Describe Your Ideal Netflix and Chill, and We'll Tell You Which Show To Binge Watch Next!

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There's a lot that goes into creating the perfect Netflix and Chill session - lighting, audio, visual, genre, seating, dates, subtle flirting - the list goes on and on. Tell us your preferences, and we'll reveal what your next binge watch should be.

What's your go-to genre?

How often do you "Netflix and Chill?"

What does Netflix and Chill mean to you?

What's your go-to movie-munchies snack?

How long does the ideal "Netflix and Chill" last for?

How old are you?

Whats your favorite Netflix original series for date nights?

Where should the ideal Netflix and Chill take place?

What time of day is best for Netflix and Chilling?

Who usually makes the "first move" during a Netflix and Chill sesh?

What do you usually wear for a Netflix and Chill sesh?

Do you and your dates/friends usually have similar tastes in movies and TV shows?

Does the ideal Netflix and Chill include mood lighting?

How large should the T.V. screen be for the ideal sesh?

Ideally, how much talking would there be?

How many people would the ideal Netflix and Chill include?

What do you watch during Netflix and Chill?

Does dinner come before of after Netflix and Chill?

On what would you want to be watching from?

In what position would you want to watch?

How many pillows would surround you, ideally?

Would the ideal sesh require blankets?

Are cell phones allowed in the ideal sesh?

What are your sound/audio preferences?

Would you want captions on or off?

How bright should the screen be?

Ideally how close would you and your date be sitting to each other?

Does the ideal sesh include any kissing?

How comfortable should you feel with your date for an ideal Netflix and Chill?

How does the ideal Netflix and Chill end?

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