Create a Perfect Day and We'll Tell You Which "Ben and Jerry's" Flavor You Are!

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There's a "Ben and Jerry's" flavor for any occasion. Tell us what you have on tap for your perfect day and we'll pair you up with a flavor that fits the bill.

How much planning will go into your perfect day?

What is your main priority on your ideal day?

When will your day begin?

Will there be travel involved in your day?

How many other people will be involved in your perfect day?

What will the energy be like on your day?

Will you be knocking some items off your bucket list on this day?

When will you know that the day is complete?

Will there be some risk-taking involved in your ideal day?

How would you best describe the pace of your perfect day?

Will you be involved in some kind of an art project on your perfect day?

How much will adrenaline be a part of your day?

How important will a good sense of humor be to your perfect day?

Which combination of ingredients fits the vibe of your perfect day the best?

How likely are you to be involved in a jam session on your ideal day?

How likely are you to go to a comedy club on your perfect day?

How big of a hippie are you?

What kind of a meal best fits with your ideal day?

How packed will your itinerary be on this day?

Which location best fits your perfect day?

Which word best fits your personality?

In which season does your ideal day take place?

Will your perfect day involve a significant other?

Will you spend the bulk of your day indoors or outdoors?

How big of a role will dessert play in your day?

Will a shower be involved in your perfect day?

Will physical intimacy be an important part of your perfect day?

Will there be a nap involved in your perfect day?

How likely are you to drink too much on your perfect day?

Are you taking pictures of your perfect day?

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