Design a Spring Outfit and We'll Tell You What Hair Color You Should Try

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What's your sense of style during the spring months? Are you chic and stylish, or daring and risky? Do you prefer to match bright and bold colors together, or do you prefer to play it down with tight pants and a loose shirt? No matter how you answer the questions in this quiz, we've got a perfect hair color that is right for you!

Spring months are about transitioning from the cold, icy winds of winter, to warm sunshine and blooming flowers. Many men and women match their sense of style to this type of weather as well, as they transition from heavy coats and thick sweaters to light cardigans and denim jackets. There are many types of spring outfits, as well as various ways to "glam up" an outfit with accessories, prints, and colors. Some of these include pastel colors, dark colors, animal prints, jewelry, purses and hair pieces. Depending on your sense of style, you may prefer a more simplistic and minimalistic approach, or you may prefer chunky jewelry and layered clothing.

So, are you ready to find out which hair color you're about to be matched with? It's time to take this quiz right now to see what your true hair color is!

Skinny jeans look the best with...?

What spring colors are in your wardrobe?

Which of these bottoms is best for spring weather?

What jacket would you air with a bright, floral dress?

Which of these shoes go best with any spring outfit?

Spring weather can get chilly! Which of the following would you use to warm up?

Is it ever OK to wear a belt around the waist of a dress?

Your spring wardrobe mainly consists of...?

Which of these hats would you pair with jeans and a loose shirt?

Would you wear any hair accessories during the spring weather?

How do you feel about colored jeans?

Which of these purses would you wear with a maxi dress?

Which of these tights would you pair with a mini skirt and a cute top?

High-waisted shorts look the best with...?

How can you glam up a pair of sweatpants?

If you're going to wear ripped jeans, what should you pair it with?

A daytime midriff look calls for...?

Where would you wear a bit of animal print?

Chunky or excessive jewelry is only OK with...?

What's the best way to "structure" a spring outfit?

How do you create a layered look for spring weather?

What's your sense of style like?

Which of these colors would you pair together for a cute spring outfit?

Which of these sunglasses best frames your face?

How can you update a simple T-shirt with a spring outfit?

How do you like to wear your hair during the spring months?

What's your go-to accessory for any spring outfit?

Is your sense of style more feminine or more edgy?

Do you prefer to take risks or play it safe with spring outfits?

Do you care about matching colors and patterns together for a spring outfit?

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