Describe Your Life as a Student at Hogwarts and We'll Guess Which Teacher Likes You the Most!

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Oh, to be a student again! Whoever thought high school was tough needs to add magic to the mix! The students at Hogwarts made it look easy, but can you imagine your bully stuffing you into a closet and enchanting the door shut? We've been inspired to make a quiz where you'll need to tell us about how life would be as a Hogwarts student. Tell us everything from your favorite class to your favorite spell, from your favorite chill spot to the places you'd never go, and your favorite spell to the house you really wish you were in. In exchange for all that information, we're going to tell you who your favorite Hogwarts teacher is. 

Will it be Hagrid?  He's so laidback that he seems more like a friend than a teacher. Or will it be Minerva McGonagall? She's tough as nails but only wants the best for you. Maybe it'll be Snape. He doesn't seem to have a sense of humor, but he loves punishing people, which could be fun depending on who gets the punishment. Or maybe it'll be Dumbledore? He's a great father figure and has a weird but charming way about him. 

So, if you think we can correctly guess whose class you'd always look forward to attending and the teacher who gives you the most house points, take this fun quiz!

How soon before the new school year did you buy your new books?

How are you getting to Hogwarts this year?

What's the best thing about the first night back at Hogwarts?

What class are you most looking forward to attending?

Which class are you dreading attending?

Who's your favorite Hogwarts teacher?

It's the middle of the first term and a teacher removes 5 points from your house because of you. Why?

At the end of the term, your mom sends you a Howler. What did you do now?

What kind of grades did you average?

Where are you spending your Christmas?

The second term arrives and you get to go to Hogsmeade. Which shop are you going to first?

Where in Hogsmeade will you meet your friends for a drink?

What punishment did you get close to the end of the second term?

How many subjects do you need to put more effort into if you want to great grades you at the end of the third term?

By the start of the third term, how many enemies have you made?

Which of these do you want to happen by the end of the school year?

Which ghost did you make friends with over the past nine months?

Which rare magical item would you want to keep?

If you had to have a Deathly Hallow, which would you choose?

Whose side are you on?

What were you like in preschool?

Are you still friends with anyone you went to kindergarten with?

Before middle school, where did you fall in class?

By the end of middle school, how many teachers were under your spell?

What clique were you a part of in high school?

How many detentions did you get?

Were your parents proud of you?

What is the highest GPA you ever got?

How many teachers wrote you job recommendations?

Are you still in touch with any of your former teachers?

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