Describe Your Personality Traits and We'll Give You A Southern Nickname!

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Hey, Slim! You ready to take this quiz or what? Drop your tailgate down and have a seat! Once we learn about your personality traits, your likes and dislikes, and your crazy quirks, we'll be able to give you what you've been looking for your whole life - your Southern nickname! We highly recommend having a bowl of shrimp and grits as you go along to put you in the mood. 

Whether you've just moved to the South and want a cool, new nickname or you were Southern born and bred and you feel left out, we've got you covered like the hash browns at Waffle House. We are prepared to make sure you have a Southern nickname that Roscoe P. Coletrain would find enviable. Share the way you drive down the dusty road of life with us, and we'll make sure you feel as Southern as a Mint Julep on a hot summer's day. 

You might not feel like Hillbilly on the inside, but once we explain it, the nickname might grow on you. You'll just have to tell us what we need to know about you. Then, you'll get a nickname so Southern, the South will be calling you for advice!

How much of a showoff are you?

Are you a big smarty pants?

Do you ever "call a shot" and miss?

Are you a card player?

Do you play a lot of sports?

Do people ever ask you for help with chores?

Do people ever make jokes about your appearance?

Do people judge you for your age?

Do you feel like you're on the lowest rung of the ladder?

Do people look to you for authority?

Do people think you are smarter than you are?

Do people second guess themselves when they disagree with you?

Do you have a lot of younger siblings?

What kind of physical presence do you have?

When you want to exercise authority, how do you do it?

Do you have a lot of friends who look like you?

Were you popular in college?

Were you popular in high school?

What sort of people do you date?

Do you come from a small town?

How much do you reject your origins?

How much a part of the system are you?

What kind of vehicle do you drive?

What kind of dog would you have?

What kind of game would you hunt?

How many teeth do you have left?

Do you have a farmer's tan?

Do you get out much?

How's your professional future looking these days?

What are your personal expectations with regards to career?

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