Design Your Dream Apartment and We'll Guess Which Dog Breed You Should Adopt

By: Jennifer Post
Image: Purple Collar Pet Photography/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Getting the chance to design your dream apartment is something few people actually get to experience. But what a fun experience it would be! Getting to pick and personalize all of the little details and not have to worry about the price. That sounds amazing. All that power though, is it too much? You could end up going a little too hard and getting so many things for which you don't have space and don't need. But, whatever. You'll worry about that later.

And what better way to christen life in your new dream apartment than with a brand new dog! Adopting a dog is just as, if not more, rewarding than designing your dream apartment from scratch. If you're thinking about getting a new dog, adopting really is the way to go. There are so many good pups out there looking for the best home and pet parent, and that could be you! You don't even mind paying the pet deposit because your new dog would mean that much to you. These two things put together, your dream apartment and your new doggo, will bring you so much joy in life, it's immeasurable. Let us guess which dog breed you should adopt by designing your dream apartment in this quiz!

Do you want a first floor apartment or something else?

Will your apartment be all one level?

Is carpeting your flooring of choice?

How many bathrooms does your ideal apartment have?

In the bathrooms, will there be tub/shower combos or just showers?

If you could have any style of cabinets in the kitchen, what would you choose?

Speaking of the kitchen, what countertops are you hoping to score?

Be honest with this one. How many plants are you going to have in your apartment?

Will you have a bar cart or coffee cart?

What are your thoughts on hanging art on the walls?

Are you getting a practical or decorative coffee table?

What will your storage situation be like?

How many bedrooms are you looking to have?

If you needed a rug, what kind would you get?

Do you need ceiling fans?

Where will you put exercise equipment?

When it comes to getting comfy on the couch, what couch do you envision lounging on?

Will your television be hung on the wall or sit on an entertainment center?

What kind of headboard or bed frame will really compete your bedroom?

How many people will your kitchen table seat?

What would you do if your apartment didn't have air conditioning?

Will your bathroom towels match the shower curtain?

Are you repainting?

What's the color scheme of your kitchen?

Will you drape throw blankets over the arm of the sofa?

How do you feel about wallpaper?

Mirrors are pretty essential. Where are you hanging one?

What kind of nightstands will you put next to the bed?

Window treatments can really bring a room together. What kind are you hanging?

Which accents pieces will you put around the apartment?

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