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So are you "punk enough" to ace this Clint Eastwood quiz? As his famous gun-slinging character would reply, "Go ahead, make my day!"

Who doesn't know Clint Eastwood, the actor? Ever since he stepped in front of the small and silver screens decades ago, the world has never forgotten who he is. Starting in so-called spaghetti and then TV westerns, the man knows how to act out his gun-slinging, attitude-bearing heart out. Are you familiar with some of his early classic films from this genre? 

As he grew older, the actor famously attached to the cowboy image became the quiet observer, and sometimes reluctant hero in some stories of his films. With age comes maturity, and Eastwood sure matured in a way that's admirable in Hollywood. Not only did he choose great films to act in, but he also stepped behind the camera to direct some of them. And as an actor with a great portfolio under his belt, he most definitely knew how to compose a shot, entice fellow actors, and bring a story to life on the silver screen. Indeed, some of his best work in his decades-long career are those that he both directed and starred in. Are you familiar with these screen gems? Yep, they're also included in this quiz of ours!

So go ahead, make your day by ticking off your Clint Eastwood filmography knowledge. We're sure you'll enjoy it. Have fun -- punk!

The third film in his famous spaghetti western trilogy is entitled "The Good, the Bad, and the __"?

The film "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" came out in 1966 and due to the overall negative view of the subgenre at the time, it did not receive critical praise but in the years since it's become one of the most iconic and influential Westerns.


In 1979, Eastwood starred in this popular film about the real-life story of prison inmates escaping a maximum security penitentiary.

This film was Eastwood’s last collaboration with director Don Siegel, director of his earlier films like "Two Mules for Sister Sara." It was released in 1979 and considered one of the best films of year.


What is the TV series Clint appeared in, which led to him snagging his popular western movie lead roles?

Of course, he played a cowboy in this TV series that ran from 1959 to 1965.


Perhaps Clint Eastwood is best known for playing the Dirty Harry role. What is the character Harry’s last name?

It is said that Eastwood’s stern personality is a match to the eccentric and gruff nature of the Callahan character.


Eastwood’s second Best Director honor from the Academy Awards was for this 2004 film about a boxing coach teaching a female boxing contender.

The American sports drama was critically acclaimed and won Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Actress for Hilary Swank. Eastwood plays a coach haunted by the mistakes of his past who takes waitress and amateur boxer Maggie Fitzgerald under his wing.


His early film called "Every Which Way but Loose" had a sequel. What was its title?

This 1978 and 1980 film duo is actually an offbeat comedy and both were massive box office hits.


Early in his career, Clint Eastwood became popular in Italy for playing an anti-hero in this modified kind of western genre.

In Japan, this subgenre is actually called “macaroni western." The name came out because these types of westerns were low budget and made in Europe by an Italian producer and/or director. It was Spanish journalist Alfonso Sanchez who actually coined the term “spaghetti western."


This critically-acclaimed film that starred Clint Eastwood as a disc jockey who had an affair with a fan-turned-murderous stalker​ is also his directorial debut.

In Eastwood’s filmography, one would note the actor/filmmaker’s penchant for directing and/or playing roles about musically-inclined characters, either directly involved (e.g. singer, musician) or indirectly (like this disc jockey role). He has created his own music, which can be heard in the film "Changeling."


These films are part of the "Dirty Harry" film series except for one. Can you guess which?

"Sudden Impact "and "The Deadpool" complete the "Dirty Harry" film series.


Clint Eastwood is best known for starring in films belonging to this genre.

Eastwood embodied the All-American cowboy stereotype in American western films since the 1960s.


In his western films, what is the description of the character Eastwood popularized as a cowboy loner?

This character was actually an adaptation of the Ronin character (a samurai with no name and master) from Akira Kurosawa’s film, "Yojimbo."


This film stars Sean Penn playing an ex-con trying to investigate the murder of his teen daughter.

The 2003 American crime drama film was directed by Clint Eastwood but it's also the first film where he's credited as the composer of the score. Sean Penn won the Best Actor Oscar and Tim Robbins won Best Supporting Actor while Eastwood was nominated for Best Director.


Eastwood actually directed one musical, the 2014 film adaptation of a Broadway musical about the rise and fall of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. What was its title?

This film exemplifies Eastwood's penchant for making films that have musically-inclined themes, subject matter, and characters. Even though the Broadway musical was a hit, this movie version was kind of a flop.


Clint Eastwood starred in a musical film, his first and last. What was its title?

This 1969 film was actually nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy) despite being a critical and commercial failure.


Which Italian filmmaker directed his famous spaghetti western trilogy which includes "A Fistful of Dollars"?

Sergio Leone made this subgenre with a multicultural cast and crew popular during the 1960s, often credited with being the inventor of Spaghetti Westerns. His other famous films include "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" (1966) and "Once Upon a Time in the West" (1968).


Eastwood starred in and directed this western film that earned him an Academy Award for Best Director.

