Could You Live the Caveman Lifestyle?

Zoe Samuel

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While some of us still posses a great deal of primitive instincts and could easily adjust, most of us would simply lose our minds without the cosmopolitan comforts we enjoy in our modern life. If you are the type that cannot handle the look of steak tartar, the caveman lifestyle might not be for you. Then again, you might possess enough plant knowledge to survive without needing a spear. The only way to find out is to examine the way you live now, and search for signs that you might, in fact, be a brutal savage. 

Let's take a little trip back in time to prehistory, and find out how well you would fare living the caveman lifestyle. Would you be able to hunt and gather everything you need, or would you run screaming at the sight of a woolly mammoth? We'll examine any primitive survival skills that might linger within you, and let you know if you could have handled the loincloth-clad life. 

Whatever you do, don't picture the caveman lifestyle through the eyes of Fred Flintstone during this quiz. He had it way too easy at the quarry. Let's really get back to nature and see how you do!

How long can you go without looking at your phone?

How fast can you run?

What is the state of your teeth?

Do you like finger painting?

Do you speak any languages?

Do you love pop culture?

Do you need a lot of variety in your life?

Which is better: carbs or protein?

Do you still have your appendix?

Do you have any long term conditions like diabetes or asthma?

Do you know which plants are safe to eat?

How fussy are you?

What thread count is acceptable?

Do you know how to find water?

Can you fight?

Do you know the stars well?

How do you know when it is going to rain?

Do you mind hot or cold weather?

Do you have a good reputation in your circle?

Do you believe in monogamy?

Do you think cavewomen were sort of prehistoric housewives?

Do you love to read?

How much TV do you watch?

Can you light a fire?

Can you put out that fire when you need to?

How nomadic are you?

Do you consider yourself a foodie?

Do you like to row?

How resourceful are you?

If you saw a mysterious space obelisk, what would you do?

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