Decorate Your Dorm Room and We'll Guess Which College You Were Destined to Attend

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College is, for most people, the first time they're living away from home, and as such, it's the first time that nobody gets to tell you how to decorate your space (dorm room regulations notwithstanding). 

That poster your parents found too offensive? It can have pride of place at the head of your bed, and no one can tell you otherwise (though sure, they can judge you, but that's not your problem). That ridiculous chair that looks like a bug but really helps with your back: it's in. The lamp shaped like a space alien? Put it on the desk with pride!

Still, the way you organize that space tells us a lot about what extra-curricular hobbies are important to you, what your academic goals involve, and what your artistic tastes are. It even tells us how hard you intend to work. Do you have sports teams on the walls, or musicians you enjoy, or perhaps political slogans? 

Do you prefer a standing desk, a beanbag chair, or a hammock? Do you throw back to the 80's with a lava lamp, or fight off the seasonal sads with a sun lamp? And how can we use all this information to figure out where you belong in college? Take this quiz to find out!

Besides chairs, did you bring in any furniture?

What about cuddly toys?

Any lighting?

What extra storage might you need?

Will a landline help you out?

What about a secret place to stash some stuff?

What's going on the bed?

Any window treatments?

Lay it down for us: what about rugs?

How many pillows is the right number?

If there's a photo on your night stand, who's in it?

Will you hang anything fabric up on the walls (i.e. not the window)?

What's the biggest poster on the wall?

What sort of calendar will you have and where?

Besides the chair at the desk, do you intend to add any seating?

What's your take on a mini-fridge?

If you put up holiday snaps, where would they show?

Will you string up anything?

What gadget will be on the desk?

What's the mirror situation like?

If there's no night stand, what would you use?

Will you add a headboard?

How do you feel about washi tape?

Will you include any plants?

Will you enjoy unusual pushpins?

How will you store you jewelry?

Will you include any candles?

Will you put up pegs?

Will you have any over-the-door storage?

What sort of laundry hamper will you have?

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