Decorate Your House for Christmas and We'll Guess How Much of a Grinch You Are

Mark Lichtenstein

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We all know those people. The ones whose houses require no more than a glance to know that those within hate Christmas. Well, there's a scientific measurement now, and we're going to apply it to you!

What's your budget?

How much time will you spend on decorating?

Real tree or fake tree?

Will you use fake snow?

How about mistletoe?

Will you have a wreath?

Do you put tinsel on the tree?

Do you use white lights or colored lights on the tree?

Do you have any animated reindeer?

How many Santa Clauses do you have?

How big is the biggest Santa Claus?

Will you notice a bump on your electricity bill?

Will your neighbors be jealous or offended?

Will local kids come over specially to look at your display?

Do you use the best stuff on the outside or inside?

Is your tree pine or fir?

Do you have a Yule log?

Do you use holly to decorate the house?

Do you put stockings around the fireplace?

Does your fireplace work?

Do you put presents under the tree?

Do you you put extra fake presents so that it looks more lavish?

Will candles be a feature of your decor?

Do you hang chocolate on the tree?

Do you use candy canes?

Do you dress up?

Will your lights wink or be steady?

Do you have anything playing carols automatically?

Will there be a Nativity scene?

How prominently will you feature Jesus?

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