Design Your Own City And We'll Tell You Which Country You're Destined To Move To.

By: Kennita Leon
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Ever wanted to build your own city? Well, we're giving you the opportunity to do it. In return, we'll tell you which country you're destined to make your new home.

What would your city be known for?

What would you produce in the city?

What would be the official language of your city?

How big is your city going to be?

Let's talk population. What are you thinking?

How will you choose the people who will inhabit your city?

Because it's your city, you get to choose one season that it'll have forever.

Which real-life city resembles what you're going for ?

What kind of architecture will be predominant in your city?

You're the ruler of your city. Who's your second in command?

You're a kind leader. Which utility are you letting your residents have for free?

Every city has a nickname. What would yours be?

What would be the official flower of your city?

What's the one food shop you won't have in your city?

What would be your biggest worry about running this city?

Now let's talk about your residence. What kind of view would you want to look out on?

How big is your house going to be?

What out-there feature are you splurging on to make your house amazing?

What exotic animal would be in your backyard?

If you had to choose one habitat to live in, which would it be?

If you had to pick one city to move to, which would it be?

Tell us a little about the city you'd want to move to. Should there be lots of singles?

What's one of the first things you want to do when you move?

You won't have a job. How will you take care of yourself?

Where in the country do you want to live?

What kind of house would be ideal for you?

How much are you looking to spend on utilities every month?

What are you most excited to experience?

What will be the most difficult thing about the move?

What's the one thing that would make you move back to your home?

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