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"Toy Story" was Pixar's groundbreaking computer-generated, or CG-animated movie, which helped shape the dominant wave of CG movies in recent years. Let's look back at this classic, and find out if it's the virtual toy of our childhood as we remember it. It's time to take the "Toy Story" quiz - to infinity and beyond!

In the beginning, who is the designated bad guy?

The Toy Story movie opens with Mr. Potato Head as the bad guy in an old-school stick-up. Looks like he has a brightly colored gun, too!


While the daring bank heist — and sheep-napping — is going on, who comes in to save the day?

Woody is introduced as the hero of Andy's imaginary tales. He's the heroic cowboy and good guy that every kid likes to imagine their main toy to be.


What's the big event that has everybody in Andy's toy collection nervous or happy about?

When it's Andy's birthday, they look forward to having a new toy join their merry band of happy toys. Unless, of course, it's not a nice toy.


Why was Andy's special event moved up to an earlier date?

Andy's birthday party had been moved to an earlier day, because the family was moving to a new house in a few days. It's part of the reason why everyone is panicking.


Why is it so important for the toys to have a buddy system while they're moving to a new house?

Woody's concerned that when they move house, a toy will be left behind. For a toy, that's literally losing its meaning in life.


Why are the toys nervous about special events like Christmas and birthday parties?

Many of Andy's toys worry that they'll be forgotten, or given away. It's possible that some of them were hand-me-downs from other grown ups or family friends.


Here's to multiple appearances: What food franchise is seen in many Pixar movies like "Toy Story?"

Almost every Pixar film has the Pizza Planet truck. It's practically a running joke. It can also mean that all the movies are set in one world. Whoa!


What was the first sign for the other toys that Woody wasn't the favorite anymore?

You may not notice it at first, but when Woody was pushed off the bed, and had to get to the other toys by going under it, you could sense they doubted him already. Toy insecurity, anyone?


Who was the new toy on the block, as Andy's birthday present?

It's a comment on how things change: Andy gets a new sci-fi action figure, Buzz Lightyear. He is very different from a simple doll like Woody, the earth-bound cowboy.


What was Buzz Lightyear's big initial problem in this first "Toy Story" movie?

When Buzz is first introduced, it looks like he's still carrying the "story" of his cartoon or comic book. As the story progresses, he gets more realistic. Talk about self-checks.


Can Buzz Lightyear really fly?

When Buzz first sets off to prove that he can fly, he just used a lot of the toys and their props to bounce off, making it look like he can fly. It still impresses the other toys, though.


What was the final thing that made Woody feel really bad once Buzz makes himself more of a presence in Andy's bedroom?

Woody always had the "important position" of Andy's toy companion when he slept. When it became Buzz, you could just see how a part of Woody just broke, especially when the cowboy was put back in a toy box.


Why did the toys hate and fear Sid so much?

If Andy was a boy who took care of his toys, Sid was the complete opposite. He liked to destroy or mutilate toys. Unhappy childhood, kiddo?


It's a Marvelous thing indeed: what could the "Toy Story" movie be referencing with Sid wearing a black shirt with a skull on it?

The skull shirt is usually the symbol of the Punisher, a Marvel hero character who kills criminals. This makes sense, as Sid "kills" many toys.


What's the inside joke with the "house for sale" sign by Virtual Realty?

Virtual reality is a term used for imaginary worlds. It's usually used as a term for computer-generated environments, which is what Toy Story is: a computer-animation movie, and nothing is "live world-real."


Was Buzz Lightyear's fall from the window an accident?

From the looks of it, Woody just wanted to hit Buzz with the remote control car, knocking him out of sight so he could have Andy all to himself. He did not expect Buzz to accidentally fall off the window ledge. The toys didn't quite believe him.


Which character in Toy Story serves as a call-back to the old Hans Christian Andersen tale, the "Shepherdess and the Sweep?"

Bo Peep is a shepherdess, and was a nod to "The Shepherdess and the Sweep," a Hans Christian Andersen tale that also involved toys coming alive. Similar plot patterns, anyone?