Unforgiven is the third western film to win an Academy Award for Best Picture following in the foot steps of "Cimarron" and "Dances With Wolves." This 1992 film also starred Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman.


Dirty Harry’s most famous quote, from the first film in the series, starts as "You’ve got to ask yourself a question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’” What is the second part of that quote?

It’s ironic but people remember this quote as “Do ya feel lucky, punk?” instead of its original version.


Which of these is an iconic Dirty Harry quote from "Sudden Impact"?

This quote is included in the Top 10 list of the American Film Institute’s list of 100 Movie Quotes.


In 2006, Clint Eastwood directed two films set in the 1945 World War II era. They are "Letters From Iwo Jima" and?

The movie is a companion film to "Letter from Iwo Jima" from the perspective of the Americans as opposed to the Japanese this time. It tells the story of the five Marines and the Navy corpsman who were involved in raising the flag on Iwo Jima and the aftermath of that moment.


Clint Eastwood also starred in many films he directed, except for this one.

The films he's directed have been critically acclaimed but for these, he chose to stay in the director's (and producer's) chair. His directing style was lauded by "Changeling" actress Angelina Jolie, who said he's an actor's director since he didn't give out too much instruction but rather let them take the reins.


What film did he direct which holds the record for the biggest opening for an Eastwood film?

The 2014 film is about a real-life American war veteran Chris Kyle, considered the deadliest marksman in U.S. military history (he had 255 kills from 4 tours in Iraq). The film follows him in the aftermath while he copes with post traumatic stress disorder and attempts to help a fellow solider who suffers from it as well. It ended up making about $350 million in the box office and was nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards.


This film featured the real-life event when Nelson Mandela utilized the 1995 Rugby World Cup Finals as a way to heal South Africa’s post-apartheid era.

The 2009 film starred Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela. The title refers to the Roman divine epithet Invictus which can be translated as "undefeated" or "unconquered. "


This is the film where Clint Eastwood played an Arizona deputy sheriff hot on the trails of a psychotic criminal he’s tracking down in New York.

Don Siegel directed this film and eventually directed other successful Eastwood films including "Escape from Alcatraz" in 1978. The two became very good friends and the film also was the start of the development of the "macho" type character that Eastwood became associated with.


In this 1993 film, Eastwood played a guilt-ridden US Secret Service agent who wasn’t able to prevent JFK’s assassination.

"In the Line of Fire" was considered a box office success grossing $177 million. It tells the story of a disillusioned and obsessed former CIA agent who attempts to assassinate the president and it's up to Eastwood's character to track him down.


The "Dirty Harry" film, through Clint Eastwood’s critically-acclaimed performance, pioneered what kind of law enforcer character?

Harry Callahan is a Homicide Division Inspector of the San Francisco Police Department known for his ruthless and violent methods. Thus he can become unpredictable even to his partners and peers.


This 2008 period film was directed by Eastwood and starred Angelina Jolie in a true-to-life crime drama.

The film is inspired by the 1928 Wineville Chicken Coop Murders in Mira Loma, California. Angelina Jolie plays a mother whose son is abducted and they're later reunited only to discover that it's not really him but authorities don't believe her and she's consequently vilified.


Eastwood directed this critically-acclaimed but commercial flop biopic about legendary jazz musician Charlie Parker.

Forest Whitaker played the lead role in the film titled after Charlie Parker's actual nickname.


Eastwood began his role as a producer with two films, "Firefox" and?

This 1982 film was not only produced by Eastwood, he directed it and starred in it alongside his son, Kyle Eastwood.


This equally famous American director was Eastwood’s co-producer for his directorial tandem films "Flags of Our Fathers" and "Letters From Iwo Jima."

Eastwood first collaborated with Spielberg when the former tried his hand in TV directing with the 1985 "Amazing Stories" episode "Vanessa in the Garden,"


What year did Clint Eastwood try his hand at producing films?

He actually had uncredited executive producer roles in earlier films, though, including "Dirty Harry."


In "The Bridges of Madison County," Eastwood played a photographer for this famous publication.

His character is a photographer for the National Geographic.


What is the name of his production company?

Established in1967, Eastwood's Malpaso (meaning "misstep") Productions has produced all but four of his American films. The name is inspired by Malpaso Creek, south of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, a place that holds sentimental value for Eastwood.


The "Dirty Harry" film series had how many movies?

The "Dirty Harry" films actually spawned "Dirty Harry" novels penned by a writer using the pseudonym Dane Hartman, also featuring the detective Harry Callahan.


The 2000 dramedy "Space Cowboys" had Clint Eastwood playing an astronaut has-been alongside this fellow thespian of his generation.

While Donald Sutherland began his career in the '60s, and Tommy Lee Jones got his first film role in the '70s, James Garner and Clint Eastwood both began acting in the '50s.


What year did Clint Eastwood started directing?

He actually started directing TV trailers as a way to enter directing TV, then eventually film. His directorial debut was "Play Misty for Me" where he also starred as a radio DJ being stalked by an obsessed female fan.


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