Could You Have Been a Medieval Doctor?

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Medieval doctors, also known as plague doctors, are widely remembered for the gruesome and painful procedures they performed on sickly patients. Do you have what it takes to heal the dying using seemingly barbaric methods? Play on to find out!

Are you afraid of leeches?

What do you know about the ancient art of bloodletting?

Are you religious?

What do you believe to be the cause of common illnesses and diseases?

Do you know much about herbs?

Are you squeamish?

Do you think you could stomach slowly hand-drilling a hole into someone's skull to release evil spirits supposedly residing there?

What would you prescribe for a headache?

What about a stomach ache?

How would you handle kidney stones?

What do you know of the "Black Death" (1347-1350)?

How would you treat yellow bile in a sickly patient?

What element do you associate with black bile?

Would you ever recommend a patient purge - vomit - to rid themselves of an illness?

Do you have any homeopathic or apothecary experience?

Would you be willing to work with village wise women, barbers, and apothecaries?

Are you interested in astrology?

Do you think you could learn how to diagnose an illness through smelling your patients' urine for imbalances?

What element do you associate with phlegm?

How would you treat leprosy?

What's your current occupation?

What element do you associate with blood?

Do you think induced sweating is a viable treatment option?

Would you be able to handle losing more patients than you save?

Are you interested in numerology?

How would you treat hemorrhoids?

Pick an anesthetic:

How do you feel about paganism?

Do you have any experience in the butcher or hunting profession?

Would you be willing to expose yourself to deadly diseases to treat your patients?

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