Could You Beat Cersei Lannister at the Game of Thrones?

By: Mark Lichtenstein
Image: The Movie DB

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Cersei Lannister is one of the most cunning, ruthless, successful matriarchs in fiction. Her knowledge of the rules of politics, the corridors of power, and the use of insider information are second to none. Could you beat her at the Game of Thrones?

If you were stuck in a bear trap in a cave filling with water, what would you do?

If your greatest enemy held your child hostage, a knife to his or her throat, what would you do?

If your mother or father sided with an enemy of yours, what would you do?

If your oldest and best friend suddenly found themselves in competition with you for resources, how would you react?

If you had a nuclear weapon hidden away in your capital and your enemies were allowed in to parlay with you, what would you do?

Would you betray your family to outwit an enemy?

What is the end of the practice of war?

What is best in life?

How gung-ho are you to win this war at all costs?

Do you make friends easily?

Can you seduce those who you do not befriend?

Can you buy off those you cannot befriend or seduce?

How adept at military maneuvers are you?

What does an army live on?

How good are you at delegating?

Do you trust experts?

How far are you willing to look in order to gain an edge in warfare?

How do you deal with enemies from within?

How do you deal with enemies from without?

How do you deal with enemies who seem to have moral authority greater than yours?

How rich are you?

How good are you at wealth management?

Are you a good bet, financially?

How is your credit?

Can you bluff like you've got good credit?

Did your father have good credit?

How much cash is left in the old trust fund anyway?

Have you recently sacked and pillaged Highgarden?

Do you have any dragons?

Have you been brought back from the dead by a Red Witch?

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