Describe Your Perfect Job and We'll Guess What Dog Breed You Should Adopt

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Close your eyes and think about the things you want from a perfect job. Then answer our questions with your most truthful answers. After we see the kinds of things you want from a great position, we think we'll be able to tell which dog breed would find your home as homey as you do! 

You might not think that the things you want from your career have anything to do with the kind of dog you should adopt, but we believe it has everything to do with it! In order to work certain kinds of jobs, you have to have a specific set of qualities and traits. For instance, you wouldn't want to work as a surgeon if you are so naturally funny that you should be a comedian. 

Once we figure out the things you find perfect about the kind of work you want to do, we'll compare the traits you have and the things you want with some of the most popular and adorable dog breeds registered with the American Kennel Club. If you've always considered yourself more of a poodle owner than a pit bull owner, we ask that we reserve your thoughts until you've told us about your perfect job. 

Should you adopt the dog you love most, or should you go for the one that makes the most sense? Dogs are a lot of work and recommend choosing just the right one. What will your ideal job see you adding to your family? Let's find out! 

Do you like to sniff out trouble when you are on the job?

What kind of working dog are you when you are at work?

Would you prefer to work with animals or with children?

Which of these things is most important to you in a job?

When you are at work, what do you have in common with a beagle?

What time of the day do you prefer to work?

How would you feel about working from home?

What type of boss is the best kind of boss?

Would you current coworkers say that your bark is bigger than your bite?

Which dog command would you like to train your coworkers to perform?

What sort of starting salary should your perfect job carry?

Which word would you use to sum up your current job?

How would you feel about owning your own business?

Would your perfect job involve any traveling?

Are you a good candidate to work in the entertainment industry?

Do you like to sit down or move around while you're at work?

Would you rather work with computers or work with your hands?

What kind of clothes would you wear at your ideal job?

Would you work alone or with others at your perfect job?

Do you believe there is such a thing as a perfect job?

Should your perfect job be in a noisy environment or a quiet one?

Would you be happy working in retail or the restaurant industries?

Which of these industries is closest to the one you would consider perfect?

How would your current boss describe the quality of your work?

Do you have a problem with working weekends?

Which job in the healthcare field would you be suited to work?

Would you consider yourself a perfectionist when you are at work?

If you really love your job, are you willing to work a lot of overtime?

Would you rather work with numbers or use your words?

Would you need to impress others a lot at your ideal job?

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