Could Your Dog Be a Pawlice Officer?

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Dogs have been a critical part of law enforcement for hundreds of years. The Ancient Romans used dogs to guard their livestock and help them hunt. In the colonial era, Spanish Conquistadors brought mastiffs and hounds over to help them claim land. To assist soldiers fighting in unfamiliar territory, dogs were used in the Korean and Vietnam wars to uncover traps and help scout the area for enemy soldiers.

Today, dogs are used by law enforcement in many countries, where they assist in identifying drug smugglers, sniff out explosive devices and help officers conduct raids of dangerous areas. Dog officers – commonly known as "K9s" – have even earned portrayal in popular media: everyone remembers the brave Rin Tin Tin and Hooch the Dog. 

Though dogs assisting with law enforcement is exceedingly common, the kinds of dogs that serve successfully are not. For a dog to be suitable for service in law enforcement, he or she must be brave, obedient, strong, and courageous, even in the face of tremendous danger or uncertain circumstances. If you've ever wondered whether your dog has what it takes to become a distinguished K9 officer, tell us a bit about their personality, and we will give you intel on how well they could control crime on the ruff streets.

Vigilance is essential in a K9 officer. How often does your dog sleep?

Pawlice dogs must be able to work with others. How well does your dog get along with other animals?

Most dogs hold food as one of their biggest pleasures in life. How often does your dog eat?

Playtime is important for all dogs. How much does your dog like fetch and other games?

What is your dog's favorite time of day?

Many dogs have been immortalized in movies over the years. Which of these famous movie dogs is yours most like?

Every dog has a few things they love playing with. How well does your dog share its toys?

Some animals are hesitant to meet someone new. How well does your dog handle strangers?

How well does your dog listen to instructions?

Pawlice officers have to wear uniforms while on patrol. How cute does your dog look in clothing?

It's tough to know for sure, but what do you think bothers your dog the most?

How old is your dog – in human years?

Some dogs are heavily influenced by the environment. How does your pet handle the weather?

The guard dog role has been an important one throughout history. How well does your dog identify intruders?

Some dogs are more active than others. How much does your dog like to exercise?

Barking is critical for a well-trained Pawlice officer. How much does your dog bark?

Would you describe your dog as brave?

We're all guilty of sneaking dogs some of our food – what's your dog's favorite human snack?

Even dogs need time for R&R. How does your dog relax?

There might be a stroke named after them, but not all dogs are great swimmers. How does your furry friend handle water?

How well does your dog remember important people and places?

Every good dog needs to go for regular walks. How does your dog behave on walks?

We all have to deal with nature's call. How good is your dog about letting you know when they need to use the bathroom?

Where did your dog come from?

Tricks are for fun, but they can indicate a dog's intelligence. How many tricks can your dog do?

Where is your dog's favorite place to sleep?

One of the best things about a dog is coming home to it. What does your dog do when you first get home?

How does your dog like to be rewarded?

Which of these movies about people would your dog most appreciate?

If you could compare your dog to a song, which one would they be most like?

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