Could You Be a Rangemaster?

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Whether you're into guns or not, there is really no argument that you need to use them safely. There are a lot of guns in the United States, some say that there are well over 300 million of them, and that trend doesn't seem to be going to change any time soon. A lot of these people go to firing ranges, either to learn how to shoot their guns safely or to practice to become better shots. The person is in charge of these places is known as a Rangemaster.  It takes a certain personality to be a Rangemaster. Guns are inherently dangerous of, course, the main point of them is to be able to defend yourself if your life is in peril. With that said, if you aren't safe with your gun, you could hurt yourself or somebody else. 

Do you have the personality to be a Rangemaster? You need to be very responsible and concerned about safety and the rules,  as one mistake on your part could be deadly. You need to be a law-abiding citizen who also appreciates and knows a lot about guns, and also have the kind of personality that can deal with all sorts of different people. Take this quiz and we'll tell you if you have a shot at being a Rangemaster.

How would your friends describe you?

What type of party sounds the best?

What would be a job that fits your personality?

Do you have kids?

What would you do if a homeless person asked you for 20 bucks?

Do you get angry a lot?

Do people rely on you a lot for favors?

Who would you most like to spend the day with?

Who would you want to stranded on an Island with?

Do you watch the credits when the movie is over?

Where would you like to go on vacation?

Which breakfast meat is your favorite?

What sounds best for dinner?

What are you most likely to do on Sunday mornings?

What sounds good on a pizza?

Where do you get your news?

How often are you late to work?

Do you often cheat when you're in relationships?

Do you have any pets?

Do you use a lot of emojis?

What do you write on the Internet to show you think something is funny?

Do you like practical jokes?

What is your favorite holiday?

Do you think it's funny when you see someone fall?

What is the best cure for hiccups?

Do you believe in aliens?

Which of these is your favorite type of movie?

Are you good at keeping secrets?

Who is your favorite character on Seinfeld?

How often do you daydream?

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