Create a Sims Character and We'll Guess Which State You Really Belong In

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COME TO LIFE! While reality is always great, sometimes virtual reality is better! For those of you who love virtual reality games, there's a big chance you've spent a lot of time playing Sims. Why not jump into the world again with this quiz? All you'll need to do is create a Sims character and we'll reveal which state you really belong in!

The Sims is a SIMulated virtual reality game that was created in 2000. The game gives users the ability to create characters and play out lives for them. Gamers have complete control over their lives ranging from what they'll eat for dinner to what time they go to sleep. An extremely successful game with over 200 million copies sold, millions of people have been playing this game for close to two decades. Have you been playing? What kind of characters were you creating?

Would your character have chosen a career in entertainment? You might be destined for California, the land of Hollywood! Does your character have an appetite for BBQ? This might reflect some southern comfort. Do your Sims show a fast-paced life in the Big Apple or an easy-going one in Tallahassee? There's only one way to find out!

Create a Sims character, and we'll reveal which state you really belong in!

Are you ready to get SIMulated?

Which career in the original Sims game would you most like to pursue?

Which best describes the size of the house your Sims character would live in?

Which fashion sense best fits your Sims character's personal style?

How big of an appetite will your Sims character have?

Which kind of food best fits your Sims character's preferences?

Is your Sims character a heavy or light sleeper?

Is your character a better talker or listener?

How luxurious will the furniture be in the home of your Sims character?

How many friends will your character have?

Will your Sims character play an instrument?

Which best describes your character's financial status?

What kind of a TV does your Sims character have?

How many kids will your character have?

Does your Sims character prefer showers or baths?

Is your character going to get married?

Is your Sims character an extrovert or an introvert?

How many love affairs will your character have?

Which size of party best fits your Sims character?

Which subject is your character most excited to talk about?

How often does your Sims character wash their hands?

How many other characters will be in love with your character at one time?

How regularly will your Sims character brush their teeth?

How will your character get around town?

Which activity is more fun to your Sims character?

Where does your Sims character prefer to relieve themselves?

Which kind of music does your Sims character like the most?

Would you say that your Sims character is high or low-maintenance?

Which genre of TV show is most appealing to your character?

Which high-end upgrade is your character going to purchase first?

Which version of The Sims does your character live in?

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