Design Your Dream House and We'll Guess Your Zodiac Sign

Zoe Samuel

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Everyone has a different dream house, from an intimate and flexible houseboat, to a dramatic almost-castle, to a beautiful warehouse conversion, to a cosy cottage. Tell us about yours and we'll guess your sign!

Where is your house?

What views does it have?

How private it is from other houses?

How private is it inside for the different residents?

How big it is?

What is it made of?

How much did it cost?

How good is the internet connection?

How much is the decor themed to one grand vision throughout the house?

What's on the floor?

What's on the walls?

Where did you get your furniture?

How long did it take you to decorate?

How many guests can you accommodate?

Is it kid friendly?

Does it have a garden?

How do you commute from there?

What unusual room do you have in there?

Who is definitely NOT invited over?

How high are the ceilings?

Are there any plants on the outside of the building?

Can you see the road from the house?

What state is it in?

What piece of artwork is definitely in there?

What kind of tile do you have?

Are there pets?

Who is the neighbor?

How is it heated?

How much parking is there?

How does it get electricity?

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