Choose Some Lipsticks and We'll Tell You Your Ideal Hair Color

By: Talin Vartanian
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When it comes to makeup, many ladies and gentlemen love to enhance their lips to draw attention to their face. This can be done in either a subtle or a daring way, as there is a wide variety of lipstick shades to choose from. For example, those who prefer natural makeup looks may be more inclined to wear nude or light pink lipstick colors, while dark red or bright pink colors may be more suited for those with a bold personality. Whether you think we're right or wrong, this beauty quiz will determine what kinds of lipstick products you prefer.

While pretty shades or daring colors are arguably the most important aspects of lipsticks, there are also other factors to consider. For some people, attractive packaging plays a large role when choosing a new tube of lipstick, while others care more about the ingredients, such as certain types of oils. Of course, there are also both drugstore and luxury brands of lipstick to choose from, and it all comes down to your personal preferences. 

So if you're ready to tell us more about your favorite types of lipstick, then we're ready to learn more about you so we can determine your ideal hair color!

Oh no! You just lost your favorite tube of lipstick. What's the best course of action?

When it comes to lip products, do you prefer lipstick, lip stain, lip gloss or something else?

How do you feel about lipsticks with a hint of shimmer in them?

Would you ever spend $30 on a tube of lipstick, or is this a ridiculous notion?

Is it better to make your lips or your eyes the focal point when doing your makeup?

When shopping for lipstick, which aspect matters the most to you?

Do you look for lipstick that has SPF in it, or is that a job for lip balm?

It's time for a date night! Which of these lipstick shades would look the most flattering on you?

Lipsticks come in a variety of finishes. What type of finish do you look for when choosing a new tube of lipstick?

Are you daring enough to wear black lipstick out in public, or does this sound like a nightmare?

Do you prefer lipsticks with fragrances in them or are you a fan of the phrase "fragrance-free"?

Which of these ingredients should not be included in any lipstick formula?

Is "liquid lipstick" just lip gloss in disguise, or have we discovered the greatest beauty invention ever?

Do you think that lipstick remover is a waste of money, or is it necessary to remove long-wearing lipstick?

When shopping for lipstick, which of the following is the deciding factor that makes you want to purchase a new tube?

Should a lipstick color match the rest of your makeup look, or should it stand out on its own?

What's the best way to prep or soften your lips before applying lipstick?

Do you typically wear lipstick on a daily basis, or is it solely reserved for special events?

Think about your makeup bag for a moment. Approximately how many tubes of lipstick are in there?

Are you willing to trade all of your lipsticks for an expensive lip crayon?

Which of these colorful lipstick shades would you never try in a million years?

Fill in the blank: An ideal lipstick should last approximately ________ hours.

Some people use only one coat of lipstick, while others use several for a bolder look. How many coats of lipstick do you use?

Have you been using the same tube of lipstick for years, or does it only last you about a month?

When it comes to buying lipstick, do you prefer to buy a set of them or just a single tube?

You've just won a free tube of lipstick of your choice! Which of these brands are you making a beeline for?

Let's say that you found a tube of unopened lipstick on the ground. Would you claim it as your own or leave it where it is?

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest), how much do you care about pretty lipstick packaging?

Do you like to experiment with new lipstick colors, or do you prefer to stick to colors that you're familiar with?

Would you ever combine two or more lipstick shades together, or does this sound like an overly ambitious science experiment?

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