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From pratfalls to laugh-out-loud one-liners, you’ll love taking this quiz and remembering how The Dick Van Dyke show kept you in stitches.

There was quite a cast of characters in the show, what role did Dick Van Dyke play?

Dick Van Dyke played a head writer of a comedy/variety show produced in Manhattan.

Mary Tyler Moore played what role?

Mary Tyler Moore was a wife, homemaker and retired USO dancer.

What character did the actor Morey Amsterdam portray?

Morey Amsterdam portrayed one of the co-writers on the Alan Brady Show.

What was the name of the straight man that Buddy Sorrell insulted with comedic one-liners?

Melvin “Mel” Cooley, the show’s producer, played the straight man to Buddy Sorrell’s insults.

Mel is constantly at odds with Buddy, who often makes insulting comments about Mel's baldness, to which Mel often responds by saying what?

Mel often responds with a simple “Yechh!”

The scenes when the Petrie’s are at home are even more comedic when Rob and Laura interact with their neighbors. What are the names of the characters who live next door?

Millie and Jerry Helper were the Petrie’s neighbors.

Alan Brady was the star of the fictional Alan Brady Show. This character would wear a type of accessory, what was it?

Alan Brady wore a toupee.

What did Rob and Laura name their son on the show?

Rob and Laura named their son Richard or “Richie” Rosebud Petrie

Richie’s middle name, Rosebud, is an acronym for "Robert Oscar Sam Edward Benjamin Ulysses David." Why did they use an acronym?

In the episode What's in a Middle Name? Rob and Laura wanted to please all the members of their families who suggested middle names.

Not only did Carl Reiner play Alan Brady, he also did what for the show?

Carl Reiner was an actor, writer, producer and creator of the Dick Van Dyke Show.

Stacey Petrie, Rob Petrie’s brother, was who in real life?

Stacey Petrie was played by Dick Van Dyke’s actual brother, Jerry Van Dyke.

When having an episode of sleepwalking, what would happen to Rob Petrie’s quiet, shy brother?

Stacey would become the banjo-playing life of the party.

And who could forget “Pickles”? Surely not you! She was …

Buddy’s slightly nutty wife and former showgirl was a character called Fiona Conway “Pickles” Sorrell

Boy has censorship changed. Back then what did Rob and Laura have in their bedroom?

In the early years of television it was forbidden for a couple to be in a double bed together, so Rob and Laura had twin beds with a table in-between them. They each slept on their own twin bed.

“Oh, Rob!” is one of the most repeated lines from the Dick Van Dyke Show. Another one is “It’s just like my Aunt Agnes used to say…”. Who said the first line and who said the second?

Laura would say “Oh, Rob!” and Sally always talked about her Aunt Agnes.

Richie needed a friend around, what was the friend’s name?

Richie’s best friend was Freddie, Millie and Jerry Helper’s son.

What was Jerry Helper’s occupation?

Jerry Helper was a dentist.

Mrs. Billings was always pestering Rob to do this one thing, what was it?

Mrs. Billings always pestered Rob until he agreed to write and direct the annual fundraising show for the Parent-Teacher Association fundraiser.

How many Emmy Awards did the series win?

The series won 15 Emmy Awards.

In 1997, the episodes "Coast-to-Coast Big Mouth" and "It May Look Like a Walnut" were ranked at 8 and 15 respectively on what list?

In 1997, the episodes "Coast-to-Coast Big Mouth" and "It May Look Like a Walnut" were ranked at 8 and 15 respectively on TV Guide's 100 Greatest Episodes of All Time.

And the awards kept coming. In 2002, the show itself (not an episode) was ranked at what number on TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time?

In 2002, the Dick Van Dyke show was ranked at 13th on TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time!

As recently as 2013 The Dick Van Dyke Show earned more accolades, it was ranked at 20 on a list of The 60 Best Shows. Who gave this ranking?

The Dick Van Dyke show is a classic, it was ranked at 20 on the TV Guide Magazine’s The Greatest TV Shows on Earth.

What was the Petries’ address in New Rochelle?

The correct answer is 148 Bonnie Meadow Road.

When did The Dick Van Dyke Show run?

The correct answer is 1961-1966.

The opening sequence changed from one season to the next. What changed?

Instead of Rob Petrie falling over the ottoman, he sidesteps it.

Time for favorite scenes! In what show did Rob take apart his phone, then was asked to take the phone outside and 'scream like a chicken!'

The correct answer is “The Impractical Joke!” Later in the scene Rob had Buddy believing he was in trouble with the IRS. The IRS man told Buddy to copy the tax forms then “Put both forms in a paper bag, swing it over your head and scream like a chicken". Once again using the famous line.

More favorite scenes. In the show “Coast-to-Coast Big Mouth” what happens?

A game show host get Laura to tell a TV audience that Alan Brady is bald.

In the episode with Danny Thomas as a guest called "Walnuts", what happens?

In the episode with Danny Thomas as a guest called "Walnuts”, Rob has a dream - inspired by a late-night horror movie on TV - involving walnuts, missing thumbs, and a creature named Kolac.

Last question on favorite scenes, in “The Curious Thing About Women”, what visual gag was central to the episode?

In “The Curious Thing About Women” Rob becomes annoyed when Laura opens his mail and reads it. He incorporates her into a sketch in which an actress portraying Laura opens a mysterious package containing a self-inflating raft. Later in the scene Laura is caught red-handed opening a self-inflating raft that Rob ordered.

What were some of the most memorable things about Laura Petrie?

All of the above made Laura Petrie, Lauri Petrie.

What character traits made Sally Rodgers the unforgettable Sally?

Sally was always on the lookout for a husband and she quoted her Aunt Agnes constantly.

Speaking of Sally, what was the name of Sally’s occasional and nerdy boyfriend?

Sally mentioned having dated a Woodrow Glimscher, presumably a relative of Herman, until Woodrow's overbearing mother arranged for her to date Herman Glimsher instead. The answer is Herman Glimsher.

A smile would come to your face when the wise-cracking delivery boy would come into a scene. Who played the delivery boy?

The delivery boy was originally played by Jamie Farr. Subsequently, the character was given the name Willie, and Herbie Faye played the role.

How did the series end?

The last episode has Rob finally finishing the manuscript for his book --a collection of favorite moments from the five-year run--which Alan Brady agrees to adapt as a TV series.

The show was loosely based on Carl Reiner experiences when he worked as a writer on 'Your Show of Shows'. This sense of autobiography even stretched to what other parts of the show?

The Petries' New Rochelle address was Reiner's own, save for a single digit. And his immediate family also had one son, Rob Reiner. The answer is both “A” and “B”.

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