What movie does the whack-a-mole game Sid is playing in Pizza Planet refer to?

At first look, it seems like Sid is playing a whack-a-mole game very hyperactively. And then you realize that the table is a dead astronaut, and the "mole" is an alien larvae coming out of holes in his chest. Very "Aliens" indeed.


Why do the three-eyed alien toys worship The Claw?

Think about it. If you were a toy inside a crane game tank, the claw would be god. No, really. Talk about the “Chosen One” syndrome.


Why is Scud, Sid's dog, so scary to the toys?

It shouldn't come as no surprise that Scud is trained to destroy toys. In fact, it looks like he's conditioned to enjoy destroying them, just like his master. What a team, eh?


Why is Sid also hell for his sister?

As the "Toy Story" movie shows, Sid likes declaring his sister's toys "sick," and then operating on them. Which probably means he destroys them. Poor sis!


It turns out that if Sid doesn’t outright destroy a toy, he does this instead.

You have to hand it to Sid, he's very good at disassembling and reassembling toys. He also makes them look like nightmare fuel. All we need now is a friend named Igor!


What's the first bad thing that Sid does to Woody?

It's the time-honored mean kid thing to do. All you need is a magnifying glass and a lot of sunlight, and you can burn something. In this case, it was Woody's forehead.


Why was Buzz Lightyear named after Buzz Aldrin?

It's fitting that Buzz Lightyear was named after Buzz Aldrin, one of the astronauts who walked on the moon. And a light-year is a measure of distance for interstellar travel.


What made Buzz realize he really was a toy?

As Buzz was avoiding Scud, he wandered into the TV room where Sid's dad was sleeping. He saw his toy commercial on TV. And he was not a flying toy, as the TV ad said.


What did the "cannibal" toys actually do with toys that Sid abandoned?

It's one of the more serious points of the movie. The mixed-up Frankenstein toys actually tried to fix the doll that Sid beheaded. It's proof that even if Sid is twisted, his toys are still good-natured.


What prevents Sid from blowing Buzz up the first time?

Sid had already taped the firework rocket to Buzz, but lightning signaled a sudden downpour that continued into the night. It's chilling to hear Sid say he always wanted to get a spaceman to outer space.


One of the Toy Story scriptwriters was Joss Whedon. What was the show he eventually created, that also had cowboy and spaceman elements mixed in?

Joss Whedon would go on to helm the TV show "Firefly." In it, elements of cowboy western shows were mixed with science fiction space ships. Woody and Buzz would be pleased -- OK, maybe not Woody.


What shakes Buzz out of his existential funk?

Buzz finally accepts that he should be Buzz Lightyear for Andy, because he is Andy's toy. Once he accepts that, he's fine and dandy again.


What was the big toy rule that Woody broke?

All throughout the "Toy Story" movie, we've seen how toys go limp when humans are around, except this time with Sid. It seems that even if it is an involuntary habit, if a toy wants to act alive in front of a human, it can.


Why did the other toys throw Woody out of the moving van?

The rest of Andy's toys still thought that Woody had done something terrible to Buzz. It's no surprise that they threw him overboard, since he always showed how much he hated Buzz.


How did Woody and Buzz catch up to the moving van and car?

Woody realized that only by igniting the rocket could they catch up to the car and moving van. On the other hand, they had to figure out how not to go boom. Tricky!


Once they were in the air and caught up with the car and moving van, how did Buzz and Woody reunite with Andy?

Woody was wondering why they missed the truck as Buzz was gliding in. However, Buzz just said they weren't aiming for the truck - and plopped the both of them in the car with Andy. Good job!


What was the Andy's Christmas gift, that had Woody and Buzz feeling sheepishly worried?

After telling Buzz that Andy couldn’t get a worse toy than a Buzz Lightyear action figure, Woody and Buzz hear that Andy has a new puppy. It looks like there will be many bites ahead.


It's one of the brick jokes of the "Toy Story" movie. What did Andy's sister get as a Christmas gift?

It was a joke in the beginning of the movie that Mr. Potato head was wishing for a Mrs. Potato head. It looks like wishes can come true on Christmas day, even for toys!


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