Design a Cafe and We'll Tell You Which European City You Should Actually Live In!

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About This Quiz

Close your eyes and picture your dream cafe. Now, tell us about it! Based upon your interior design, your food choices, and other fine details, we'll be able to tell you which European city you should find yourself living!

What kind of pastry would you have with a cup of coffee?

Would your cafe have outdoor seating?

What would you use for your cafe's countertops?

Will you roast your beans on site?

Which dairy alternative would you offer instead of cream?

Which espresso machine would you add to your cafe?

Where will you place charging stations?

Will you serve drinks other than coffee?

What kind of tea do you like most?

Where would you like your cafe to be located?

How will you display your menu?

What do you want your cafe to be famous for?

What kind of snack might your cafe serve?

What kind of chairs will your cafe have?

What kind of flooring will your cafe have?

Which design theme do you like most?

Which coffee cocktail might you serve?

How many bathrooms will your cafe have?

What kind of clothing will the cafe staff wear?

What kind of bottled drink might your cafe carry?

What would you ask a local artist to do in your cafe?

What European city would you most like to visit?

Would you offer customers incentive for using their own cups for to go coffee?

What kind of business would you like your cafe to be near?

What would you call your largest size coffee?

Will your cafe provide catering?

Will you offer seating for large groups?

Which motto might you have put on your cafe wall?

Will guests need to be seated?

How do you drink your coffee?

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