Design a Facebook Page and We'll Tell You Which High School Stereotype You Were

By: Khadija Leon
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One's Facebook page says loads about them, and you can pretty much tell what type of person they are from it. This quiz will let you know which high school group you belonged to based on how you designed your page.

Why do you have a Facebook page?

Would you use your real name as your username?

What would you put as your profile picture?

What would your cover photo be?

What are your posts usually about?

Which of these people always like your posts?

If someone were to go on your page for the first time, how would they describe you?

Who do you follow on Facebook?

How many friends do you have?

How long have you been on Facebook?

Which of your devices do you use to access it?

Is your page private?

Did you need help designing your page?

How much time do you spend on the website?

What is most annoying about it?

Have you ever streamed a video live on Facebook?

Has being on Facebook ever gotten you into trouble?

Have you ever blocked anyone?

Who do you speak to most on Facebook chat?

Do you go on Facebook to rant when things go wrong?

If someone were to go snooping on your page, what would they find out about you?

What emojis do you like to leave in the comment section?

What do you see when you scroll through your feeds?

Which other social media app do you use?

How would you describe your high school experience?

Which club were you a part of?

If you were given the chance, would you go back to high school?

What was your favorite subject?

What do you do when you are bored?

Which of these states would you travel to?

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