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Who is the main character?

Larry David is played by Larry David, and the series presents an unflinching, self-deprecating depiction of his life.


Before ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ what show did Larry David write?

Larry and Jerry both wrote ‘Seinfeld.’


The dialogue is largely ________ by the actors?

The plots and subplots of the episodes are established in an outline written by David, and the dialogue is largely improvised by the actors.


What is the name of Larry’s manager?

Jeff often helps Larry with his problems, but that usually leads to Jeff getting roped up in the mess.


What does Larry do to “The Shaq” during a game?

Larry claims he was just stretching his legs!


Whose legs are in Larry’s way at the movie theater?

The girlfriend is played by Sofia Milos, who can be seen in the movie, ‘The Stranger Inside.’


What is wrong with Larry and Cheryl’s first house?

Larry couldn’t get the required six signatures from his neighbors to get the permit from the city to bury the wire.


Who is Larry’s best friend?

After ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ Richard played Dr. Weiss in ‘Blunt Talk.’


Why does Larry want to stop seeing his shrink?

Richard Lewis goes to the same shrink in the show.


Why is Larry in an incest survival group?

Larry doesn’t think he’ll have to talk, so he tells the members his name is Todd.


Larry becomes obsessed on a two-tone shirt that he eventually buys three of. Where did he originally see that shirt?

The guy’s name is Chet.


Why doesn’t Larry want to go back in and get his watch after he and Cheryl leave a dinner party?

Larry isn’t a fan of double-anything, which includes double-dipping.


What does Larry give the maître d to bribe him for a table?

He thought he gave him $20, but didn’t realize his error until they tried to fill the prescription.


What’s wrong with the second house Larry & Cheryl buy?

Larry tries to pass it off as the sounds a new house makes.


How many shrimp is in the Chinese restaurant’s Kung Pao Shrimp?

Larry was shocked he only had 3 shrimps, when asked, the restaurant boasted they always put 11.


What wrestler slashes Larry’s tires?

Thor’s license plate reads 14 THOR .


How many seasons is ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ on air?

It airs on HBO.


Which member of the main 'Seinfeld' cast has not been on the show on his own?

There is a Seinfeld reunion show in the seventh season with all four main cast members.


What is on the “Larry David Sandwich?”

The name of the fictional restaurant is Leo’s Deli.


What is the name of the opening theme?

"Frolic" is by Italian composer Luciano Michelini.


Who plays Jeff Greene, one of Larry’s closest friends and his sympathetic manager?

Jeff can be seen on the ABC comedy, ‘The Goldbergs.’


What is one of Larry’s major annoyances?

Larry tries to avoid all situations that call for the “stop and chat,” especially with waiters and tradesmen.


Who plays, Cheryl, Larry’s long-suffering wife/ex-wife?

Cheryl can be seen in the movies, ‘Nine Lives,’ and ‘Wilson.’


Who uses Larry as a scapegoat for her martial problems?

As far as Susie is concerned, anything wrong with her marriage can be tied back to Larry.


Why does the Black Family move in with the Davids?

They are a family of hurricane evacuees who take refuge in Larry's house upon Cheryl's request.


What was the only thing that Larry requires when Cheryl wants sex?

Larry claims he is always in the mood, yet when Cheryl tries it he is too tired.


What is one of Susie’s nicknames for Larry?

She also calls him “Larry Fucking David” when Larry crosses her.


Who does Larry accidentally kill at the country club?

The member is Norm, who has a heart attack and dies after Larry yells at him.


Why does Larry have a fit about his mother’s headstone?

His father misspelled on purpose to save $100 as its $50 per letter.


Who plays Marty Funkhouser, one of Larry’s oldest friends?

Bob became a familiar face on TV when he played daredevil Super Dave in the 1980s.


Where do Seasons One through mid-Eight take place?

Larry’s house, seasons five through seven were filmed at 537 Moreno Avenue, Los Angeles, CA.


Who plays Cousin Andy?

Richard voices Al Tuttle in ‘American Dad!’


Midway through Season Eight the show moves to what city?

‘Seinfeld’ is also located in NYC.


What is the one word Ted Danson uses to describe anything he likes?

He uses this word to describe anything from a candy bar to nice weather.


What NYC neighbor does Larry call out for harassment?

What Larry calls harassment, Michael J. Fox attributes the headshake, soda exploding, and foot clomping to Parkinson’s disease.


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