero without a thorough plan. Although he doesn’t mean it to be a comedy, the humorous situations his character encounters make this crime-drama a comedy sometimes.


"Dog Day Afternoon" is basically about this type of crime that took place one afternoon, and lasted up to the evening. What crime is this?

A bank robbery is the central event featured in this film. It is based on a real-life, 1972 bank robbery that took place in America.


In which part of America did the story of "Dog Day Afternoon" take place?

Sonny’s New York accent identifies him as a New Yorker, where he also staged his robbery gone wrong. His accomplices are also from the same state, having the same accents.


How many cohorts did Sonny originally have in robbing the bank?

Sonny had his trusted pal, Sal, who went with the robbery plan. He also had Stevie with him, who went inside the bank after Sal and Sonny.


In which specific borough of New York was the bank located?

The bungled bank robbery incident took place in Brooklyn, New York. The real-life event was supposed to have happened there in August 1972.


The trio of bank robbers went inside the First Brooklyn Savings, but one of them got scared and backed off. What is the idiomatic expression that refers to this action?

Stevie apparently got cold feet just when Sonny announced the bank robbery. The youngest would-be robber got cold feet and took off.


Apparently, Stevie, the third bank robber, was supposed to take care of this detail as Sonny and his other pal named Sal robbed the bank.

Stevie owned and drove the car they were using as their getaway vehicle.


While threatening the bank tellers and their manager, Sonny repeatedly claimed that he was a follower of this religion, which is why he doesn’t want to hurt anybody. What religion was this?

Sonny kept insisting that he was Catholic so he doesn’t want to hurt anyone inside the bank.


What does Sonny find out when the bank manager and teller lead him to the bank vault?

Sonny’s downtown contacts apparently gave him the wrong tip so the bank robbery happened right after the bank’s main branch had already taken the money, and there’s not much left except for a little over $1,000. Sonny’s series of unfortunate events continue.


The bank manager noticed Sonny’s extensive knowledge of what happens inside a bank. How did Sonny have this much knowledge about banks?

Sonny insisted that he used to work in a bank, so he knows the ins and outs of how transactions are done. Specifically, he knew how alarms are tripped and how money is marked to be traced in the event of a robbery.


When there’s not enough money to rob, Sonny tries to get this kind of document to rob instead.

Travelers cheques were widely used by travelers, in lieu of bringing in cash. However, these cheques are no longer popular since it’s now more convenient for travelers to use their credit cards or ATM cards.


What did Sonny use to hide and carry his long firearm inside the bank?

Sonny was carrying a huge gift box with a ribbon on it. It was successful for smuggling his gun inside the bank.


How did Sonny’s accomplice, Sal, hide and smuggle his own high-powered weapon inside the bank?

Sal used an ordinary-looking attache case to smuggle his firearm inside the bank. Since he was also dressed as a businessman, this fooled everybody.


In order to avoid getting traced through the stolen travelers cheques, Sonny burns its registry. But when someone outside saw this come out of the bank, they were alarmed.

Sonny should have known that burning something inside a bank would produce smoke that could be seen from the outside.


The robbery would have gone unnoticed if the bank’s insurance guy didn’t notice the smoke that came out of the bank, thanks to Sonny’s burning of the registry. Where was the insurance guy when he noticed the smoke?

Anyone walking across the street would have noticed the unusual smoke coming out of the bank. But the bank manager was able to send the curious insurance guy away.


In what kind of establishment did the police park to get a good view of the bank from across the street?

The police camped inside a barbershop right across the bank to get a good view of what was going on.


The bank’s only security guard later suffered from this type of medical condition.

When the guard had an attack, Sonny was forced to release him from being a hostage.


Sonny first noticed that the police were openly watching their every move from a barbershop across the street when he was allowing the female bank tellers to go to this part of the bank. Which part was it?

Since many of the women bank tellers needed to go to the bathroom, they all asked if they could go to the restroom before being locked inside the bank vault.


How did the head of the police communicate with Sonny inside the bank?

A telephone inside the barbershop was rigged so that police could call Sonny directly and he could call them. This was the only way to communicate with the robber.


Sonny kept repeating to the police officers that he was a veteran of this specific war, and was not scared to kill people. To what did he refer?

Sonny kept shouting that he and Sal were Vietnam vets. Therefore, killing was ordinary to them.


Aside from the police surrounding the bank to watch the robbers’ every move, agents from this government agency also arrived at the scene.

The FBI arrived at the scene when the bank robbers started to demand more than money, and held hostages. The police department detective wasn’t happy about this...


These people also arrived at the scene...

The press soon began arriving at the Brooklyn scene as well.


How did Sonny’s parents discover that their son was robbing a bank?

Sonny’s mother wept a bit while his father bitterly commented on the robbery they were watching on the TV screen.


Sonny was married to this kind of person from the LGBT community.

Sonny was legally married to a transgender woman.


But why did Sonny rob a bank in the first place? For what was he going to use the money?

Sonny’s transgender wife, Leon, was a pre-op transgender, meaning her male genitalia was still intact. She needed the money for a sex reassignment surgery.


When the police tried to bring Sonny’s wife to the scene to speak with Sonny, from which kind of establishment did they get her?

Leon was confined to a hospital when the police picked her up for questioning after Sonny demanded they bring his wife to the scene. Leon was played by Chris Sarandon.


Aside from having a transgender wife, Sonny previously had these people in his life.

Leon told the police that Sonny also had a wife and kids, and he is supporting them by giving them money. But Sonny lives with Leon and she is the one he considers his true wife.


When Sonny first saw Leon being brought in by the police, he shouted this to her.

It’s not clear if it was indeed Leon’s birthday or Sonny was just so happy to see her so he shouted “Happy Birthday” to her. When Leon finally realized what was happening, she fainted!


When Leon and Sonny finally spoke over the phone, it was revealed that Leon had wanted to get away from an abusive Sonny, so she attempted to do this, landing her in the hospital.

Leon told the police detective that Sonny was an abusive partner, so she tried to commit suicide to get away from him.


Of all the people to bring in to convince Sonny to surrender, the police and FBI brought this relative. Who was it?

The FBI brought in Sonny’s mother to talk some sense into her son. That also failed.


Upon learning that Sonny had a transgender wife, the TV reports started labeling the two robbers this ...

The TV broadcasters started saying that two homosexuals were robbing the Brooklyn bank.


Is Sal really a homosexual?

Sal was really bothered when the TV reporters started labeling them as “two homosexuals” robbing the bank. He repeatedly said he was not homosexual, and wanted Sonny to fix that mistake with the TV guys.


Since the unplanned extended bank robbery stretched out, Sonny demanded to escape using a vehicle which would drop them off at this kind of transportation hub. What was this place called?

Sonny first wanted a helicopter, but police said it wasn’t feasible to land one at the Brooklyn bank. So he demanded a vehicle to take them all to the airport where they would fly to another country to escape.


What happens to Sal at the end?

The limo driver, who was an FBI agent, was able to hide a gun by his side and waited for the right time to shoot Sal in the forehead. That instantly killed him.


What happens to Sonny at the end?

Sonny’s was subdued by an FBI agent while the other agent shot Sal. In the end, Sonny was handcuffed and taken into custody. He was later sentenced and put in prison.


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